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Blog log from R19 of 2016: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R19 of 2016

Zorko kicks the first goal from 20m after winning an HTB free on Robbie Gray.
Hipwood marks on the lead on the HFF and bangs through another one!
Butcher marks at half forward but misses badly. (Q1 5:55)
Westhoff marks a Pittard ball near the behind post and plays on around Andrews to run into the open goal. (Q1 6:42)
Walker marks on the lead at true CHF and sails through a beautiful set shot for his first goal. (Q1 8:01)
Amon passes very short to Boak 25m out on the flank. Boak hits the post. (Q1 12:17)
Boak marks in a pack at the hotspot and makes no mistake this time. (Q1 14:34)
Amon wins a HTB free on Robertson 45m out on a slight angle and puts the Power in the lead with a goal. (Q1 17:59)
Young stands up in a tackle at half forward and gives to Robbie Gray who misses from 45m. (Q1 19:01)
Hammelmann is pinged for a block off the ball near the hotspot, and steers through a bit of a charity goal. (Q1 22:05)
Mathieson roves a kick in to CHF for Brisbane and gives to Green who scoots to 45m and slams through a goal. (Q1 25:38)
Wines passes to Young 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 28:46)
Impey beats Rich with a baulk on the wing, runs a long way then gives to Wingard who misses from the hotspot. (Q2 0:13)
Boak passes to Young 15m out deep in the pocket, who misses. (Q2 1:38)
Hipwood leaps and takes a big, juggling pack mark from a Cutler ball 30m out on the flank. He misses. (Q2 4:30)
Port goes coast to coast from the kick in, Westhoff takes a pack mark at the top of the square and goals. (Q2 5:54)
Hipwood marks in front of Stewart 20m out on a slight angle, but shanks it horribly for another behind. (Q2 8:25)
Young juggles and marks a Polec ball just next to the hotspot, who misses again. (Q2 11:57)
Mayes’ kick in is straight to Wingard 20m out, easy goal to Chad. (Q2 11:57)
Butcher marks 20m out in front, he’s a 50:50 proposition from here… it’s a goal. (Q2 12:56)
Butcher grabs the ball out of ruck from a throw in 20m out and rolls through a fantastic goal! (Q2 15:12)
Bastinac breaks a tackle and baulks another for a snap at the hotspot, but it’s wide. (Q2 19:10)
The Power go coast to coast from the kick in, Toumpas gives to Butcher for the goal from the top of the square. (Q2 20:11)
Impey marks a long Austin ball up the guts behind Merrett near the hotspot and hoofs through another one for Port. (Q2 21:42)
Ah Chee marks a Butcher ball from CHF near the behind line and goes back to Amon 30m out on the flank. Amon misses. (Q2 25:40)
Boak snaps his second goal around the corner from 40m on a slight angle after a ball up at CHF. (Q2 27:18)
Wines marks a Boak ball just inside CHF over Zorko, but hits the post. (Q2 28:43)
Trengove runs to the HFF to pick up a bouncing Impey ball, steadies with a step and goals from 45m with impressive balance. (Half Time)
Westhoff taps for Robbie Gray to set up Boak with a Joe the Goose special, but Mayes gets there late to pressure just enough so Boak snaps into the post from 5m! (Q3 1:49)
Dawson marks at the top of the square for a rare Lions goal. (Q3 4:06)
Impey snaps across the body from 30m on the flank for a goal. (Q3 5:29)
Impey misses a running snap under pressure from CHF. (Q3 6:15)
Close marks at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q3 9:46)
Polec passes to Wingard in the pocket, Mathieson decks him late, melee forms, ump pays 50m to ensure the goal. (Q3 13:03)
Young roves an Ah Chee contest at the top of the square and goals with ease. (Q3 14:35)
Amon gathers a Wines ball in the pocket and gives a Joe the Goose special to Boak to run into the open goal. (Q3 16:05)
The Lions go coast to coast after a kick in, Amon goals from 15m out on the flank ambling away from Merrett. (Q3 20:17)
Walker marks in front of a pack 40m out in front and sails through a nice set shot for his second goal. (Q3 21:35)
Robbie Gray passes from the HFF to Butcher leading up the guts to 40m. Butcher misses. (Q3 22:45)
Austin marks on the flank 325m out and misses. (Q3 24:19)
Young marks at much the same spot and also misses. (Q3 25:47)
Zorko bounces through a goal from a snap from CHF, after Walker strips Young in a tackle. (Q3 28:16)
Ah Chee marks 40m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q3 29:16)
Robertson intercepts a Stewart ball from the BP to 35m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q3 31:58)
Zorko collects Wingard off the ball, downfield free to Westhoff 30m out on the flank, the Hoff misses after the 3QT siren. (Q3 32:39)
Wingard gives to Wines who misses from 35m on the flank. (Q4 0:29)
Green passes to Taylor 45m out in front, who misses. (Q4 4:27)
Wingard taps wide of a pack at the hotspot to Ebert who grubbers an easy goal. (Q4 6:49)
Impey misses a snap from 25m on the flank. (Q4 8:17)
Young feeds Wingard a Joe the Goose special after Toumpas breaks the lines with a run up the guts from halfback. (Q4 13:34)
Close marks in a pack at the hotspot and kicks his second goal. (Q4 16:12)
Butcher is over the back for a long Krakouer ball, he gathers and goals from 20m. (Q4 18:17)
Rockliff gets a junk time goal from 40m on a slight angle after the next centre bounce. (Q4 18:17)
Ah Chee marks in a pack at the hotspot for some more junk. (Q4 19:50)
Hipwood marks just inside CHF and misses. (Q4 22:35)
Wingard goals from 20m after a 50m penalty. (Q4 23:57)
Westhoff marks in front of Merrett 45m out on the flank, but doesn’t score. (Q4 25:32)
Trengove caps off a three-vote night with a goal from a set shot near the hotspot after a ruck free. (Q4 26:17)
Trengove hits the post with a snap from a ball in 25m out on the flank. (Q4 28:02)
Ah Chee gives Ebert a Joe the Goose special. Not much opposition. (Q4 28:02)

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