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Blog log from R23 of 2016: Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R23 of 2016

Shuey bounces through a behind after roving a Kennedy contest outside the hotspot.
After Barrass intercepts Thompson in midfield, Jetta passes to Kennedy leading several metres in front of Talia 40m out on a slight angle. JJK kicks truly. (Q1 2:43)
Jetta passes to LeCras to mark unopposed on the lead 40m out on a slight angle. The Frenchman hits the post. (Q1 7:44)
Kennedy roves his own contest 20m out on the flank but misses under a tackle. (Q1 9:27)
Brown’s telegraphed short kick in is chopped off by Darling 20m out on a slight angle, a terrible clanger. But Darling misses. (Q1 9:54)
Lynch breaks a Hurn arm tackle on the HFF with a spin, steadies and goes short to Lyons 35m out on a slight angle. Lyons misses as well. (Q1 11:20)
Mitch McGovern fights hard for a ground ball on the HFF and gives off, Ellis-Yolmen sets up Douglas for a running snap from 40m on a slight angle… another miss. (Q1 13:28)
Cripps roves a Yeo contest to a Masten ball to the top of the square and snaps the second goal for West Coast, making good on their early dominance. (Q1 15:43)
Lyons misses another set shot, this time much more difficult from the boundary 40m otu. (Q1 16:57)
Henderson bounces twice around the outer wing, baulks Shuey and passes to Mitch McGovern 40m out in front. McGovern splits the middle for the first Crow goal of the evening. (Q1 20:55)
Atkins spoils and regathers a telegraphed Yeo pass to Cripps in the centre circle, he runs on through CHF with two bounces and steers through a big turnover goal from 40m. (Q1 26:25)
This is looking a bit like the Eagles game last week. The numbers all point to West Coast, except for the scoreboard. If they keep up this dominance, it will eventually tell. (Qtr Time)
The lack of Brodie Smith has meant Cheney has to play on a man rather than seventh defender, which has meant space for Kennedy. The ball has barely been up the other end. (Qtr Time)
Giles has blunted Jacobs and while the Crows are doing okay in clearances, the Eagles are getting better value for them. (Qtr Time)
The battle of the McGoverns is so far trending Mitch’s way with an early goal, while Jeremy has zero marks. But Jeremy hasn’t been needed much on the intercept. (Qtr Time)
LeCras’ kick to Kennedy bounces past his legs at the hotspot and dribbles to the pocket, Jetta is first to the fall and screws through a low percentage kick from 15m for a goal! (Q2 0:21)
Hill is somehow on his own to rove a Yeo contest to a Hurn ball 25m out on the flank and grubber home another one for the Eagles! (Q2 1:40)
Brad Crouch sets up Mackay for a snap from CHF but Jeremy McGovern gets back on the line to punch it for a behind. (Q2 4:22)
Lever drops a sitter across the backline to defensive hotspot, heard footsteps of Lycett who roves and grubbers… across the face! (Q2 5:12)
Kennedy marks strongly under heavy Talia pressure on a lead to a Sheppard ball 45m out on the flank. JJK stutters and sails through a sensational set shot for his second! (Q2 6:06)
West Coast are getting some scoreboard pressure now, Adelaide in a spot of bother. (Q2 7:07)
Giles roves a Kennedy contest on the HFF and gives over the top to Darling on his own, he turns and shoots from 30m on the flank… wide. (Q2 10:39)
Gaff releases Cripps with a hardfought possession to run down the wing and hit Kennedy on the lead 40m out on the flank. The goal umpire does not move! Eagles flying high. (Q2 12:07)
Masten can’t get a handle on a ground ball at the Crow hotspot, it falls for Brad Crouch who rides a tackle and tumbles through a much-needed goal. (Q2 13:48)
Walker passes from the outer wing across CHF to Douglas 45m out on a slight angle. Douglas, who has been quiet, kicks the big goal. (Q2 15:07)
Henderson passes long from the centre to Ellis-Yolmen to mark over Jeremy McGovern 40m out near the boundary. CEY threads the needle, suddenly the Crows are back in business! (Q2 17:07)
Giles marks a Talia rebound kick from the last line to the Eagle HFF 50m out. He misses. (Q2 19:22)
Sheed misses a snap from half forward. (Q2 20:39)
Hutchings hits the post with a snap from near the boundary 40m out. (Q2 22:30)
Giles marks in front of Hartigan and Jenkins 20m out on a slight angle. He pokes through a goal with his first kick of the night. (Q2 25:11)
Walker baulks between three Eagles in midfield after dropping a mark and sets up a long kick to Betts running back to the square, a big red time goal that one. (Q2 27:49)
Matt Crouch sharks a Lycett handball on the wing, the Crows work it to the HFF for Jenkins, he goes short to Betts 35m out on the flank. Lycett marks Betts’ set shot, no score. (Q2 29:38)
Atkins plays on after a dubious deliberate OOF call 50m out, he misses everything. (Q2 30:06)
Sheed kicks OOTF from the BP, Lynch takes the free 30m out but kicks across the face for a behind. (Q3 1:38)
Mackay misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q3 2:27)
Ellis-Yolmen passes in ugly fashion to Mitch McGovern on the boundary 30m out. Mitch tries a set shot screwing ball, and misses off the left. (Q3 3:23)
Gaff marks and waits for a long time on the HFF before putting a hopeful ball up to the hotspot… Hartigan loses Darling, who marks and hits the post. (Q3 4:38)
Three Crows contest with Darling for another hopeful high ball by Barrass near the hotspot, but Cheney holds to give away an obvious free. Darling doesn’t miss this one. (Q3 5:53)
Kennedy has Sheed over the back to mark behind Lever, who had just turned it over in midfield. Sheed shoots from 30m on a slight angle… way right. (Q3 10:24)
Douglas passes to Walker after a rebound from halfback started by Brad Crouch. Tex fires from 45m on a slight angle… also wide right. (Q3 11:42)
Masten volleys a loose ball from the wing to 50m on a slight angle where Sheed marks. His set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q3 13:24)
Hill has LeCras over the back for a classic 2016-style goal, one that Adelaide desperately wanted but the Eagles have secured. (Q3 15:04)
Walker gives to Lyons who snaps before the cavalry arrives from 25m out in the pocket… well wide, with Jenkins waving his arms alone in the square. (Q3 21:31)
Darling takes a nice contested grab on the wing, Laird encroaches to give away 50m and put him 30m out on a slight angle. Darling kicks truly, the yips have receded! (Q3 22:55)
Masten has Hutchings for a Joe the Goose special after the Eagles work the ball through very heavy traffic on members wing for a massive goal nearing 3QT! Almost home! (Q3 24:52)
Gaff sits a ball for Kennedy to mark over Talia 35m out on a slight angle on a fast break. JJK shoots after the 3QT siren, and goals. West Coast dominated the premiership quarter! (3 Qtr Time)
5.3 to 0.7 that quarter, like the hawks game last week it took a while but finally the all-ground pressure game started getting true results. (3 Qtr Time)
Two goals from Darling that quarter after four behinds, and West Coast got a couple of easy goals over the back as well. (3 Qtr Time)
Walker gives to Jacobs who snaps a goal from the square after Cameron found McGovern near the behind line. (Q4 2:58)
Shuey roves a Giles contest on the wing and speeds away to hits LeCras on the lead up the guts to 40m, nothing Cheney could do there. LeCras hits the post again. (Q4 4:53)
LeCras catches a touched Gaff ball 20m out and snaps over his shoulder immediately… wide. (Q4 7:05)
LeCras is pinged for taking Lever’s legs out 15m out, Lever plays on but dithers and LeCras catches him HTB and goals. That’s the official sealer. (Q4 9:39)
Shuey passes to the lead of Kennedy 40m out on the flank. Kennedy, who has comprehensively outpointed Talia, steers through his fifth major. (Q4 14:09)
Shuey to Kennedy again, 40m out on a slight angle. The remaining Crow fans go aww in disappointment at how easy that was. This time JJK misses. (Q4 15:24)
Hill smothers Mackay on the wing, mops up and gives to Jetta who runs on to miss from CHF. (Q4 17:09)
Gaff kicks under heavy pressure from the last line, but it skews to Ellis-Yolmen 40m out on a slight angle. CEY goals, two for him, to polite applause. (Q4 20:10)
Douglas gets a free for high contact as he gives outside a pack 35m out on the flank. He goals. (Q4 25:31)
Betts has Jenkins over the back to mark at the hotspot on a fast break, the first time that play has worked and it’s two minutes to go in Q4. Jenkins goals. (Q4 27:35)

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