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Blog log from R11 of 2016: Carlton vs Brisbane

Blog log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R11 of 2016

Rockliff passes to Hanley standing on his own 20m out on the flank after the Blues fail to rebound past CHB. The Irishman misses. (Q1 1:33)
Freeman marks on the boundary 30m out but centres, no score results. (Q1 3:21)
Walker rolls through a snap from the hotspot for a behind to open Carlton’s account. (Q1 5:05)
Not much scoring here, Brisbane has started brightly but its forward line is not particularly effective and they are getting no reward for effort. (Q1 11:36)
Freeman marks over Docherty near the boundary 25m out and hits the near goalpost, to the frustrated aahs of the Lion supporters. (Q1 13:50)
Lamb gives to Gibbs for a snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle on the end of a fast break from the wing, but Bryce slices it left. (Q1 15:37)
Robinson is pressured in the BP on the kick out, Armfield intercepts 45m out on a slight angle on the other side, he gives to Tuohy who finally sails through the first goal. (Q1 16:05)
Lamb has Walker over the back on a fast break caused by a Rockliff clanger up the other end, he marks 20m out in the pocket but misses. (Q1 17:54)
The Blues are pressured at halfback but maintain possession with Weitering and Plowman working hard, eventually Simpson runs down the HFF and gives to Cripps for a goal from 30m! (Q1 20:35)
Bastinac runs from a stoppage on the HFF and hits Schache in heavy traffic at 25m near the boundary. Schache misses right. (Q1 22:22)
Again the Blues kick around the key on attack, eventually Casboult marks a short Simpson ball to 40m on a slight angle and hoofs through his first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 25:06)
Brisbane is trying to play a high-possession game similar to Cats and Hawks of old, but the Blues have an ex-Hawthorn coach on their side. (Q1 26:06)
Armfield marks 45m out on a slight angle and kicks truly as the QT siren sounds. (Q1 26:32)
Tuohy intercepts Cutler’s rebound kick outside CHF for Carlton and goes quickly to Everitt 20m out on the flank. Andrejs misses. (Q2 2:11)
Christensen shanks a rebound kick straight to Docherty, he gives to Simpson who goes to Lamb to mark 25m out on the flank and goal. (Q2 3:48)
Keays marks a Taylor mongrel kick from the centre to CHF. He doesn’t score. (Q2 5:08)
Schache goes back with the flight and marks despite a heavy challenge from Plowman at the hotspot. He sprays it for a very disappointing behind. (Q2 9:18)
Cripps is pinged for deliberate OOTF 30m out, Robinson takes the free but his centring ball is marked by Carlton and cleared. (Q2 11:47)
The Blues rebound up the guts from that last play, with Wright going to Lamb over the back to run into the open goal. Sums up the Lions’ day so far, nothing going right. (Q2 12:42)
Martin marks on the flank 40m out and gives to Zorko whose snap goes wide, ruled a behind not a mark. (Q2 14:16)
Plowman taps the crumb from a long West bomb to the hotspot behind him but straight to the first gamer Jansen who finally kicks the first Brisbane goal! (Q2 15:34)
Zorko hits the post from a running snap from 40m on the flank. (Q2 17:50)
Wright roves an Armfield contest on the HFF but two Lions monster him, Armfield takes the advantage from the in the back free to goal from 25m. (Q2 18:49)
Gorringe marks 35m out on the flank and tries a screwing snap, but kicks it OOTF on the opposite side. (Q2 24:16)
Wright pokes a short ball to Kerridge who leaps in front of Rich and marks just inside 50m on the flank. He tries a pass that doesn’t come off, Lions clear. (Q2 24:51)
Cripps squeaks in a set shot from 40m on a slight angle to further blow out the Blue lead. (Q2 27:05)
Freeman draws a free sitting under a long Robinson ball to 45m on a slight angle, White was out of position and couldn’t help but make illegal contact. Freeman goals! (Q3 1:21)
Zorko runs free down the wing and hits Cutler running back with the flight near the hotspot, Docherty just two strides away. Cutler kicks truly. (Q3 4:21)
Gorringe threads the needle with a set shot from near the boundary 30m out after Merrett is pinged for a holding free. (Q3 14:50)
Quick centre clearance from Robertson to the hotspot, Schache contests, the crumb falls over the back for Keays to volley home from 15m. (Q3 15:50)
Rich leaps and takes a contested grab in a Blue sandwich from a Rockliff pass to 40m on a slight angle. Forkie goals to continue the Lion resurgence. (Q3 18:09)
Rowe marks a Robinson ball on the lead to 45m on a slight angle. He delivers a quality finish for his first goal. (Q3 20:28)
Correction, the goal assist pass was from Cripps. (Q3 21:18)
White roves a Lamb contest and goes to Armfield in the pocket, he centres to Kerridge near the hotspot. Kerridge makes no mistake. (Q3 25:15)
Byrne runs through the middle on a rebound from halfback that he started, and hits Lamb at 35m on a slight angle. The goal umpire does not move, another one for Carlton. (Q3 28:58)
Wright converts a set shot from 30m on the flank to kick off Q4 junk time, after Robinson caught him high. (Q4 1:20)
Docherty picks up a loose ball at CHB and charges forward, he has Walker over the back but his snap from the hotspot bounces wide, mystifyingly. (Q4 3:00)
Curnow tries a checkside set shot from the boundary 25m out and squeezes it in! (Q4 5:20)
Rich volleys a loose ball from 40m out in the corridor, no one in the square and it just barely dribbles over the line. (Q4 8:23)
Schache passes to Bell near the boundary 40m out. The Blue faithful give him some hoots as he walks in… then cheer when he misses. (Q4 12:08)
Antoher fast break for Carlton, Lamb gives Wright a Joe the Goose special to give the fans something more to cheer about. (Q4 13:49)
Rockliff bounces through a junk time goal from a big pack near the hotspot. (Q4 15:40)
Martin goals with a snap while lying on the ground from 15m. (Q4 19:26)
Schache goals from the top of the square after marking outside CHF and getting a 50m penalty for encroachment. (Q4 23:25)
Gorringe juggles a mark in a pack at the hotspot after White gets a ruck free at the next centre bounce and bombs long. He misses. (Q4 24:56)
Armfield snaps a goal from 40m on a slight angle after both sides exchange turnovers in midfield. (Q4 28:27)
Zorko misses a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 29:46)
Zorko misses a set shot from 30m on the flank as the final siren sounds. (Q4 31:28)

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