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Blog log from R10 of 2016: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2016

Scully kicks into Jenkins running past obliviously in the centre, big Josh gathers and hits Walker on the quick counter 50m out on a slight angle. Tex hits the post. (Q1 0:59)
Walker is over the back on his own to gather the crumb from a McGovern contest at half forward, run to the hotspot and grubber the first goal. (Q1 7:42)
McGovern gathers a ground ball at half forward after the next centre bounce and passes low and hard to Walker 40m out in the corridor, Patfull again outpositioned. Tex goals again! (Q1 8:59)
Milera roves a Betts/Shaw contest deep in the pocket and snaps lackadaisically for a behind from near the behind post. (Q1 10:30)
Hartigan passes to Lyons 45m out on the flank on the end of a switch play from one HFF to the other. Lobb marks in relief in the square, GWS clears. (Q1 12:56)
Lynch goes long from the wing to the corridor for Betts leading up to 40m, he is spoiled but the ump picks out an arm chop free against Brown. Eddie misses. (Q1 15:07)
Shiel’s kick from the HBF is smothered, Lyons mops up and delivers a lovely pass to Walker at the hotspot. Tex misses. (Q1 17:00)
Three on three for a ground ball on the Giants HFF, the orange horde work through the defence with handball and body contact, Whitfield gives to Greene to snap the goal from 25m. (Q1 20:10)
GWS run through midfield and prepare to swarm inside 50 but the ump sees a downfield free to Cameron for a hold by Tali near the hotspot. Cameron goals, Giants back within a kick! (Q1 21:40)
Lyons is front and centre for a McGovern contest to a Smith ball 40m out in the corridor, he snaps instinctively off the right boot and it bounces through for his first goal. (Q1 24:01)
McGovern marks 25m out on the flank, leading Shaw to give his teammates a spray for not working hard enough to get back in defence. But the kid misses. (Q1 26:39)
Walker has a set shot from 50m on a slight angle after marking a short Thompson ball from a scrimmage, that’s his range and he sails through his third major of Q1! (Q1 27:43)
Cameron speeds away from the next centre bounce and hits Lynch leading back 30m out on the flank just before the QT siren. Lynch misses. (Q1 28:44)
Lyons hits the post with a snap from congestion near CHF. (Q2 4:13)
Kelly marks 50m out on the flank and goes back for the set shot with confidence… and bangs it straight through! (Q2 4:59)
Lynch marks unopposed 35m out on a slight angle, his set shot starts on line but slices right for a behind. (Q2 7:20)
The Crows swarm the Giants in midfield to force a turnover, Jacobs goes long, Haynes spoils Jenkins but Jenkins is able to regather and give to Milera for the goal from 5m! (Q2 10:41)
Steele has Mumford over the back on a fast break, but Mumford manages to slam the footy into the goalpost from 15m! Oh dear. (Q2 12:14)
Tomlinson gets 50m to take him from the centre to the hotspot, on Charlie Cameron for encroachment. Tomlinson kicks truly. (Q2 12:58)
Seedsman misses a tough snap from the boundary 40m out. (Q2 14:53)
Lyons gives to Brown for a snap off a step from 50m on a slight angle… just wide. (Q2 16:12)
Scully has Steele on his own 20m out on the flank after both sides exchange turnovers in midfield. Steele steers it through for his first goal of the evening. (Q2 17:41)
Betts marks unopposed in the pocket, runs around and screws through a quality finish to kick the Crows back out again. (Q2 21:25)
Betts speeds away from a ball up on the wing and hits Charlie Cameron 40m out in the corridor in front of Kennedy. Cameron’s set shot wobbles near the post… ruled a point. (Q2 24:12)
Johnson goes long from half forward and hits Shiel near the behind line but Lever pushes him in the back, easy decision for the ump to pay 50m and ensure the goal. (Q2 27:12)
Shiel sits under a long Kelly ball to the pocket, he’s spoiled but regathers on the ground and gives out to Hopper to goal from 15m! (Q2 30:23)
Red time goals to the orange crush, big scores in a low scoring affair. (Q2 30:23)
Jenkins picks up the loose ball after smothering Whitfield at the top of the square, and gives to Walker who spins and goals off his left boot. (Q3 1:51)
Shaw turns the ball over by hand on the wing, the Crows work it around the outer side, Henderson finding Sloane at 45m on the flank. Rory clears the pack on the line for a goal! (Q3 4:21)
Lynch gives to Betts who misses a relatively easy snap across the body from 15m on the flank. (Q3 5:37)
Walker marks 45m out on a slight angle after the Giants fumble and turn it over on a rebound through the guts. Tex’s set shot doesn’t make the distance, Giants clear. (Q3 7:22)
Smith starts a rebound from defence, long ball from the HFF to the hotspot looks to be rebounded but the ump sees Shaw scragging Betts off the ball, free and goal to Adelaide! (Q3 9:34)
Lyons goes long from the wing to Betts versus Shaw, Betts has the sit and uses the body to mark 30m out on the flank. Eddie goals, Crows are kicking away now! (Q3 17:33)
Shiel receives from Coniglio and puts the first score on the board for Q3 with a snap from 50m on a slight angle… wobbles through for a goal! (Q3 19:48)
Betts produces one of the goals of the year with a gather, baulk, jink, step and screwing snap from 40m on the boundary to give the home crowd the entertainment they crave! (Q3 23:58)
Charlie Cameron bursts through the next centre bounce to rove, run to CHF and chip a short ball to Walker near the hotspot, Tex goals, Adelaide in control! (Q3 24:54)
Lyons goes long after the next centre bounce, Jenkins beats Haynes to mark at the hotspot and kick another goal! (Q3 27:11)
McGovern marks on the lead just inside CHF after the Giants again can’t rebound past the wing. The 3QT siren sounds, McGovern walks in and squeezes in Crow goal number 8 for Q3! (Q3 31:26)
Lobb marks a Coniglio ball in front of two Crows at the top of the square for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 0:41)
Lobb misses a very low percentage snap under pressure from 35m on the boundary. (Q4 3:05)
Scully gathers a long ball that goes to ground from Lobb to the hotspot, he snaps wide but gets a free for Henderson pushing him in the back. Scully goals the second time. (Q4 6:32)
Tomlinson passes to Jeremy Cameron just inside 50m on the flank, he looks inside but has to go back for the set shot. Cameron misses. (Q4 9:24)
Greene baulks and snaps truly from 25m in the pocket with a checkside to the boos of the Crow crowd, after a HTB free against Palmer to van Berlo to start an attack. (Q4 15:17)
Correction, it was a holding the man free to Palmer on van Berlo. (Q4 15:50)
Kelly pokes a very short pass from the HFF to Scully 35m out on a slight angle. He makes no mistake, 7:37 left and four kicks in it, it’s still possible! (Q4 17:06)
Patfull gets pinged for deliberate OOB under heavy pressure from Walker 25m out, red hot it was. Tex misses. (Q4 18:48)
Wilson’s kick in is OOTF 50m out, Atkins bombs it back in, Sloane roves and gives to Lynch for a miss. (Q4 19:32)
Smith passes to Lynch at the hotspot, he gives to Douglas running past but the kick goes well wide, that was a butchery! (Q4 22:19)
Shiel roves and shoots from 45m on a slight angle, but he doesn’t get the bounce, just wide. (Q4 22:48)
Kelly gives to Green near the hotspot, he dropkicks a grubber through Cheney’s legs, it’s straight but was it touched on the way through? Video review… ruled a goal. (Q4 25:33)
3:22 at the next bounce, three goals needed. Tough ask! (Q4 26:03)
Smith roves Mumford at the next centre bounce, eventually it’s out for a throw in on the Crow HFF. (Q4 27:04)
The Giants rebound up the guts, Jeremy Cameron marks at CHF and goes short to Scully 40m out in the corridor. Scully’s set shot drops on the line… ruled a touched behind! (Q4 28:49)
A lull as Kennedy is assessed after falling on his head. (Q4 30:34)
Betts goals from point blank range after gathering a Jenkins ball under a Haynes tackle, turning and somehow getting boot to ball with a piece of party trick acrobatics! (Q4 34:49)

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