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Blog log from R14 of 2016: Richmond vs Brisbane

Blog log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R14 of 2016

Riewoldt marks on the HFF and goes short to Deledio 35m out near the boundary. Lids plays on and tries a screwing ball… but it drops in the square and is marked by Brisbane. (Q1 2:04)
Bastinac has a moment to assess options outside CHF, and chooses Green to mark in front of Vlaustin 40m out on a slight angle. Green’s ball is marked on the behind line by Schache! (Q1 7:04)
Schache goals. (Q1 7:04)
Schache passes from half forward over Hunt to Taylor near the hotspot for a mark on the chest. Taylor kicks his first. Brisbane has the jump! (Q1 10:17)
Rockliff catches Miles high in a tackle under a pack 40m out on a slight angle. Miles steers through a nice set shot for Richmond’s opening goal. (Q1 12:49)
Menadue intercepts Lester at halfback on a fast break and starts a Tiger fast break, ending with Edwards marking 15m out on the flank and kicking the turnover goal. (Q1 15:45)
Menadue snaps truly from the pocket 20m out after Grigg chases the crumb from a big pack at the hotspot ahead of Andrews for the give and goal assist. (Q1 19:50)
Grigg runs from the next centre bounce and hits Riewoldt on the lead 35m out on a slight angle. Li’l Rooey hits the post. (Q1 20:32)
Ellis marks 40m out on a slight angle after a terrible kick clanger by Andrews at halfback straight to Miles. He goals as well. (Q1 22:20)
Deledio marks a Lambert centre clearance 40m out on a slight angle and… yep, he kicks a goal as well. Richmond now firmly in control. (Q1 23:50)
Riewoldt dives in front of Merrett on a lead down the flank and marks 35m out. He misses. (Q1 25:05)
Hipwood roves a Walker contest at the hotspot and falls down as he’s tackled by Hunt, drawing a high contact free. He goals. (Q2 0:32)
Riewoldt gets a lovely leg break bounce for a ground ball near the behind line to beat Bewick, he gives a Joe the Goose special for Lloyd. (Q2 3:17)
Ellis bounces through a behind off a step from 50m on a slight angle after a give from Menadue. (Q2 6:33)
Vickery beats Andrews with a baulk on the boundary in the pocket and centres… Menadue gets a free for a hold by Rich near the behind line and goals. (Q2 8:01)
Menadue pumps the ball back to the hotspot, four man pack, the crumb falls over the back for Riewoldt to turn, chase and volley home from 15m! (Q2 9:19)
Green wins a HTB free on Lambert at the hotspot and goals. (Q2 11:06)
Vickery gathers a bouncing Lloyd ball on the HFF and has time to hit up Ellis running hard to 35m on a slight angle. Brandon misses. (Q2 13:18)
Riewoldt marks a Miles ball over Keays at 40m on the flank, and misses again. (Q2 15:18)
Menadue passes over McStay to Vickery at 40m on a slight angle. Ty doesn’t score, Bewick marks on the behind line. (Q2 18:04)
Bewick comes across but can’t stop Lloyd marking a Miles ball to 35m near the boundary. Lloyd’s set shot is off hands for a behind. (Q2 19:49)
Vickery roves a smothered ball near the behind post and decides to go himself from 15m… he looks the most surprised of anyone that it wobbles through! (Q2 23:41)
Riewoldt wrestles with Andrews and clunks a long Vickery ball from the HFF to the square for the first goal of Q3. Already junk time, pretty much. (Q3 0:27)
Hanley turns the ball over by hand on the wing after the next centre bounce, Deledio chips to Edwards at 35m on the flank. Titch kicks truly. (Q3 2:02)
Hanley gives away a free for hands in the back on Vlaustin and 50m for abuse to take him from the centre to the hotspot. Vlaustin makes him pay with the goal. (Q3 4:29)
Walker roves the Grimes spoil to a Hanley contest for a long Green ball at the hotspot, and snaps a nice goal across his body. (Q3 7:57)
The Lions get a rare centre clearance through Rich and handball through CHF, ending with Hipwood snapping his second goal from the hotspot. (Q3 9:28)
Vlaustin passes to Riewoldt leading out near CHF, he goes short to Cotchin at 40m in front. The Richmond captain hits the post. (Q3 11:44)
Riewoldt busts a big pack Michael Roach style and clunks a long Rance ball to the hotspot for his third major. (Q3 12:47)
Vickery passes from CHF to Cotchin at 30m on the flank, who goals. (Q3 14:58)
Hipwood marks 50m out on the flank and just misses. (Q3 20:13)
Lester tackles Riewoldt in the square to prevent a Joe the Goose goal. (Q3 21:43)
The Lions go coast to coast from that Lester HTB free… Schache marks on the HFF, wheels and finds Rich in traffic 40m out on a slight angle. Rich misses. (Q3 22:28)
Deledio marks next to the behind post and crashes into it afterwards, in a contest with Merrett. Lids gets up and misses. (Q3 23:58)
Walker marks a Green pass 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q4 0:44)
Vickery gives to Conca who dribbles a rather easy snap from the hotspot the wrong side of the right goalpost. (Q4 1:34)
Dustin Martin marks in front of Merrett at 35m on a slight angle after Brisbane can’t rebound past the centre. Dusty hits the post. (Q4 2:35)
Menadue gives to Dustin Martin who just misses a low percentage snap from the pocket. The Tigers are showboating a bit. (Q4 6:35)
Cotchin turns the ball over at halfback, Keays gives to Taylor who snaps truly from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 8:26)
Hipwood leads up from the square and marks a centring ball by Bewick to the hotspot. He kicks goal number three. (Q4 12:30)
Bewick leaps in a pack and takes a pretty juggling mark to a long Keays ball to the flank 30m out. But he misses. (Q4 14:26)
Stefan Martin misses a running snap from 55m on a slight angle. (Q4 15:50)
Lloyd wows the remaining crowd by gathering a Dustin Martin ball on the flank 35m out and snapping a nice bouncing goal. (Q4 16:50)
Jansen marks a long Mathieson ball in a pack 20m out on a slight angle for a garbage time goal. (Q4 19:01)
Dustin Martin does a one-two with Cotchin on the wing after Hammelmann coughs the ball up, and hits Riewoldt on the lead at 40m on the flank. Riewoldt misses. (Q4 20:43)
Stefan Martin feeds Taylor for a gallop and baulk down the flank, but he misses from 40m. (Q4 21:49)
Stefan Martin is paid a holding free against Rance 30m out on a slight angle. The big ruckman kicks truly. (Q4 23:02)
Dustin Martin clears from the next centre bounce to Deledio 50m out on a slight angle. The ball falls in the square and is cleared. (Q4 25:01)
Vlaustin baulks Rich and goals from the HFF to cap off an excellent afternoon. (Q4 25:18)
Schache feeds Hanley for a goal from close range, a cherry on a cruddy pie for the Irishman. (Q4 26:47)
Dustin Martin clears from the next centre bounce, Riewoldt marks behind Merrett 20m out in front for his fourth goal. (Q4 27:44)
Hipwood marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 29:30)

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