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Blog log from R20 of 2016: Carlton vs St Kilda

Blog log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R20 of 2016

Weller marks a Gresham ball in front of Rowe near the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 2:41)
Billings misses a running snap from half forward to an empty square. (Q1 6:39)
Tuohy intercepts Fisher’s rebound kick to a one-on-two at 50m on the flank, and sails through a trademark quality finish for the first Blue goal. (Q1 9:10)
Newnes intercepts 50m out on a slight angle but kicks OOTF. (Q1 9:10)
Roberton snaps from 30m on the flank, it’s a terrible shank but it lands luckily in the arms of Membrey 30m out on the opposite flank. Membrey goals. (Q1 9:10)
Montagna passes to Armitage near CHF for his first goal. St Kilda has the jump. (Q1 11:59)
Billings flies in front of a four-man pack to mark at the hotspot for another Saint major. (Q1 15:09)
Weller marks 50m out on the flank but misses. (Q1 17:24)
Cripps marks near the hotspot but sprays the set shot. (Q1 19:24)
Dunstan misses a speculator from the pocket. (Q1 23:53)
Armfield runs back behind Savage to mark at the hotspot, but he also misses. (Q1 23:53)
Dunstan passes short to Wright on a lead to 40m on the flank, who kicks the first goal of Q2. (Qtr Time)
Gibbs receives a handball and snaps around the corner from 40m in front… across the face. (Qtr Time)
Casboult takes a contested grab 20m out in front but sprays it badly for a behind. (Q2 3:56)
Weller marks at half forward, wheels and passes to the lead of Membrey in front of Plowman at 35m on a slight angle. Membrey boots his second goal. (Q2 5:00)
Bruce marks a long Savage ball from the HFF over a big pack on the behind line. But Bruce shanks the set shot, Simpson marks near the opposite behind post. Hmm. (Q2 7:30)
Docherty beats Billings in a ground battle on the wing and passes to Armfield outside CHF, 50m penalty against a couple of Saints for encroachment, easy goal to Dennis. (Q2 7:30)
Gibbs roves at half forward and gives wide to Tuohy who let fly from just outside CHF… another trademark long goal! (Q2 11:47)
Armitage uses vision from midfield and passes to Billings 40m out on a slight angle on the fat side. Billings kicks truly. (Q2 13:52)
Gresham zooms onto the crumb from a stoppage in the pocket but misses a low percentage snap from 20m on the boundary. (Q2 13:52)
Gilbert passes to Bruce in the pocket 30m out on the end of a rebound switch move from halfback. Bruce misses. (Q2 19:46)
Bruce marks and goals to cement the Saint dominance on the scoreboard – and all over the ground, to be fair – leading up to HT. (Q2 23:58)
Newnes marks a short Dunstan ball 25m out on the flank and joins the party with his first goal. (Q2 23:58)
Membrey converts a long range set shot just before the HT siren to give Brendan Bolton plenty of ammunition for a classic spray in the room. (Q2 27:58)
Hickey goals from a ball up at the hotspot to kick off second half junk time. (Half Time)
Riewoldt passes to Membrey wide on the flank 40m out, who hits the post. (Q3 2:04)
Dempster passes to Bruce to mark in front of Rowe 45m out on a slight angle. Bruce delivers a lovely looking set shot for his second goal. (Q3 6:04)
Riewoldt misses Bruce over the back on a fast break, Bruce gathers on the behind line and gives back to Roberton for the goal from the square, confirmed after video review. (Q3 6:04)
Graham gives outside a pack to Buckley who misses a relatively easy one from near the hotspot, under perceived pressure that did not actually exist. (Q3 15:19)
Armfield marks a Weitering ball 45m out on the flank, and misses. (Q3 17:25)
Fast break after a stoppage at halfback by St Kilda, they use the loose man overlap to perfection, Riewoldt runs back behind Rowe to mark at the hotspot and goal. (Q3 17:25)
Cripps gets a rare goal for Carlton from a snap from the hotspot after chasing a long kick from midfield and being first to the crumb. (Q3 20:45)
Armfield gives to Tuohy running up from defence, he reaches 50m on the flank and lets fly… that’s three long goals from the Irishman today! (Q3 22:49)
Savage mows down Buckley on the HFF for Carlton to prevent a score. (Q3 25:06)
Fisher gets pinged for holding Cripps as they sit under a high ball to 30m out on a slight angle. The 3QT siren sounds, Cripps lines up… and kicks truly. (Q3 27:11)
Weller has Riewoldt over the back on the wing, no one to pass to and two Blues closing so he has to go himself from 45m on the flank… wide. (Q4 2:09)
Acres baulks two Blues with a nice right foot step at half forward and passes to Membrey 25m out in the pocket. Membrey misses. (Q4 4:16)
Hickey marks on the HFF, wheels and goes long to the top of the square where two Saints raffle it, Membrey marks over Bruce and goals. (Q4 6:24)
Bruce marks outside the hotspot and boots his third goal. (Q4 8:28)
Rowe kicks from the last line under pressure, but straight to Acres on his own 40m out on the flank. Acres kicks it back over Rowe’s head for a goal. (Q4 8:28)
Docherty gives to Gibbs on his own 40m out in front, he turns and goals. Not much pressure there, we’re well into junk time now. (Q4 13:14)
Kreuzer marks 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q4 13:14)
Membrey roves and shoots for his fifth goal after Graham drops a mark 40m out on a slight angle from the Saints goals. (Q4 16:05)
Walker turns the ball over at halfback to Montagna who has Bruce for his fourth goal. (Q4 26:35)

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