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Blog log from W1 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, W1 of 2017

Blicavs gets a holding free on Frawley in a pack 30m out on the flank and pops through the first goal. (Q1 0:46)
Rioli gives to Lovell who screws wide on the turn from 30m on the flank. (Q1 3:47)
The Cats are kicking with the strong breeze in Q1. (Q1 3:47)
Cockatoo follows up his own crumb from a Hawkins ball to the top of the square and goals despite a lunge by Stratton. (Q1 5:12)
O’Meara goes long from a free after the next centre bounce, McEvoy floats in front of the pack at the hotspot to mark without a hand on him. Big Boy goals, just. (Q1 6:02)
After Smith catches Ruggles HTB, Schoenmakers marks on the 50 and has Langford running on from the centre to mark with the flight near the hotspot. Langers goals. (Q1 7:47)
Miles runs free down the wing and has Rioli on his own wide on the flank 35m out. Tough shot from there into the wind… Cyril threads the needle! (Q1 10:23)
Schoenmakers takes a fine contested mark falling to his left in a pack from a long Puopolo ball down the HFF to the hotspot. He goals with no problem. (Q1 13:42)
Burton marks on 50m on a slight angle and decides on a pass to the front of the massive pack, it works out as it lands on the chest of Stewart to mark unopposed. Stewart goals. (Q1 15:19)
Mackie sails through a supergoal from a snap on the HFF after a handball to space. (Q1 21:28)
Roughead has the sit over Cockatoo from a long ball to the square by Sicily, he draws a free and goals from near the goalpost. (Q1 24:32)
Cunico marks a short centring pass just inside true CHF, but tugs the set shot way left. (Q1 26:08)
Rioli roves and feeds to Duryea to run down the flank, but the backman kicks like one, barely a behind from 25m. (Q1 27:24)
Gibson fumbles in midfield to cause a fast break for Geelong, then gives away the free to Taylor for an arm chop as they go for a Motlop ball near the hotspot. H goals. (Q2 3:06)
Rioli cheats out the back of a pack going for a long McEvoy ball to the top of the square, the ball falls for him perfectly to gather and goal. (Q2 5:50)
Rioli gathers his own crumb on the HFF and gives to Vickery who pokes a left foot pass inboard for Schoenmakers 20m out on a slight angle. Bootsy goals. (Q2 7:38)
Puopolo and Rioli conspire to force a turnover deep in defence, Langford is the one to benefit with a high snap from 35m that wobbles through with the wind. (Q2 15:22)
Hartung gets a free for contact by Ruggles at a stoppage 30m out on the flank, and wobbles through a goal. (Q2 18:50)
Correction, it was Cowan on Shiels. (Q2 19:07)
Burgoyne roves a stoppage in the pocket and misses from 20m off the left boot. (Q2 21:50)
Another pack at the hotspot after the Cats can’t clear halfback, it’s Burgoyne again and this time he snaps truly off his right. (Q2 22:47)
Hawkins draws a free for an obvious hold by Frawley in a marking contest 35m out on the flank. He misses. (Q3 3:12)
Duncan is all on his own to mark a short ball 40m out in front. He gives to Thurlow who misses from outside 50m. (Q3 4:38)
Black catches Miles HTB near the boundary 25m out after Miles failed to outrun him. Black delivers a nice finish for his first goal. (Q3 5:09)
Cowan misses a mid-range snap from traffic. (Q3 8:15)
Motlop misses a set shot from deep in the pocket after a pass from Black. (Q3 8:56)
Willsmore fumbles a ground ball at the Cat hotspot, the crumb falls nicely for Black who does the rest off a step from his right boot. (Q3 10:27)
Zach Guthrie receives just inside the 50m arc on a slight angle and has a quick snap off a step… just clears Sicily on the line for a fine goal! (Q3 12:13)
The Cats boss the next centre bounce, Bews roves a Taylor contest at the hotspot and rides a tackle to kick a nice goal. Cats back in it! (Q3 13:02)
Zac Smith passes very short to Parfitt just inside 50m on the flank, Rioli gives away 50 for encroachment to ensure the goal. (Q3 14:44)
The crumb from a contest 20m out falls over the back to an empty square, Black is first back and despite a stumble the ball comes off his foot for a goal. (Q3 16:58)
Henry receives from Motlop and snaps truly from the square, after a play on advantage call from a Duryea high contact free on Taylor in the pocket. (Q3 18:28)
The crumb from a long ball to the Hawk hotspot falls perfectly for Rioli to scoot to the top of the square, but Cyril shanks it wide from 10m! He is human. (Q3 19:40)
Hawkins toepokes the crumb from a contest 30m out on the flank, it rolls on and on towards the behind line… then leg-breaks left and through! (Q3 22:34)
Burton roves a long Duryea ball down the wing to the HFF and has Hartung to run into the open goal, and not miss this time! (Q3 24:15)
Miles passes to Rioli 40m out on a slight angle, after a turnover at halfback by Cowan. Rioli makes no mistake with this one. (Q3 27:13)
Black snaps OOTF from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 28:37)
Blicavs beats Hartung to intercept the Duryea free just inside 50m on a slight angle. He goals after the 3QT siren. (Q3 29:01)
Schoenmakers chops off a Zach Guthrie give at CHF but misses the quick snap. (Q4 6:30)
Puopolo releases Langford to trot down the flank to 35m, but he misses as well. (Q4 6:51)
James Stewart gets a free on the wing but his lateral ball is straight to Isaac Smith, who gets a shepherd to bounce and stroll into the open goal. (Q4 8:06)
Stanley marks near CHF and passes short to Black who draws a contact free on Sicily 35m out on a slight angle. Black goals, four for him all in the second half. (Q4 9:32)
Bews kicks into the man on the mark at halfback, the Hawks have the numbers to crumb, Burton marks the Hartung pass 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q4 14:41)
Correction, it was Menegola with the clanger. (Q4 15:01)
Duryea goes long to the square from outside 50m at CHF, it’s off hands for a behind. (Q4 16:58)
Henry gets a free for a hold by Isaac Smith off the contest near the hotspot, he misses. (Q4 19:32)
Henry catches Miles HTB on the boundary 40m out. Very tough kick into the wind, he hits the square, Hawks clear. (Q4 20:16)
After a long period of pressure by both sides, Lovell passes to Kade Stewart 40m out in front in the last minute. He goals as the final siren sounds to win the game! (Q4 22:17)

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