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Blog log from R21 of 2016: St Kilda vs Sydney

Blog log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R21 of 2016

Following a contest on the wing, Acres spears a kick to McCartin making it impossible for Grundy to spoil. From 35 out on the flank he slots the first. (Q1 1:38)
A chain of handballs from the Swans’ midfielders take the ball from the wing to half forward. Jack finds Richards on the lead in front of Fisher. He finishes from 30 out. (Q1 3:53)
Roberton turns the ball over in defense after Hickey’s kick is smothered. Hannebery is the beneficiary and he centres to Jack. From 40 out he goals. (Q1 6:38)
Cunningham kicks it from half back straight to Gresham. Gresham goes long to Armitage who marks against 2 out of position Swans. From 40 out on the flank he goals. (Q1 8:54)
Acres is fed by Armitage and gets a quick kick out from the wing. Membrey turns Grundy around to mark 35 out in the pocket. He slots the goal. (Q1 12:51)
Hannebery marks forward of centre after McVeigh opens things up with a good kick. He spots up Franklin on the lead 50 out in acres of space. His set shot is true. (Q1 14:24)
Steven bounds away down the wing and his long kick drops to the favour of Weller who marks in front of Smith. From 30 out he goals. (Q1 15:44)
From a stoppage on the wing the Swans work it very well by foot. This results in Hannebery marking in space in the pocket and finishing on the run from 30. (Q1 20:23)
The Saints work hard to repel the Swans’ attack and rebound from defense. The ball is sent inside 50 and spills out to Wright. His quick snap under heavy pressure is a goal! (Q1 25:08)
Acres has a shot from 45 while being tackled by Rohan. The ball bounces on a sharp angle to go through for a behind. (Q2 1:58)
Franklin and Rohan beat Fisher and Gilbert on the flank. Rohan’s kick inside 50 bounces to the favour of Richards who finishes from point blank. (Q2 3:07)
Riewoldt has a quick dribbling shot from the pocket. Under pressure from Aliir, Riewoldt’s shot is a behind. (Q2 4:28)
Kennedy feeds it out to Hannebery on the wing. He goes to Papley who is alone in the pocket. He plays on and from 35 out puts it across the face. (Q2 5:09)
Rohan runs onto the footy with speed and takes a shot from 40 out directly in front. He sprays it for a behind. (Q2 6:27)
Papley loses Roberton and gathers the footy. He snaps it in to Naismith who marks on the edge of the square in front of Dempster. From 20 out he slots the goal. (Q2 8:08)
Riewoldt centres to Dempster who marks in space 60 out. He hangs a long bomb toward goal and it clears the line! (Q2 10:53)
The Saints get the centre clearance and Aliir can’t stick the tackle on Acres inside 50. Acres’ shot from 35 misses. (Q2 11:56)
Acres marks on the lead 40 out on a slight angle. His shot is off line once again. (Q2 12:40)
Acres marks on the lead in the centre of the ground. He goes long to a one on one where McCartin out muscles Grundy. From 35 out on the flank he slots it. (Q2 14:08)
Franklin marks on the lead in front of Fisher after Hannebery spots him up. From 35 out on the flank he goals. (Q2 16:06)
The Swans clear from a stoppage on the wing and go inside 50. Richards is spoiled by Dempster and the ball is fed out to Papley he snaps and goals. (Q2 19:58)
The Saints work it from end to end beautifully. Acres finds a sliding McCartin who goes to Bruce inside 50. Bruce marks 40 out on the flank. He misses. (Q2 24:13)
Kennedy bursts through a couple of tackles in the centre and gives to Parker. He goes long from 60 but his shot is just off line. (Q2 28:38)
The Saints get the first centre clearance of the half and it comes off hands to Newnes. He bounds in and from 40 out on the flank hits the woodwork. (Q3 0:39)
A Dempster turnover on the wing causes the Swans to transition forward. Richards plays on and finds Heeney by himself 30 out. He slots the set shot. (Q3 1:50)
Parker finds Papley in the hot spot after a dubious fend-off on McKenzie. From 30 out directly in front he slots the goal. (Q3 3:55)
McVeigh finds Parker who marks 30 out in the pocket after losing his marker. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q3 6:39)
The Swans move it quickly from defense and get the 2 on 1 on their forward flank. Heeney roves and gives it to Nankervis. His shot from 40 is a behind. (Q3 8:40)
Mitchell beats Savage on the flank and gives it off. The Swans work it around and Parker goes over to top to Nankervis who is alone in the square. He goals. (Q3 10:10)
Jack clears from the centre and goes long to Franklin. Franklin is too strong for Gilbert and marks easily. From 40 out on the flank he kicks the goal. (Q3 11:21)
St Kilda goes inside 50 and Grundy spoils McCartin. Acres goes to collect the loose ball but is just caught high by Mills. From 20 out Acres goals. (Q3 12:51)
Franklin bustles through to collect a loose ball that was cleared from the centre. With bodies colliding everywhere, he takes a running shot from 40 and goals! (Q3 15:37)
Aliir intercepts a long kick forward from Acres. He then rebounds and it finishes with Rohan. From 50 out his shot is just off line. (Q3 16:40)
Rampe just squeezes his kick out on the wing after pressure from Acres and it allows the Swans to find Parker 40 out. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q3 20:01)
The ball is sent long into the Swans’ 50 from the centre bounce. Heeney collects the bouncing ball and decides to go for home 20 out deep in the pocket. He misses. (Q3 21:13)
Montagna marks 55 out and looks to give it off. Instead he decides to take a shot and it clears the line for a goal! (Q3 26:47)
Montagna gets the centre clearance after running from the back of the square. He finds Weller who takes a long shot at goal from 45 out and just misses. (Q3 27:18)
Savage has his handball smothered in the centre and Sydney has numbers swarming forward. The Swans work it around then pop it over the top to Buddy who runs into an open goal. (3 Qtr Time)
Naismith receives a free kick from the centre bounce and sends it long inside 50. The footy falls to ground and eventually Kennedy comes out with it and snaps the goal from 20. (Q4 1:35)
Aliir is stripped of it inside 50 and Steven collects the loose ball. He evades a tackler and sends a handball through to Newnes. Newnes puts it through from 20. (Q4 6:15)
Hewett marks 50 out directly in front. His long set shot for goal just clears the line! (Q4 7:52)
Papley receives a free kick for a high tackle and also a 50 metre penalty after a wrestle ensues. He goals from point blank. (Q4 9:26)
The Swans receive another 50 metre penalty after Gilbert is judged to have pushed Franklin after he marked. He goals from directly in front. (Q4 10:51)
Nankervis finds Heeney on the flank after he lost his opponent. He centres to McVeigh who receives yet another 50. He goals. (Q4 12:52)
The Swans work it around from the wing to the middle of the ground. They then find Buddy who marks in a mismatch against Savage. From 25 out deep in the pocket he misses. (Q4 15:10)
Rampe sends a long ball inside 50 and Parker is caught high by Bruce while collecting a ground ball. From 20 out he goals. (Q4 18:15)
The Saints get the centre clearance and Steven finds it 40 out. His quick shot at goal is a behind. (Q4 19:52)
Franklin goes long inside 50 and find Richards on the lead in front of Dempster. From 40 out in the pocket he slots the set shot. (Q4 26:50)
Riewoldt marks a chipping Membrey ball with Hannebery just not able to track back fast enough. From 40 out he kicks the goal. (Q4 29:03)

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