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Blog log from R14 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R14 of 2016

Gunston roves the first centre clearance to a Sicily contest at the hotspot by Mitchell and snaps the first goal within the first ten seconds!
Wright gives outside of a pack at the hotspot to Grant who misses. (Q1 1:03)
Wright marks unopposed 20m out in front in between the Hawk defensive zone from a long Lynch ball from the HFF. He goals, just. (Q1 6:30)
Sicily roves his own contest at the hotspot and gives to Breust but the low snap is touched for a behind by May. (Q1 8:03)
Sexton taps to Malceski who tries to repeat his lucky goal from the boundary 30m out in the 2012 GF… wobbles just wide. (Q1 12:43)
Ablett intercepts Hill 45m out on a slight angle, plays on with no one on the mark but misses. (Q1 13:03)
The Suns are getting repeat inside 50s with a wall set up at half forward, Harbrow marks on the HFF and passes to Matera at 30m on the flank. Matera goals! (Q1 14:01)
Lewis marks a Hodge ball just outside the hotspot over Joyce. The goal umpire does not move. (Q1 18:01)
Shaw taps down a Lewis handball outside CHF for Gold Coast, the ball flips out to Ablett who baulks and shoots from 40m on a slight angle… that one’s good! (Q1 20:05)
Lynch beats Frawley one on one to clunk a Rischitelli centre clearance to the hotspot, but misses. (Q1 21:32)
Wright crumbs his own contest on the HFF, turns and kicks to the hotspot for Lynch to mark over Frawley… this time he steers through the goal. (Q1 25:32)
Wright marks at true CHF, the ball drops on the goal line, Lynch clunks it and goals to begin Q2! Poor defence by the Hawks. (Q2 0:53)
Rosa is bumped as he kicks from the last line, Hartung roves the bouncing ball and baulks Ablett for a snap from 20m on the flank… sails through! (Q2 3:32)
The Hawks flip the ball by hand through traffic in attack trying to find a free man, eventually Gibson passes to Sicily at 25m on the flank. Sicily goals. (Q2 6:31)
Rischitelli misses a left foot snap across the body from the hotspot. (Q2 11:38)
Ceglar roves an O’Brien contest on the HFF and gives under a tackle to Gunston who has Hartung on his own at the hotspot for the nsap goal. (Q2 15:06)
Hodge is pinged for illegal disposal under a Day tackle 45m out on a slight angle. Day takes the free, and makes him pay with a big set shot! (Q2 16:23)
Rain now starts to fall in earnest. (Q2 16:56)
Gunston gives to Puopolo on the HFF, he baulks twice and shoots from 45m but wide. (Q2 17:38)
Davis gives away a 50m penalty to bring Gibson to 40m on a slight angle, but Gibbo kicks like a backman, no score. (Q2 20:19)
Hill intercepts a May rebound kick in the centre and goes to Birchall who has Duryea 50m out on the flank. Doc misses. (Q2 24:25)
May touches a Smith snap from outside CHF through for a point. (Q2 25:40)
Nicholls gives away a free in a marking contest on the HBF, Sicily marks a Mitchell ball 20m out on a slight angle. Sicily kicks goal number two, just. (Q2 26:35)
Harbrow marks a Hodge rebound kick to the wing and sets up Shaw to deliver a long ball down the flank for Day to mark 25m out, but Day hits the post. (Q3 1:06)
Gibson gets a hospital handball on the wing and Miller catches him HTB, Davis plays on to advantage and hits Lynch 40m out in the corridor. But Lynch misses too, disappointingly. (Q3 2:48)
Hartung marks and runs down the flank to 40m and shoots… Joyce leaps on the line and touches it for a behind. (Q3 4:33)
Sicily misses on the turn from the hotspot in traffic. (Q3 6:35)
Ceglar marks a Birchall ball in front of McKenzie at 35m on the flank and just evades the left goalpost with his set shot. (Q3 8:01)
Hawks in front now, and have been playing much better since QT. (Q3 8:16)
Mitchell soccers after a stoppage on the HFF and it lands in the breadbasket of Breust playing in front 30m out on a slight angle. Breust goals. (Q3 14:41)
Wright passes from the HFF down the line to Davis 35m out after Ablett gets a free at the next centre bounce. Davis hits the post. (Q3 15:44)
May taps a Shiels snap from mid range through for a behind. (Q3 18:38)
Gunston receives from Puopolo, baulks clear at 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 19:58)
Ceglar leaps over Rosa and marks 45m out on the flank, but misses. (Q3 23:07)
Ceglar gets a ruck free on Nicholls 45m out on the flank after high contact. He lines up and shoots just before the 3QT siren… no good. (Q3 28:03)
Hall runs around Burgoyne on the HFF and hits Lynch on a lead to 30m on a slight angle. He goals to give the Suns a sniff at the start of Q4. (Q4 0:58)
Shiels kicks quickly after the next centre bounce to CHF where McEvoy draws a free and gives to Smith, who misses. (Q4 1:49)
Breust runs back, turns and marks a long Burgoyne ball 45m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q4 5:35)
The Hawks rebound from CHF up the guts with handball, Mitchell gives to Hill who goals from 45m on a slight angle! (Q4 7:32)
Gold Coast have had the Hawks on the ropes this quarter but couldn’t land a punch, and the triple premiership winners just performed an Ali rope-a-dope special. (Q4 8:31)
Harbrow volleys a ground ball from 20m through for a goal, the Hawks claim it was touched, video review says no, goal paid. (Q4 10:13)
Sicily marks strongly in front of McKenzie from a Breust ball to the pocket 20m out. He steers through goal number three. (Q4 11:22)
Hawthorn again rebound through six pairs of hands from halfback up the guts, Hill passes to Gunston leading to 40m on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q4 13:19)
Hall roves a long ball to the hotspot but misses the grubber as he’s tackled. (Q4 14:17)
Mitchell passes to Burgoyne 40m out on a slight angle. This to ice the game on a cold Launceston evening… Junior makes no mistake, that’s the sealer. (Q4 18:59)
Sicily gets a free 50m out on a slight angle, but Nicholls touches the set shot through on the line. (Q4 20:54)
Shiels marks just inside 50m on a slight angle in front of Ablett. He tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q4 23:29)
Puopolo taps a loose ball to Duryea for a champagne footy goal from 15m in the last couple of minutes. (Q4 24:48)
Harbrow hits the post with a mid range snap with ten seconds left. (Q4 26:37)

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