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Blog log from R21 of 2016: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R21 of 2016

Burton gives to Hill for a miss from the hotspot under pressure after a Ziebell turnover in midfield. (Q1 0:17)
Gunston is over the back of Firrito to mark a long Rioli ball from the wing and run into the open goal. (Q1 5:35)
Goldstein marks in relief 30m out on the flank but gets pinged for a push in the back of Ceglar, to whom Hodge had passed. Ceglar makes him pay with a straight kick. (Q1 8:17)
The Hawks switch from a Birchall intercept mark on the HBF around the outer wing with a convoy of runners, Hartung passes to Langford 20m out on the flank for another goal. (Q1 11:33)
Breust roves the next centre bounce and gives to Rioli who strokes through another one for Hawthorn from just outside CHF! It’s a procession! (Q1 12:33)
That goal was set up by a Hodge tap. (Q1 13:03)
Two Roos spoil each other at the North hotspot, the Hawks sweep down member’s wing with numbers, Hill passes to Gunston 30m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 15:53)
The Hawks burst away from congestion on the wing in another convoy, Rioli passes to Lewis 40m out on a slight angle. J-Lew kicks truly. (Q1 16:47)
Langford clears from the next centre bounce to the hotspot, Breust roves and gives wide of the pack to Burton who screws through his first goal in senior footy! (Q1 18:30)
Rioli wrestles with Atley under a long Whitecross ball from the wing to 35m out on a slight angle, and wins it to mark and goal. (Q1 20:03)
Mitchell roves a smothered Ziebell kick at the hotspot and gives outside to Shiels who misses from the flank 25m out. (Q1 22:19)
Anderson baulks on the HFF after getting involved twice in a rebound, and hits Goldstein to mark in front of Brand 20m out in front for the first North goal of the afternoon. (Q1 25:49)
Breust roves and bounces through a Daicos special from the boundary 35m out despite a chase by Tarrant to the line. Hawks can do no wrong! (Q1 27:34)
Daw marks over Frawley, turns toe and sprints away towards the HFF, he lets fly from 55m, the ball bounces up in the square… Petrie arrives first to volley home! (Q2 6:30)
Hill runs free up the guts on the end of a rebound, and passes to Burton 45m out in the corridor. Burton misses right. (Q2 11:46)
Hill beats Cunnington for a ground ball on the wing and burns him off with a run, then pass to Puopolo next to the hotspot. Poppy kicks truly. (Q2 13:06)
Dumont passes to Petrie near the hotspot on the end of a rare uninterrupted chain of possession through midfield for North Melbourne. Petrie makes no mistake. (Q2 15:08)
Nahas roves Goldstein at a stoppage in the pocket and bounces through his first goal from 20m. (Q2 17:46)
Gibson is outside a pack for a Ziebell give, he lets fly from true CHF for another one! Roos suddenly back to five goals behind. (Q2 19:20)
Daw flies across and crashes a pack 35m out on a slight angle to clunk a long Tarrant ball from the wing. He misses. (Q2 22:27)
Gibson runs back with the flight to mark behind Hartung at CHF. He boots his second goal of Q2 with five seconds to go to HT! (Q2 29:52)
Hodge catches Thomas HTB on the wing, the Hawks work it around, McEvoy marks 50m out on a slight angle. His set shot falls on the line, Goldstein spoils it in play, no score. (Q3 3:12)
Wells gives to Swallow for a miss off balance from 15m on the flank off his left boot. (Q3 5:43)
Puopolo taps the crumb from a Gunston contest on the HFF back to Gunston who releases Hill to run down the flank and goal from 10m. (Q3 7:31)
Petrie marks a Dumont ball over Brand and converts for his third goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 9:08)
North works the ball laboriously from a stoppage on the HBF around the outer wing, almost cough it up half a dozen times, eventually Dumont gives to Thomas for a goal from 15m. (Q3 14:27)
Ziebell gathers a bouncing Dumont inside 50 and snaps across the body from outside the hotspot… bounces wide. (Q3 15:07)
North attacks again but poor disposal means they hit a wall at half forward, the Hawks rebound up the guts with Breust over the back at the hotspot, he drops it but goals anyway. (Q3 17:48)
Hill bursts away from a stoppage on the wing but misses from the HFF. (Q3 22:48)
Daw marks a long Ziebell ball in a Hawk sandwich near the boundary 25m out. Majak tries a set shot checkside, but misses. (Q3 28:18)
Daw marks in front of Shiels 40m out on the flank but sprays another set shot, nowhere near. (Q4 3:41)
Not much goalmouth action in Q4, both defences are holding. (Q4 10:49)
Swallow’s hack kick from defence lands in the arms of Burton 40m out on a slight angle. Burton, wearing James Morrissey’s old number, misses. (Q4 13:11)
Frawley marks in relief at halfback and starts a rebound, Smith is on his own in the centre, he marks and has Puopolo over the back to mark in stride and run into the open goal! (Q4 14:22)
After many failed Kangaroo attacks, that one is a heartbreaker. (Q4 14:22)
Rioli gathers the scrubby centre clearance from Langford and screws through a goal from 20m out in the pocket to kick off junk time. This one is over! (Q4 15:48)
Rioli marks at half forward and goes short to Smith at 45m on a slight angle. Isaac just misses left. (Q4 17:41)
Birchall receives and goals on the run from 40m on a slight angle. Yep, that’s a junk time special. (Q4 22:02)
Petrie marks a Dal Santo pass 45m out on a slight angle. The old man hits the post. (Q4 24:01)

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