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Blog log from R12 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R12 of 2016

Hot footy on the Dogs HFF in the first minute, Dahlhaus gets a push in the back by Pittard 40m out. He kicks the first goal, ugly but wobbles through. (Q1 1:32)
Dahlhaus receives the decision after Pittard gave away the in the back free. Luke lines up the set shot from 40 on the flank, and the former rookie goals! (Q1 2:02)
Robbie Gray passes to Impey 45m out on a slight angle on a fast rebound from halfback. Impey kicks OOTF. (Q1 3:17)
Stringer snaps off a step from 50m on a slight angle but that’s another wobbler and it goes into the behind post OOTF. (Q1 7:44)
Westhoff marks on the HFF, turns quickly and goes to the square where Robbie Gray marks behind Hunter and gets 50m for a late challenge to ensure the goal. (Q1 8:40)
Bontempelli screws through a lovely snap from the hotspot across the body for a goal after beating O’Shea to a ground ball and running away from him. (Q1 10:12)
Bontempelli marks in front of Stewart 45m out on the flank after Pittard’s rebound kick is aimless and turns over. The Bont hoofs it wide. (Q1 11:17)
Redpath marks 40m out on a slight angle after another failed Port rebound. He strokes through another goal to cement the Dogs jump. (Q1 12:43)
Port came into the game undermanned in their defence, and in blustery conditions their rebound kicks have been poor, leading to some easy entries for the Bulldogs. (Q1 13:43)
Hunter passes to Redpath near his last shot, bit further out and a bit more of an angle. But Redpath has no problem repeating the dose with another beauty! (Q1 14:28)
Trengove misses from a ball up near the hotspot. (Q1 17:17)
After Boyd is smothered at CHB, Wingard spins out of a Daniel challenge and kicks to the square for Neade to mark and goal. (Q1 18:43)
Biggs passes to the lead of Dickson 45m out on the flank in front of Stewart. He kicks truly as well, his first of the afternoon. (Q1 19:49)
Port stuffs around with it in the back half for an eternity but eventually rebounds, Neade is front and centre for a long ball to the hotspot and snaps truly. (Q1 23:43)
Neade catches Suckling in a tackle on the boundary 30m out, the ump calls an iffy HTB free but Neade centres and it doesn’t work. (Q1 26:46)
Hunter turns the ball over on the HBF, Westhoff gives to Impey who makes him pay with a snap from 35m on the flank. (Q1 28:53)
Williams passes to Redpath on the lead at 45m on a slight angle, nothing Pittard could do there. Again, he clunks a nice set shot for his third of the term! (Q1 30:24)
Young converts a set shot from 40m on a slight angle after Liberatore catches him high. (Q2 3:45)
Robbie Gray gives to Boak for a goal from a ball in 20m out in the pocket. (Q2 5:02)
Robbie Gray misses from heavy traffic near the hotspot. (Q2 11:06)
Broadbent misses a set shot from just outside the hotspot. (Q2 12:03)
Pittard is the next Power player to miss, this one a snap from the HFF. (Q2 17:05)
Suckling misses a similar snap up the other end. (Q2 19:28)
After a long period of Port attacks with no reward, Dickson marks 40m out on a slight angle and restores the Bulldog lead. (Q2 27:34)
Krakouer passes to Wingard on the boundary 40m out as Port continue their wave off attacks in Q3. His kick to the square falls in the breadbasket of Wines to goal 15m out. (Q3 2:29)
Byrne-Jones releases Hartlett to run away from the next centre bounce and hit Dixon at 25m on the flank to mark over an outpositioned Roberts. Dixon kicks truly. (Q3 4:14)
A rare inside 50 entry for the Dogs who are under siege, Honeychurch goes to Biggs at 45m on a slight angle, he converts to the relief of watching Doggy fans. (Q3 8:48)
The pattern since QT has been massive pressure forcing repeat entries for Port, but a lack of finishing quality meaning the Power aren’t getting much reward for dominance. (Q3 10:19)
Liberatore pulls a snap from a stoppage on the HFF off his left boot out of nowhere for a massive goal, Dogs back in front! (Q3 13:59)
Boyd flies down the wing, changes his mind at the last second and goes short off his left boot to Wallis at 40m on a slight angle. Wallis shanks it for a behind. (Q3 18:15)
Stringer roves his own contest to a quick ball to the hotspot and slams through another one for the Dogs! (Q3 20:25)
Morris delivers a hospital ball to CHB where three Power players are there to spoil Hunter and crumb, it’s Wingard who goals from the hotspot! (Q3 23:02)
Boak clears from the next centre bounce, Wingard is front and centre, he shoots off the left from the hotspot.. two in twenty seconds! (Q3 24:03)
Stringer busts open from a pack on the wing after a stoppage but misses from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 25:36)
Wingard gives to Westhoff forward of congestion on the wing, he’s in two minds and goes himself from 45m near the boundary.. well wide. (Q3 26:30)
Howard marks a Krakouer ball to 40m on a slight angle, and misses. (Q3 27:15)
Howard marks again just before the 3QT siren, a bit straighter but the same distance out. He makes no mistake this time. (Q3 30:31)
Dickson gives to Hunter to speed down the flank and goal from 25m to set up what looks like a cracking last quarter. (Q4 1:49)
Stringer, not Hunter. (Q4 1:49)
Daniel gives to Honeychurch for a snap off a step from 35m on the flank… that one wobbles through too! Bullies back in front! (Q4 3:40)
Stringer bursts through the centre and has no one in the square, he bombs long… bounces 5m out and over with a shepherd from Dickson! (Q4 4:55)
Krakouer misses a long range snap. (Q4 6:49)
Stewart spoils a Dickson kick to Dunkley at the hotspot but the kid butters up… and misses. (Q4 7:55)
Young runs onto a loose ball after a stoppage in the pocket but misses under heavy pressure while off balance. (Q4 9:13)
Dixon stands tall and takes a contested grab despite a strong challenge from behind by Roberts. He shoots from 25m out in the pocket, and goals! (Q4 10:58)
Honeychurch snaps from 30m on the flank, Polec dives… did he touch it off the boot before it bounced through for a goal? Video review says yes. (Q4 12:33)
Impey runs down the boundary and passes to Boak in front of Stringer on the behind line. His checkside is narrow. (Q4 14:04)
The Dogs rebound, Biggs passes to Dickson 45m out on a slight angle. Dickson misses. (Q4 14:04)
Daniel kicks quickly from a ball up at half forward to the square, Redpath wins a wrestle with Stewart to mark on the line and goal! 7:39 left, that was massive! (Q4 19:20)
Ebert marks over Boyd on the HFF, turns and runs away into an open forward line and shoots from 40m… it’s good! Port back within a kick! (Q4 23:20)
Wallis releases Daniel to run from the next centre bounce and passes to Bontempelli at the hotspot on the dive. The Bont goals, 4:46 to go! (Q4 24:21)
Wallis clears from the next centre bounce but eventually O’Shea kills the inside 50 by Picken to the pocket, throw in. (Q4 25:36)
Macrae kicks OOTF in the Dogs FP, Port rebounds. The clock ticks under 4:00. (Q4 26:05)
Roberts spoils a Neade ball to Dixon on the Port HFF, stoppage, 3:25. (Q4 26:35)
Free against Trengove for a push in ruck, a bit of tempo, 3:00. (Q4 27:04)
Westhoff is slung in a tackle on the Port HFF to prevent a score, Honeychurch marks on the wing and slows it down, broken play, ball up at CHF for the Bulldogs, 1:23. (Q4 28:35)
Liberatore to Daniel, Krakouer picks up in the BP and starts the rebound up the guts. Morris spoils Dixon at CHB but Ebert chops off on the wing. (Q4 29:35)
Broadbent chaos ball to the hotspot, Wingard roves, Young marks in the pocket 20m out and plays on, the ball sails very near the goalpost…. but through! 17 seconds left! (Q4 30:24)
Byrne-Jones clears from the centre bounce, big pack at half forward for Port, no one marks, ground battle, siren sounds! (Q4 31:18)

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