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Blog log from R12 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R12 of 2016

Scully misses a long snap from the HFF to kick us off. (Q1 2:12)
Patton gathers a bouncing Johnson ball, rides a tackle and gives to Scully who snaps around the corner under pressure from 40m on a slight angle… screws through! (Q1 4:39)
Reid receives from Cameron but misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 6:27)
Shaw intercepts Sinclair at CHB and gives to Wilson for a scoot through the centre and pass to Cameron at 45m on a slight angle. Cameron misses. (Q1 9:14)
Jack roves a Tippett contest, runs ahead of Buntine and shoots from the hotspot for the first Sydney goal. (Q1 11:32)
McGlynn hits Tippett on the lead in front of Patfull 40m out on the flank on the end of a rebound from halfback. Tippett hits the post. (Q1 14:10)
Patfull on Tippett and Davis on Franklin are the wrong matchups, Tippett is monstering Patfull already. (Q1 14:43)
Rohan marks on the lead in front of Shaw 25m out on the flank and makes no mistake. (Q1 15:31)
Greene roves a long ball to the square, Grundy catches him high as Toby drops the knees. Easy goal. (Q1 20:12)
Rose marks a Jack ball 45m out in the corridor and just misses. (Q1 22:01)
Coniglio releases Williams to scythe up the middle and go long to Patton who beats Laidler one on one with strength and height. He goals from 20m. (Q2 0:04)
Johnson misses a close-range snap from broken play. (Q2 6:29)
McVeigh centres to Rose at the hotspot, he misses another relatively easy one. (Q2 8:44)
Rohan gives to Lloyd flashing past on the wing, he goes himself from 55m on a slight angle but it’s well wide. (Q2 10:27)
Sinclair threads the needle after marking near the intersection of 50m and boundary, turning and playing on to 40m. (Q2 10:59)
Johnson misses a flying snap from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q2 14:19)
Wilson starts a rebound from the last line, Cameron gets a free for a hold by Rampe 40m out in the corridor. He kicks his first goal. (Q2 15:53)
Griffen receives from Whitfield on the flank 40m out and steers through a left foot shot for a big goal! (Q2 18:09)
Rohan provides the contest to a long ball to the hotspot, McVeigh can’t rove but the crumb falls for McGlynn to soccer through from 15m. (Q2 21:00)
Johnson goals from near the hotspot after the HT siren to give the Giants a little cushion going into the final break, with Tippett iced up on the sidelines. (Half Time)
Griffen misses a pressured snap from the hotspot. (Q3 1:29)
Whitfield leaps across and clunks a hopeful Shaw ball to a pack in the square, but shanks the very easy set shot! Oh dear. (Q3 2:40)
Coniglio intercepts 35m out on a slight angle and makes no mistake. (Q3 3:35)
Greene receives from Griffen who had tapped down a Jones handball, he screws through another one from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 5:55)
Griffen pilfers another one 40m out on the flank but dribbles it wide. (Q3 6:52)
Shiel passes short to Reid at 45m on a slight angle. His set shot falls on the behind line, Lobb marks and goals! (Q3 9:41)
Sydney have stopped since Tippett went off injured, their structure is shot and the Giants are all over them like a cheap orange suit. (Q3 9:41)
Rose marks just inside CHF in front of Buntine and misses again. (Q3 10:52)
Hopper gives to Kelly who goes long from half forward, bounces past Patton for a behind from 55m. (Q3 12:58)
Whitfield has a paddock to run in down the outer wing, two bounces and then sees his captain waving his arms inside for a pass to 40m on a slight angle. But Ward misses. (Q3 15:11)
Green marks 40m out in the corridor and rams another one through. GWS are doing as they like at this point. (Q3 16:36)
Shiel it was with the goal assist pass that time. (Q3 17:11)
Shiel is pinged for HTB under a Rose tackle at the Swan hotspot. Rose finally gets one on line, just. (Q3 18:26)
Whitfield is also pinged for HTB 40m out on the flank, Mitchell also converts with the free. (Q3 20:14)
Franklin picks up a loose ball on the HFF, his snap skids just wide. (Q3 22:42)
Heeney’s chaos ball to the hotspot falls for Franklin to snap truly off the right, but the umps think it was touched off the boot, video review… ruled a goal! (Q3 24:42)
Correction, Mills not Heeney. (Q3 25:12)
A panicked Ward kick from congestion at the Swan hotspot to CHF is straight to Franklin, he shoots immediately…. just wide. (Q3 28:27)
Greene worries Marsh off a ground ball near the hotspot, butters up and misses off the left across the body. (Q4 0:44)
The Swans try to rebound around the outer wing but have no long targets, the small Giants swarm the ballcarrier and force the turnover, Scully to Greene who goals from 35m! (Q4 4:20)
McVeigh gives to Franklin after a stoppage at CHF for Sydney, he snaps truly from 40m! (Q4 5:50)
Scully roves a Lobb contest in the pocket and gives to Reid who screws a snap from off a step 30m out on the boundary… and squeezes it home! (Q4 7:34)
Kennedy runs away to advantage from a HTB free on Ward that Jack earned at half forward, he goals from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 12:19)
Greene mops up his own drop 25m out on the flank, breaks a tackle but misses off balance. (Q4 19:02)
Ward roves a contest near the hotspot and gives outside to Whitfield who slips as he kicks… but it falls in! That’s the sealer. (Q4 20:20)
Johnson roves a contest 20m out hard in the pocket, but hits the post. (Q4 22:37)
Patton marks at the top of the square in front of Rampe and goals to herald junk time for the last five minutes. (Q4 25:17)
Johnson wows the crowd with a grubber from a ball up 20m out on the flank, the Giants are back in town! (Q4 28:17)
Lobb to Hopper for a miss from 40m. (Q4 30:19)

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