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Blog log from R17 of 2016: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Blog log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R17 of 2016

De Goey has a little kick at goal out of the congestion, but hits the post from 20 out under physical pressure. (Q1 2:25)
The Crows then go BANG! From one end to the other, they move the ball ruthlessly, with Betts outmarking Maynard inside 50 and running into the open goal! (Q1 2:41)
White produces the chase pressure which forces the Smith turnover, directly into the arms of Sidebottom. Steele moves it short to Treloar, who misses from 40 on the slight. (Q1 4:02)
Taylor Walker launches from outside 50 after a slow play by the Crows sees them settling on the long shot. The Crows superstar misses to the near side from the flank region. (Q1 6:19)
Atkins produces the pass of the match thus far, picking out Sloane who gets a step on his tagger in Greenwood. Rory finds Henderson running unmarked, and Ricky goals with ease! (Q1 8:28)
Again turnovers through defence appear to be the reoccurring theme, this time with Smith picking out Jacobs. Sam lines up the set shot and nails it from 35 on the slight angle! (Q1 10:17)
From the forward stoppage, Lyons is first to react to the ball placed out the back of the pack by Jenkins. Hitting it at pace, Jarryd receives and goals from 20! (Q1 15:52)
McGovern, Walker and LYNCH! A trio of names fit for that fantastic play, as they moved it by foot from one to another, before the ex-Saint drilled it from 40! (Q1 17:27)
Adams provides a moment of individual mastery. Powering through, he handballs once and wins back the hard ball, before gathering and finishing with class from 35! (Q1 22:16)
Sidebottom hits up the leading Cloke, who takes a strong mark and quickly pushes back toward goal. He runs it through to 50 but misses poorly to the near side. (Q1 23:34)
Maynard appears out of his depth, losing Betts in traffic and allowing Eddie out the back. The former Blue gathers, but hits the post from a regulation 25 metre open play attempt. (Q1 26:35)
Talia gives the silly free kick away to Moore after holding in the square, even after the ball went well wide of the pair. From point blank range, Darcy goals! (Q2 1:55)
Varcoe takes it out of the forward 50 stoppage and immediately heads towards the vacant goal square. The ball bounces on its end and through for a behind it goes. (Q2 9:23)
Fear not as Travis immediately makes amends. Turnover from the kick in via the boot of Henderson, and Varcoe takes the mark. He finishes the play from 35 off the right peg! (Q2 9:57)
Brad Crouch receives running back towards goal as the Crows win it from the centre stoppage. Brad hooks the effort through for a minor after strong chase pressure. (Q2 11:53)
Douglas picks out Smith with a chipped effort, with the former All Australian defender marking inside 50. Pressed up against the boundary, Brodie can only muster a minor effort. (Q2 13:55)
Walker lost Marsh on the lead and Sloane’s flighted delivery allowed Taylor to run and jump unopposed. From the set shot, Taylor nails the 25 metre shot! (Q2 15:53)
The Pies produce the speedy reply. Pendlebury flicks it over the top to the hard running Crisp. Jack receives and whacks it on the boot from the arc, and through it bounces! (Q2 17:38)
Betts produces another moment for the highlights reel! Eddie grabs a classic front and centre, darts this way and that to lose his markers before snapping truly from 25! (Q2 20:54)
Again the Pies manage to strike quickly after a blow. Cloke centres to the top of the square and off hands it falls to Crisp once more. The former Lion snaps truly for his second! (Q2 22:54)
Mackay again wins it from the stoppage, and David throws it on the boot in a bit of a watch and hope play. Ultimately the attempt bounces through for the minor score from 35. (Q2 26:49)
The Crows scoring power rears its head once more. From a slow play, Jenkins is able to fly and take a poster worthy grab. Josh turns on Reid and finishes from close range! (Q2 29:24)
Just seconds before the half time siren, Sloane takes a leading mark 35 metres from goal on the slight angle. Rory trots in but misses dismally with the set shot attempt. (Half Time)
Betts receives from the tackled Sloane, with the former Blue quickly assessing his options before heading for goal. Eddie’s attempt at goal misses to the right hand side. (Q3 1:31)
Thompson sends it long to the Walker contest, with Taylor bringing it to ground. Eagerly anticipating is Tom Lynch, who grabs it and sends it through in one fluid movement from 25! (Q3 2:06)
Lyon assesses the options and picks out 300 gamer, Scott Thompson, running back into space. From the set shot, 30 out on the slight, he pulls it to the far side. (Q3 3:14)
Betts grabs it off the deck and picks out Atkins running into a metre of space, out the back of the chasing Aish. Rory lines up from 35 on the sharp angle, missing to the left. (Q3 5:31)
Lynch runs back and takes the strong marl, unawares of what was coming in the opposite direction. With adrenaline rushing, he plays on quickly and pulls the shot into the post. (Q3 6:15)
The Pies speed down the other end of the ground in numbers, with Moore bringing it to ground at the hot spot. Grundy roves and flicks it off to Aish, who goals from 20! (Q3 7:21)
Cheney slips over at the crucial moment and allows a simple one for the Pies. Treloar grabs it off the deck, flicks it off to Macaffer and then off to Cloke. Travis goals from 20! (Q3 16:46)
Crisp again proves vital around goal! As the ball bobbles around the congestion, Jack is able to use it wide to the unmarked Greenwood. Levi receives and goals from 40! (Q3 19:51)
Douglas provides the quality inside 50 delivery, picking out the leading Jenkins ahead of Marsh. Josh marks and kicks long… It drops short but McGovern flies and takes the grab. (Q3 23:09)
Deep in the pocket, McGovern slots the major with the brilliantly executed snap shot off his preferred right peg! (Q3 23:51)
Right before the quarter time siren, Eddie flies and Eddie takes it! Who else? Ahead of Smith he flew and took it, and the former Blue slots his third from 30 on the slight! (Q3 29:13)
Jenkins takes the strong contested mark opposed to Reid as the Crows win yet another centre clearance. Lining up from outside 50, Josh misses to the left hand side. (Q4 1:16)
Smith takes the strong intercept mark as the Pies struggle to rebound out of defence. Brodie flicks it off to the speeding Atkins, who avoids the tackle and goals from 40! (Q4 9:25)
The Pies pump it long as they go searching for one last surge. Greenwood times his run perfectly, getting out the back, grabbing the pill off the deck and finishing with ease! (Q4 13:49)
Crisp has a flying shot for goal from 40 after the Pies won the quick centre clearance. Jack sends it goalward but pulls it poorly from the slight angle, providing a minor score. (Q4 15:12)
The Crows flow forward once more, and this time Betts plays the role of distributor, feeding it off to the powering Lyons. Jarryd receives, settles and goals from 45! (Q4 20:50)
Cloke makes it his second of the night from point blank range as the big man takes a consolation prize in junk time. (Q4 22:40)
Cameron takes a lead up mark as the Crows spread it down the wing. Charlie lines up from the 50 sign on the arc and sends it through! (Q4 26:25)
Sidebottom to Adams out of the stoppage, with the former Giant then darting in a pass to the leading Howe. From the set shot, the 50 metre effort misses to the far side. (Q4 28:25)

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