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Blog log from R11 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Sydney

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Sydney, R11 of 2016

McVeigh, Hannebery and then off to Franklin as the Swans have a rare opportunity to get a clean shot at goal.Lance fires, but from the paint of 50, he misses to the left hand side. (Q1 3:09)
Martin produces a howler of a pass coming out of defence, kicking it straight to Rohan. Gary accepts the gift and finishes the set shot from 25 on the slight! (Q1 3:52)
Marsh goes up the line to Franklin, who takes a strong contested mark on the wing region. He sends it long to Rohan, who marks unopposed. Gary misses from 35. (Q1 15:53)
Sexton receives the free kick after Jones infringes with illegal contact in the marking contest. From 20 on the slight angle, Alex makes no mistake! (Q1 18:01)
Miller handles the ground ball brilliantly, before flicking it off to the unmarked Davis. Ryan receives and snaps truly from 25! Two in a row for the previously under-siege Suns! (Q1 21:08)
Lonergan hits the ball at pace and receives the high contact free kick against McVeigh. Another set shot from the Suns, and Jesse sends through another from 35! (Q1 23:39)
Hall finds it off the deck and in one swift movement picks it up and snaps it goalward. His attempt bounces through to the near side from 45 on the flank region. (Q2 0:36)
Sinclair kicks a terrific goal as the Swans conjure one through scrapping it forward. Callum receives from Cunningham, and Sinclair snaps truly after no real smother attempt! (Q2 2:21)
Malceski turns it over with a hack out of the deep defensive line. To McVeigh it falls, but Jarryd can only conjure a minor score with his shot from 40 out. (Q2 4:37)
Lloyd sends the Swans back in front! Another hacked effort this time falls the way of young winger Jake, who marks uncontested. 25 out, he makes no mistake! (Q2 5:42)
Heeney sends it forward and picks out Franklin, allowing Lance to mark out ahead of May. The former Hawk spins and manages to dribble it home from the top of the square! (Q2 7:27)
Matera turns it over coming out of defence, managing to pick out Parker with his errant effort. Luke then found Rose out the back, and James finishes with ease from 25! (Q2 9:32)
Rohan flicks it off to Parker after the Swans forward pressure managed to force the turnover. Luke received and dribbled it through from the acute angle in the forward pocket! (Q2 14:07)
Sexton picks out Rosa by hand, and the former Eagle wastes little time in heading for home. His open play attempt misses to the far side via the 30 metre snap. (Q2 16:28)
Malceski sets it up to the top of the square and Ablett is the one to read it best off hands. Gary quickly throws it on the boot under a myriad of arms and legs, but hits the post. (Q2 17:41)
The Suns go forward once more through Rischitelli, hacking it long to the top of the square. Lynch leads Grundy toward the ball with huge work rate and Tom takes the mark.He goals! (Q2 20:28)
McGlynn produces a near miracle from the pocket, having run onto the bouncing pill and snapped for goal. The sharp angle lessened the likelihood of finishing, and he hits the post. (Q2 24:16)
The Swans hack it out of defence through Grundy, but the kick was poorly executed, falling in the arms of Rosa. Matt marks and lines up from 30 on the slight, finishing to aplomb! (Q3 2:06)
Hannebery to Jack to Franklin through the middle of Metricon, all by foot before Lance marked 45 out on the slight angle. Brilliant running by the former Hawk, but he misses. (Q3 12:55)
Mitchell slots a nice major in his fiftieth game! Prestia was unable to hold onto May’s flick pass, allowing Tom to gather, settle and snap truly from the forward pocket! (Q3 13:56)
The Swans win it at the stoppage and McGlynn is the recipient. Ben flicks it off to a charging Lance, but he misses the open play shot with a bouncing attempt from 60. (Q3 15:09)
Brooksby takes McGlynn high in the attempted tackle and the decision is paid, before Ben chips it short to the unmarked Jack. Kieran marks and goals from 35 on the slight! (Q3 17:56)
The Swans co-captain in Kieran Jack chips it over the top to Rose, allowing James to mark unopposed. From 40 on the flank, James kicks and a goal review has been called for… (Q3 20:43)
It appears to be touched on the line. The umpires call was a minor score and thus the decision was inconclusive, allowing for the minor score to be paid. (Q3 21:27)
The Swans speed it from end to end, and it enables Hannebery to bring it to ground and then fend off competitors as Rohan swoops. Gary made no mistake via the snap from 20! (Q4 6:33)
Miller spots Matera inside 50 and McVeigh clips him late, providing the 50 metre penalty for his Suns counterpart. From dead in front, point blank range, Brandon goals! (Q4 10:01)
Kennedy wins it at the coalface and goes long to the Kolodjashnij/Heeney contest. Isaac takes a tremendous contested grab and makes no mistake from directly in front, 20 out! (Q4 13:34)
Tippett picks out Parker inside 50, allowing the on-baller to mark unopposed. Luke lines up, boundary side, 40 out, and he provides a spectacular moment with a classic finish! (Q4 18:54)

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