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Blog log from R21 of 2016: Fremantle vs Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Adelaide, R21 of 2016

Betts is over the back to mark near the goalpost, play on and kick the first goal. (Q1 2:18)
Sloane roves on the HFF, wheels and hits O’Brien with a right foot pass to 40m in front. O’Brien misses. (Q1 5:18)
Langdon gives to Sheridan who lopes down the HFF in the vortex pocket, looks inside but goes himself from 40m… and threads the needle! (Q1 6:21)
Sloane gets a free on Sheridan in a marking contest next to the hotspot. Rory makes no mistake. (Q1 10:34)
Walker bounces a highly unlikely snap from the boundary 30m out under heavy Mayne pressure into the goalpost. (Q1 15:23)
Yarran roves a Sandilands contest and snaps off a step from 50m on a slight angle. but the bounce sits up and the ball is rushed. (Q1 19:49)
The Crows go coast to coast ending with Betts kicking his second goal from point blank range after marking over the back of Spurr. (Q1 20:30)
Walters rams through a snap from 20m on a slight angle and punches the air, after roving a long ball to Apeness. (Q1 22:10)
Jenkins marks on the lead 40m out wide on the flank, but shoots across the face. (Q1 24:10)
Mackay gives to Atkins speeding down the wing, he reaches 45m on the flank and kicks a nice goal. (Q1 25:38)
Jenkins misses a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:20)
Pavlich catches Cheney HTB near the boundary 30m out, but misses. (Q2 0:21)
Cameron snaps truly from near the hotspot after getting a sensational bounce chasing a loose ball. (Q2 2:29)
Betts marks over the back near the goalpost again, and again goals, but not before just about playing on and getting claimed by Spurr. (Q2 3:34)
Walters roves a Brown falcon and goals from the top of the square after a stoppage. (Q2 6:29)
McGovern marks in front of Silvagni 45m out on the flank, but kicks OOTF. (Q2 11:25)
Smith intercepts a Spurr kick from the last line near the boundary 30m out. His set shot just grazes the post, confirmed on video review. (Q2 13:25)
McGovern marks in front of Hughes 45m out wide on the flank. This time he does score, but only a behind. (Q2 14:30)
Lever marks at half forward, plays on, sidesteps a man, then another one and shoots from 40m on the flank for a rare goal. (Q2 16:11)
Walker marks the next centre clearance by Lyons 50m out on a slight angle, but shanks it and the Dockers clear. (Q2 16:33)
Mayne is pinged for a hold on McGovern in a marking contest 25m out on the flank. McGovern kicks truly. (Q2 17:35)
Walker misses a snap from the HFF. (Q2 18:41)
Langdon runs around on his right boot with two Crows chasing and snaps truly from 20m. (Q2 19:52)
Pavlich passes to Walters 15m out in front for his third goal. (Q2 21:51)
Cameron runs free down the wing with a bounce but kicks OOTF from 50m on the flank. (Q2 22:59)
The kick in doesn’t clear the HBF, Walker gives to Jenkins for a goal from the top of the square. (Q2 24:01)
Walker takes a party trick one-handed mark 40m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q2 26:01)
Brown chips in front of Hill to mark a Langdon kick from the BP 35m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 28:49)
Pavlich marks on the flank 55m out and rolls the clock back with a beautiful set shot for a goal! (Q2 30:07)
Pavlich juggles but is not paid a mark on the HFF, he gives to Walters who grubbers just wide from 45m. (Q2 31:47)
Jenkins is over the back in trademark style for a long Cameron ball to the square for an easy goal on the end of a fast break from halfback. (Q3 1:38)
Jenkins has two Dockers on him for a long Thompson ball to the square so he taps down for Betts to goal. Too easy. (Q3 4:23)
Another long ball to the Crow goalsquare, Jenkins is spoiled but the ball sits up for him over the back to gather and goal. (Q3 7:05)
Betts passes to Lynch 35m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 10:06)
Thompson shoots from 55m on a slight angle, Jenkins lets it bounce near the goalpost, a very nice leg break, but did it touch the post before going through? Video review: goal. (Q3 17:57)
Walters beats Brown for a long ball to the square with a bump, then runs into the open goal for his fourth. (Q3 20:07)
Lever marks a panicked Neale rebound kick at half forward and passes to Walker at 50m on the flank. Tex sails through a pretty set shot for his first goal of the evening. (Q3 22:47)
Tucker drops a Cameron ball to the Crow FP, the crumb falls for Jenkins who dribbles through a lucky goal. (Q3 26:23)
Laird is pinged for a throw. Tucker takes the free 40m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 28:38)
Ballantyne marks on the lead just inside CHF, his set shot falls in the square where Pavlich roves and goals! (Q4 2:48)
Yarran bounces through a snap from 35m on the flank to give the home crowd something more to cheer. (Q4 5:03)
Walker feeds Lynch for a miss from the HFF. (Q4 7:16)
Betts marks 25m out on a slight angle and sails through his fifth major. (Q4 9:03)
Jenkins passes to Lynch who gets smashed late by Spurr to earn a 50m penalty to bring him from 35m on the flank to the goal line for another one for the Crow percentage. (Q4 11:23)
Lynch bounces twice through an empty midfield and snaps his second goal from CHF. (Q4 13:03)
Walters marks on the boundary 45m out, plays on and steers through a snap from 45m. (Q4 14:16)
Betts marks behind two Docker defenders 15m out on the flank and shoots for goal number six… it’s good. (Q4 15:33)
Ballantyne snaps a garbage time goal from the pocket 30m out, to muted reaction. (Q4 18:44)
Yarran roves a Pavlich contest but misses around the corner from 40m on the flank. (Q4 24:34)
Cameron bounces four times around the outer wing, gives to Douglas who has Jenkins in the square for yet another Joe the Goose special. (Q4 25:34)
Laird passes to Mackay 45m out near the boundary in the vortex pocket. Mackay passes inboard to Betts at 40m on the flank. Eddie shoots for seven… nope. (Q4 27:44)

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