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Blog log from R22 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R22 of 2016

Weller belts out of defence and finds Yarran out the back of his direct opponent in Patfull. Joel is unable to catch the livewire and Shane goals from close range! (Q1 2:12)
Weller turns it over coming out of defence, enabling Haynes to take the intercept mark. Nick flicks it off to an unmarked Griffen, who steadies and goals from 45 on the flank! (Q1 5:17)
Silvagni gives the free away to his direct opponent in Cameron, after Alex was caught with a fist full of jumper. Jeremy lines up from 45 on the flank and slots his first! (Q1 6:57)
Ballantyne darts in the low bullet to Yarran, with Shane marking it ahead of the trailing Shaw. Kicking from 45, boundary side, Shane makes no mistake with a tremendous effort! (Q1 9:12)
Williams bolts off the half back flank and sends it long to Greene, who marks with a fly ahead of Weller. Toby shoots from 50 on the slight and hammers it home! (Q1 11:53)
Ballantyne kicks for goal but his shot drops short. Yarran gets to the crumb, darts past six Giants and slots the shot from point blank range! Terrific major! (Q1 17:00)
Tucker roves the pill as the Dockers win the quick centre clearance. Darcy shoots from 35, but misses his attempt to the right hand side from the slight angle. (Q1 17:23)
Pearce grabs it out of congestion as the Dockers again force a chance around the hot spot. Danyle’s immediate snap attempt misses to the right hand side. (Q1 20:13)
Shaw produces a shocking turnover, managing to pick out Apeness 30 metres out directly in front, from the kick-in. Michael takes his chance for a major! (Q1 20:25)
Kelly roves the Collins fist, after the Giants move it forward via the Griffen inside 50. Josh shoots with speed, but his attempt misses to the right hand side from 35. (Q1 22:01)
Mundy to Weller who darts the ball straight onto the leading chest of Yarran, marking ahead of Haynes on the lead. Shane shoots from 40 on the slight and misses to the left. (Q1 23:59)
Coniglio sends it long out the back to the hard running Johnson. Steve marks unopposed, and finishes with ease from 35 on the slight with a predictable snap! (Q1 25:59)
Ward wins the free kick after being held by Neale at the stoppage. Callan launches long and Coniglio finds it out the back. His shot from the pocket rockets into the post. (Q1 27:30)
Hopper marks ahead of Taberner and then wins a 50 metre penalty due to late contact coming from Matt. Jacob kicks from 25 on the slight and goals! (Q1 28:49)
Walters fed it off to Sheridan out of congestion, with Michael receiving just 45 metres out from goal. With time on his side, Michael hooks his effort for a minor. (Q2 0:42)
Scully lays it up to the top of the square and Patton wins the free kick after being held by Mayne in the marking contest. Jonathon goals from close range! (Q2 7:24)
Hopper, Coniglio, Kelly and finally Scully as the Giants swing it from one side of the ground to the other. Tom receives but misses the running attempt from 35 on the slight. (Q2 11:37)
Ballantyne gets to the foot of the pack and manages to gather at ground level. He flicks it off to Neale after pressure from Griffen, and Lachie finishes from the pocket! (Q2 12:35)
Shaw wins the free kick after a strong tackle on Spurr. Smith moves on with it, and dabs a pass into Patton who marks out on the lead. Jonathon misses from 40 on the flank. (Q2 15:55)
Tomlinson launches it long and Greene gets front and centre, gathering from the Cameron fly. Toby chips to Patton, who snaps truly from the pocket after playing on! (Q2 17:55)
Blakely sends an up and under with his clearance from the defensive 50 stoppage. Haynes flies and takes the mark, 35 out from goal. He misses from the slight angle. (Q2 20:55)
Coniglio wins the contested possession and finally the repeat forward 50 entries have paid off, with Stephen finding Cameron. Jeremy goals from 50 on the flank! (Q2 23:23)
Mayne to Mundy who finds Ballantyne out the back of his contest with Patfull, Hayden marking on the sharp angle. Kicking from 25, Hayden misses to the near side. (Q2 25:11)
Cameron sends it deep inside 50 and Patton takes the strong contested mark opposed to his marker in Collins. From close range on the sharp angle, Jonathon slots the major! (Q3 7:44)
Lobb hacks it out of the forward 50 stoppage and it falls straight into the arms of an unmarked Johnson. Steve receives and just dabs it through off the left peg from 25! (Q3 10:37)
Johnson moves it through the corridor, attempting to find Greene but Lobb is there to play the role of rover.Rory flicks it off to Smith, but Devon misses to the near side from 25. (Q3 17:08)
Scully forces the turnover with a tremendous tackle through the middle of the ground on Mayne. Smith is the recipient, flicking it further afield to Cameron who goals from 50! (Q3 18:22)
Griffen, Ward, Wilson link up by hand as the Giants move from the half back flank to wing, before Nathan finds Greene on the lead ahead of Spurr. Toby misses from 40 on the flank. (Q3 20:09)
Sheridan bullets in a daisy cutter of a pass, and Clarke marks well ahead of the chasing Lobb. Zac shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q3 22:14)
Griffen grabs it out of the stoppage, feeds it off to Shiel who finds Greene on the lead. Toby then moves it further afield to Patton who marks on the lead. He slots it from 25! (Q3 24:23)
Kelly to Johnson who attempts the shot from the sharp angle, 25 out. Steve hooks it to the near side as the Giants begin to flex their muscles. (Q3 26:12)
Hopper gathers out the back after a bounce from the Scully kick falls his way. Jacob flicks it off to Whitfield, who dribbles it through from close range! (Q4 1:33)
Griffen of the Jonathon variety goes through the legs of Patton and the free kick is paid the Giants way. Jonathon kicks from the pocket and snaps it through for his fifth! (Q4 4:33)
Ward dabs it into the path of Coniglio, with Stephen marking on the lead ahead of Sutcliffe. He kicks from a step outside 50 and its touched on the line. (Q4 7:09)
Griffen produces a little dribbler to find Smith in space. Devon eventually moves it into the forward 50 and Johnson is the recipient. He spins and goals from 45 with the snap! (Q4 11:44)
Greene takes the next inside 50 mark, as the Giants continue to be rampant from the centre stoppages. Toby lines up from 40 on the slight and nails his second! (Q4 12:41)
Lobb receives inside congestion and immediately throws it on the right peg. Rory’s shot misses from 30 to the left hand side. (Q4 14:31)
Johnson launches to the one on one between Patton and Mundy, with Jonathon predictably winning that contest. Patton finishes with his sixth from 25! (Q4 15:44)
Whitfield sends it deep inside forward 50 and Lobb is the first to get to the ground level pill. Rory spins on a dime and manages to swing it in from an extremely acute angle! (Q4 17:44)
Walters receives in space from the Griffen flick. Michael sets sail for home from 40 on the flank, but thuds his effort into the woodwork. (Q4 21:17)
Sheridan produces a terrible turnover, shanking it straight over the boundary line by a good 10 metres. Shiel is the recipient, but he misses the 25 metre shot to the near side. (Q4 26:18)
Shiel flicks it out to the hard running Scully, who bolts onward and produces a terrific inside, out banana from the boundary. Tremendous goal by the former Dee! (Q4 27:45)

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