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Blog log from R21 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R21 of 2016

Dickson passes to Smith 40m out on the flank after a rebound around the outer wing started by Matthew Boyd from CHB. Smith misses. (Q1 3:28)
Varcoe leaps in front of Matthew Boyd and marks a very short Aish clearance from the HFF to 35m out on a slight angle. Travis hits the left goalpost. (Q1 5:13)
Moore stands in front of Hamling for a long ball to the top of the square and marks despite a heavy challenge. He boots the first goal. (Q1 6:28)
Dunkley gets a downfield free on the HFF for a push by Crisp on Johannisen, turns and hits Roughead on the lead 25m out on the flank. Roughead misses. (Q1 10:06)
Wills intercepts a lazy Picken kick at CHF and immediately has a ping… wide right. (Q1 13:44)
Crisp gives to Maynard after the kick in for another ping from CHF, this time more balanced off the left boot… wide right again. (Q1 14:06)
Dunkley snaps a nice goal across his body from a ball up 35m out on the flank. (Q1 16:18)
Daniel roves a Picken contest at the hotspot but grubbers wide under pressure. (Q1 18:36)
Phillips marks in front of Suckling 40m out in front but tries an ill-advised pass and kicks into the man on the mark. The Dogs go coast to coast, Stringer snaps truly from 30m! (Q1 19:45)
De Goey handballs over traffic to Sidebottom running up the guts, he reaches 45m and shoots… Varcoe shepherds it through in the square for a goal. (Q1 23:41)
Johannisen intercepts a long Aish clearance on the HFF and immediately centres to Cordy just outside the hotspot. Cordy makes no mistake. (Q1 25:55)
Blair marks at half forward, waits and goes to the pocket where White somehow marks uncontested 15m out just before the QT siren. But White misses, as he so often does. (Q1 28:45)
Dahlhaus clears from the first centre bounce of Q2 to Tom Boyd leading to the HFF, he draws a free on Marsh for a push but he tries a pass instead of shooting, no score results. (Q2 0:24)
Aish is pinged for a throw while falling to ground 30m out on the flank. Stringer takes the free, but doesn’t score with a shank. (Q2 1:43)
Bontempelli roves a stoppage 25m out on the flank but Greenwood dispossesses him in a tackle to prevent a score… Hrovat pounces and goals instead! (Q2 2:15)
Pie fans boo as they thought a HTB free was a lock there. (Q2 2:43)
Tom Boyd marks on the HFF, turns and goes to Cordy 45m out on the flank, he gives off to Suckling who misses. (Q2 7:13)
The Dogs work through heavy traffic on the wing up to half forward with lightning hands, ending with a Roughead give to Smith who runs to 35m and goals just before being tackled. (Q2 9:39)
Moore gets a very lucky free on Hamling after falling into the fence 25m out, but kicks OOTF in the opposite pocket. (Q2 10:59)
Moore is over the back of Wood to mark a long, quick Crisp ball to the top of the square for his second goal. (Q2 12:49)
Cordy marks a Webb centre clearance kick at CHF in front of Marsh, wheels and goes long to the square… the ball lands over the back and skids through for a goal! (Q2 14:12)
Dunkley is over the back for a long Dahlhaus to the hotspot after Tom Boyd intercepts over Maynard in the middle to start a fast break. Dunkley misses left. (Q2 16:49)
Roberts turns the ball over on the HBF, the Pies work across field with Wills going to De Goey 40m out on a slight angle. De Goey sneaks his set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q2 19:40)
Wood spoils a long ball to the square but the crumb falls for White near the behind post, he gives to Sidebottom who baulks and goals from 15m. (Q2 21:50)
Oxley marks a high ball unopposed as two Dogs bump into Moore trying to reach him. He lines up from 30m on the flank and goals. Scores level after the Dogs had kicked away earlier. (Q2 24:30)
Mad scramble in the Dog goalsquare, Hunter catches Marsh HTB for a red time goal, Bullies hit the lead once again. (Q2 26:15)
Treloar slams through the instant reply from near the hotspot after Adams roves the next centre bounce to start a scoring chain. (Q2 27:30)
After shanking a set shot from the HFF, Picken gets another chance as he marks on the lead 45m out in front. He misses. (Q2 29:15)
Greenwood goes low and quick from the HFF to a pack 20m out in front, Moore flies from the back and clunks it over his teammate White. But Darcy hits the post! (Q3 3:06)
Treloar scoots through midfield and goes long to White who draws a very soft free on Hamling 20m out in front for incidental contact. White doesn’t miss. (Q3 8:22)
Goldsack passes from outside CHF with nice vision to find De Goey on his own on the flank 40m out. De Goey goals again. (Q3 12:39)
Moore keeps his feet in a marking contest 20m out in front and regathers the crumb, he gives outside to Phillips who snaps a goal across his body from the hotspot. (Q3 16:07)
Bontempelli sets up the next centre clearance with a handball to Jong who runs to CHF and sails through a big goal! (Q3 17:08)
Daniel clears with a short kick from a ball in on the HFF, it lands in the breadbasket of Bontempelli 30m out on a slight angle. The Bont goals, just. (Q3 18:55)
Bontempelli spins, feints and baulks on the wing to get clear, then hits a target inside 50… Suckling gets a chance from half forward on the give but misses. (Q3 22:02)
The kick in doesn’t clear the HBF, Jong steers through a running snap from 40m on the flank to give the Bulldogs the lead back! (Q3 22:23)
Picken roves a long Roughead ball to the square after the next centre bounce and gives to Dickson to run into the open goal! (Q3 23:40)
Aish kicks long from the wing down the flank to 25m where Moore shows judgment and skill to beat Biggs and mark with excellent hands. Moore goals. (Q3 25:53)
Moore gives to Treloar who tries a roller from the boundary 15m out, but it’s narrow. (Q3 27:39)
Dickson marks a high Bontempelli ball to the pocket 20m out and delivers a highly professional screwing set shot to kick the Dogs away by that goal. (Q4 3:48)
Hrovat goes short to Bontempelli near the behind line, he does the same as Dickson, Dogs two goals in front. (Q4 5:19)
De Goey gives to Greenwood near the behind post who rolls through a left foot goal from 10m. (Q4 7:04)
Matthew Boyd gives to Biggs in the Pie goalsquare under pressure but Biggs fumbles, does Oxley get a boot to it before it crosses the line? Video review, ruled a goal! (Q4 8:47)
Dunkley gets another free at the hotspot on Adams, but again misses a relatively easy set shot. (Q4 12:48)
The Pies go coast to coast from the kick in up the guts, Phillips passes to Moore 40m out in the corridor. Moore misses. (Q4 13:16)
Daniel is released by Hunter for a run and a couple of bounces down the wing, he reaches the HFF and bombs long… Hrovat marks over a limp Varcoe 20m out and goals. (Q4 15:09)
Maynard intercepts a short Daniel kick at CHF for the Pies, runs through heavy traffic to the hotspot and bangs through a big goal with 6:07 to play! Scores level once more. (Q4 21:49)
Brown rushes an ugly looking Jong snap from half forward to give the Dogs the lead. (Q4 23:04)
Picken mows down Sidebottom on the rebound on the wing to prevent an inside 50. (Q4 23:34)
Stringer prevents another Woods attack by stripping Adams in a tackle on the wing. (Q4 25:46)
Biggs strips Sidebottom in a tackle near the hotspot to prevent another attempt! (Q4 26:05)
Hrovat marks a Stringer ball at CHF, plays on and just misses after a rebound started by Matthew Boyd. (Q4 26:48)
Picken roves in the centre and bangs long to the pocket, throw in, 1:50 to go. (Q4 27:35)
Dahlhaus roves, kick straight up and down, ball up 20m out, 1:35. (Q4 27:42)
Roughead misses out of the ruck, 1:29 to go. (Q4 27:42)
How kicks in up the guts, Moore provides a crumb, Pies work very hard, Sidebottom can’t mark in the pocket, Blair handballs out of bounds, throw in on the Pie HFF, 0:54. (Q4 29:15)
Hunter clears down the wing, ball in, 35 seconds. (Q4 29:15)
Daniel roves and clears, deliberate OOF call, Maynard kicks long to the HFF, Wills gets a HTB free and bangs long, no mark, Matthew Boyd roves and kicks, siren, Dogs win! (Q4 30:35)

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