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Blog log from W2 of 2017: West Coast vs Fremantle

Blog log for West Coast vs Fremantle, W2 of 2017

Jetta snaps the first behind from the pocket. (Q1 0:48)
LeCras marks a long Hurn ball near the hotspot, his set shot starts right but he’s judged the breeze nicely and it swings through for the first goal. (Q1 1:41)
Gaff passes over Mundy in the hole to the lead of Kennedy in front of Hamling near the hotspot. JJK goals as well. (Q1 3:18)
A convoy of three Eagles stroll into the open goal with Cripps winning the raffle after Kennedy cleared the way for a ground ball. (Q1 5:13)
Kennedy gathers on the HFF, wheels under not much pressure from Hamling and goes inboard to LeCras 45m out on the flank. LeCras’ set shot drops, no score. (Q1 7:04)
Nelson passes to Darling 45m out on a slight angle, another lead honoured with a nice pass from a dominant Eagle midfield. Darling misses. (Q1 9:18)
Kennedy tries a volley to a loose ball 20m out as he had to turn and chase an errant pass on the lead, but it dribbles wide. (Q1 11:35)
Shuey marks just outside CHF, plays on and tries for a supergoal… kicks OOTF. Stick to midfield, Luke. (Q1 13:15)
Walters’ ball to the pocket is gathered by Kersten, he centres to the benefit of Apeness to mark over Hurn near the other behind post, play on and goal. (Q1 16:02)
Hutchings marks 30m out on a slight angle and misses, poor use of the wind there. (Q1 16:49)
The wind is blowing across the ground mostly, if you hadn’t worked it out. (Q1 17:17)
Darling beats Johnson all ends up leading to 45m out on a slight angle, and kicks the goal too. (Q1 19:19)
Shuey steams down the outer wing under very little pressure and hits Kennedy on the lead 40m out in the corridor. JJK goals again. (Q1 20:14)
Cripps receives from Priddis and gets another easy goal from the square, albeit only after he tried to give a Joe the Goose to Darling and had it spoiled back to him. (Q2 1:37)
Walters leaps over Butler to take a screamer from a Tucker ball to 30m on the flank. Son-Son hits the post. (Q2 2:52)
LeCras snaps another rather simple goal from the top of the square after two Dockers spoil each other trying to intercept a Wellingham inside 50. (Q2 5:25)
Kennedy marks a Sheed short pass 40m out on the flank and delivers another beautiful set shot for his third major. (Q2 7:32)
The Dockers finally get a chance for a loose man, it’s Ballantyne on his own at the hotspot to mark, play on and goal from a Fyfe pass. (Q2 10:10)
Walters hits the post from mid range. (Q2 14:11)
Hill gathers his own crumb in a contest with Johnson at the hotspot, Eagles everywhere, he gives to Yeo to goes to LeCras 20m out. LeCras poster, all ski lifts operational. (Q2 15:53)
Hill marks in the middle of a big pack at the top of the square from a long ball up the guts by Gaff. He goals as well, two for him. (Q2 17:53)
Bradley Hill snaps a goal from a big pack at the hotspot after Pearce’s long ball was spoiled. (Q2 21:38)
Walters trots down the flank on a fast break and has two Dockers to choose from matched up on Wellingham, he chooses Langdon who marks 15m out and goals. (Q3 2:15)
Gaff runs free up the wing and has Kennedy leading up the corridor for an easy mark 40m out, nothing Hamling can do about that. JJK stutters and boots goal number four. (Q3 4:19)
Shuey gets the benefit of a 50m penalty after a melee to take him from CHF to the line for another soda of a goal. (Q3 7:43)
Kersten marks at the hotspot and goals with no problem, Stephen Hill and Walters involved in the build up. (Q3 10:01)
Petrie dives full length sideways and marks a low Jetta ball next to the hotspot. He misses. (Q3 11:46)
Crozier roves a pack near the hotspot and gives outside to Ballantyne who breaks a tackle and snaps truly. (Q3 12:30)
Vardy roves at the hotspot and gives to Shuey who baulks and shoots… Spurr touches it through on the line. (Q3 15:47)
Priddis marks a short pass 40m out on a slight angle, he gives to Jetta who hoofs a big kick for a goal from just inside the 50m arc. (Q3 19:16)
Vardy draws a holding free on Johnson in a marking contest 40m out on a slight angle. Vardy’s set shot is a wobbly, ugly shank but it’s straight. (Q3 20:31)
Bradley Hill wins a hard footy in a big pack at the top of the square and boots his second goal. (Q4 0:45)
Pearce receives outside CHF and sees an empty square so he has a go from 55m… bounces well wide. (Q4 2:58)
LeCras marks in front of Spurr 50m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 4:14)
Crozier converts a set shot from near the hotspot after catching Shuey HTB at a stoppage. (Q4 6:49)
LeCras gets a set shot from 40m on the flank after Ibbotson baulks and is claimed HTB. (Q4 8:40)
The Frenchman boots goal number three. (Q4 8:40)
Kennedy passes to Jetta on the HFF who saunters and shoots from 55m… well wide. (Q4 15:14)
Petrie misses a long range set shot. (Q4 16:29)

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1 Comment

  1. William

    March 30, 2017 at 9:53 am

    This is the most efficient way of watching/following a game of AFL I have ever seen! Loved it

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