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Blog log from PF of 2016: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, PF of 2016

Coniglio gets a handball while flat footed on the boundary 25m out and checksides across the face. (Q1 5:12)
Dahlhaus kicks to a one on two at the hotspot after a gallop down the wing, but Cordy butters up the crumb and gives to Smith who snaps the first goal. (Q1 5:52)
Matthew Boyd is last man on the switch, he decides to run up the guts and go long to the HFF where Picken marks 45m out. Picken doesn’t score. (Q1 10:26)
Quick ball to the square from the HFF, Dickson has two on him but is favoured, drops it as he falls but fights on to win it on the ground, break a tackle and kick the second goal! (Q1 12:11)
Williams is pinged for dragging the ball under him after a stoppage near the hotspot. Dunkley takes the HTB free, but shanks it badly for a behind. (Q1 16:47)
Macrae passes to McLean near the boundary 35m out on the end of a rebound from the HBF started by Matthew Boyd. McLean’s set shot falls on the behind line and is rushed. (Q1 19:37)
Devon Smith props in front of Wood and draws a free for a push as they sit under a long Scully ball to 20m on a slight angle. Smith makes no mistake, first Giant goal. (Q1 22:11)
The Bulldogs dominated the first 20 minutes of this game but only have a one goal lead to show for it. (Q1 22:37)
Patton stands tall in front of Roughead to mark a Wilson floater to 40m on a slight angle. He goals as well. (Q1 23:37)
Williams gets into trouble running out of defence, Hunter roves at CHF and gives wide to Matthew Boyd whose flying shot is OOTF. (Q1 26:34)
Dahlhaus spins and kicks blind from the HFF after a stoppage, very high to the hotspot… Clay Smith judges it best to mark just before the QT siren. But he sprays it badly. (Q1 28:26)
Hamling roves a Roberts spoil on Cameron at half forward, but Greene swoops in to smother his kick, regather and run into the open goal! (Q2 0:51)
Picken has time and space after the next centre bounce to bounce his way to 40m on a slight angle for a snap, but it’s disappointing and cut off in the square for no score. (Q2 1:54)
A lull as Ward is stretchered off. (Q2 7:07)
No, he wobbles off on foot, eventually. (Q2 8:07)
The Giants get in trouble running out of defence, Kelly eventually turns it over in a tackle, the Dogs pounce with numbers and it’s Clay Smith who runs into the open goal! (Q2 9:23)
Whitfield keeps a rebound play going on the wing with a clever kick, Coniglio passes to Greene at the top of the square for the quick answering goal. (Q2 10:52)
Haynes intercepts in the centre but plays on and Dunkley claims him HTB, the Dogs rebound with Macrae finding Dickson at 45m on the flank. Dickson steers through a big goal. (Q2 13:52)
Palmer catches McLean HTB on the wing, Devon Smith plays on to advantage but sprays it OOTF from the HFF. (Q2 16:34)
Hunter feeds Clay Smith for a snap at the hotspot that sails through the middle! Dogs surging again! (Q2 18:23)
Patton marks a Lobb ball near the boundary 50m out and roosts a massive set shot that falls on the line… Tom Boyd touches it for a behind, just! (Q2 21:38)
Patfull handballs blind over his shoulder under a tackle on the HBF but straight to Bontempelli, who misses from 45m. (Q2 23:39)
Four Giants run in a convoy down the outer wing on a rebound, Hamling can’t stop a Griffen ball to Patton at the top of the square, Patton drops it but butters up and goals. (Q2 26:43)
Dickson marks at true CHF with Shaw all over him, he gives to Johannisen who misses. (Q2 28:19)
Macrae drives through a snap from a ball up at the hotspot with a couple of minutes to go before HT. (Q2 30:20)
Correction, that was Clay Smith with his fourth! (Q2 30:53)
Shiel misses a running snap from the HFF 40m out. (Q3 1:20)
Devon Smith baulks and misses from a pack in the pocket off his left boot. (Q3 2:20)
Whitfield centres to the hotspot from the HFF, Lobb has two Dogs on him but they spoil each other, Lobb roves and checksides the goal! (Q3 3:03)
Morris dives and rushes a long ball to the square from outside CHF. (Q3 4:14)
Clay Smith centres from the HFF to the top of the square where Dickson beats Shaw one on one to mark and goal. (Q3 5:31)
Dahlhaus takes a contested mark on the wing despite being smashed by Mumford, he gives to Biggs who has Stringer on his own 25m out on the flank. Stringer misses badly. (Q3 8:11)
Williams is claimed in a double tackle on the boundary 40m after a stoppage, Stringer takes the HTB free but doesn’t score. (Q3 11:17)
Greene sharks a Biggs handball on the wing as the Dogs try to defend a fast break, he has Patton over the back to mark, turn and goal from the hotspot. (Q3 12:27)
Greene is caught high by Bontempelli after the Bont fumbled on the wing, Greene goes long to a big pack 25m out on the flank where Patton rises majestically to mark and goal. (Q3 14:17)
Correction, it was Lobb not Patton. (Q3 15:02)
Coniglio passes to Palmer just inside true CHF, who goes back for the set shot… no he doesn’t, he gives off to Shaw who roosts a massive goal! (Q3 22:51)
Biggs passes to Bontempelli who can’t mark on the HFF, but he butters up and gives to Cordy who snaps a screwing ball from 25m for a goal! (Q3 26:30)
Haynes sends a long, hopeful ball up the HFF to a big pack 20m out, the crumb falls perfectly for Scully but was his snap touched off the boot? Score review… touched by Stringer. (Q3 29:33)
After a long bouncing poster from the HFF by Wilson, the Dogs sweep around member’s wing, Dahlhaus nearly cut down but Daniel roves his handball and snaps truly from the hotspot! (Q3 31:33)
Lobb marks on the behind line from an errant Scully snap from half forward. He goals from the tough angle like professional players usually do these days. (Q4 1:26)
Greene rises high above Biggs to mark a Mumford ball 40m out on the flank. He starts his set shot left but it swings right and through! (Q4 3:11)
Dickson marks a long ball over Shaw in the pocket, gets up and plays on into the open goal! (Q4 5:07)
Matthew Boyd it was with the goal assist pass. (Q4 5:07)
Stringer fends off two near the hotspot and gives to Johannisen who pokes a snap wide. (Q4 11:31)
Bontempelli feeds Macrae after a stoppage in the pocket, he measures a left foot grubber… into the post from 20m. (Q4 14:05)
Johannisen speeds away from heavy congestion on the HBF after Matthew Boyd taps down a Griffen handball, Bontempelli gathers at CHF and runs to the hotspot for a goal! (Q4 16:42)
That was no less than the Dogs deserved for a long period of frontal pressure. (Q4 16:42)
Stoppage at the Dog hotspot, the ball pings out to Daniel, his snap is short but falls for Clay Smith who goals from 20m! (Q4 18:46)
Greene roves a Whitfield centre clearance and pokes a kick from the hotspot… Patton runs back with the flight to mark at the top of the square and goal. (Q4 19:53)
Dunkley gathers a loose footy on the HFF and gives to Johannisen who snaps wide. (Q4 22:42)
Cameron roves a ball up in the pocket but snaps across the face from 20m. (Q4 24:43)
Greene roves a long Mumford ball to a pack at the hotspot and snaps wide to level the scores with four minutes left. (Q4 26:26)
Liberatore roves a loose ball in midfield and goes long to Macrae who marks behind Haynes near the hotspot. Clock ticks towards 3:00 as he lines up… he goals! (Q4 27:38)
Devon Smith roves a centre clearance kick to CHF, baulks clear but misses from 45m. (Q4 28:40)
Roberts clears for a ball in on the wing, 1:28. (Q4 30:27)
McLean clears from the stoppage but it’s another ball in on the wing, 1:14. (Q4 30:57)
McLean gets a free for high contact and starts some tempo. (Q4 31:05)
Clock under :30 and Dogs still tempoing. (Q4 31:05)
Dogs eventually attack, Tom Boyd releases Stringer from the HFF to run down the flank, he decides to centre to Dickson to eat the clock. Dickson goals, siren, Dogs into the GF! (Q4 32:08)

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