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Blog log from R9 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R9 of 2016

Jamie Cripps kicks the first of the game! Jamie found it at ground level as Kennedy forced it to the deck. Jamie settled and finished from 20 on the slight! (Q1 1:20)
Lycett lines up the set shot from the boundary side 45 metres out after taking the leading mark. His set shot misses to the near side. (Q1 6:21)
The Power go coast to coast, with Gray winning it off the contest and moving it further afield. Neade receives and over the top to Young, who finishes from 20! (Q1 7:12)
Neade moves the Power inside 50 again, with Jake finding Westhoff through the dribbled effort. Justin flicked it over the top to Young, who finishes another from close range! (Q1 9:06)
Hurn produces a 60 metre bullet pass, allowing the Eagles to speed it forward unattended. Eventually Yeo is found out the back from Hutchings, and Elliot finishes with ease! (Q1 11:08)
Cripps finds Kennedy on the lead ahead of Hombsch with a brilliantly delivered drop punt. From 35, boundary side, Josh makes no mistake with the snap attempt! (Q1 18:09)
Impey receives the high contact in the attempted tackle, and the free kick is paid to the defender come forward. Jarman lines up from 40 on the slight, but pulls it. (Q1 20:21)
The Power turn it over with a strong forward press. Young received, powered away, then drew Wingard’s man. He flicked it over the top to Chad, who finished with ease! (Q1 21:37)
Darling to Masten who drilled in a low effort to the leading Kennedy, marking out ahead of Hombsch. 35 out on the flank, Josh slots his second from the set shot attempt! (Q1 25:23)
Cripps chips it over the top to Lycett who marks deep in the pocket, after the Eagles took advantage from the free kick. Scott misses poorly to the near side from the set shot. (Q1 28:32)
Shuey to Gaff who whacked it forward, with Kennedy opportunistically speeding onto the dropping pill and taking the grab. From 45 on the acute angle, Josh has his third! (Q1 31:18)
Pittard to Westhoff who set it up to the top of the square. The former Sun, Dixon, flew in from the side and took a terrific contested grab. Charlie finished from close range! (Q2 1:47)
Shuey receives the free kick for high contact against Broadbent in the attempted tackle. Luke lines up the set shot and hammers it through from 45 on the slight! (Q2 4:20)
Kennedy gets out the back as the Eagles go long to the top of the pack. Out the back it bounces and Josh predicted well, grabbing the ground ball and finishing from close range! (Q2 7:50)
The Eagles move forward once again, with Kennedy finding it at ground level and then darting in an effort to the leading Lycett. From 35 on the flank, Scott nabs another! (Q2 17:06)
Trengove finds it through the middle and begun the chain. Eventually Wingard punted an effort to the hard running Hartlett, who marked 40 out. Hamish finished truly! (Q2 21:31)
Hombsch gives away the free kick to Kennedy for holding in the marking contest, pulling down his right arm. From 40, directly in front, he slots his fifth of the day! (Q2 24:21)
Ebert gives away the free kick and then the 50 metre penalty for verbal abuse. Wellingham receives the free, but misses the 40 metre set shot to the left hand side. (Q2 28:08)
Pittard turns it over in the forward half, enabling the Eagles to have a quick breakaway. It ends with Lycett receiving out the back and sending through his second! (Q3 2:05)
Jared Polec manages to run through the half forward flank unopposed and pick out an unmarked Young at the top of the square. No pressure applied by the Eagles, as Aaron goals! (Q3 5:20)
Polec infringes on Redden, as he clips the former Lion across the ears in the marking contest. Jack kicks from the paint, but misses poorly to the near side. (Q3 8:05)
Young finds it at ground level and flicks it off to an unmarked Gray. Robbie immediately sets home for goal, 40 out on the flank, but pulls his opportunity to the near side. (Q3 14:05)
Wines hits the ball at pace, but can’t manage to screw his kick accurately out of the congestion, missing to the right hand side. (Q3 14:58)
Jonas produced a huge late hit on Gaff, that is certain to see him get weeks for that ghastly attempt at a ‘spoil’.After a large delay in which Andrew is assisted from the field… (Q3 19:16)
Josh Hill slots the major from point blank range to extend the margin to a game high 30 point margin! (Q3 19:45)
Pittard whacks it in long as he provides drive from the half back flank to the wing, sending it in Dixon’s zone. Charlie takes a terrific grab, but misses from 45 on the flank. (Q3 20:47)
The Eagles then steam forward from that minor score, with Cripps chipping over the top to LeCras. Mark takes the grab unattended inside 50, but he misses the set shot. (Q3 22:17)
Kennedy has his sixth of the day! The Eagles sped through the corridor unmarked, the play finishing with Cripps finding Josh unattended. He slot it from close range! (Q3 26:17)
Hartlett sends the pill inside 50 and Dixon takes another strong mark, hitting the ball at pace. From 40 on the flank, Charlie sends through his second for the day! (Q3 28:02)
Wingard takes the grab, swings around and picks out the hard working Ebert with a picture perfect delivery. Brad lines up from 45 on the slight and sends it through! (Q3 30:17)
Westhoff makes it 3 in a row for the Power just a minute before the 3 quarter time siren! Justin found it at ground level and snapped truly with a topsy-turvy effort from 25! (Q3 33:14)
Krakouer squeezes the kick under his Eagles counterpart, and manages to pick out the unopposed Young. From 35 on the sharp angle, he misses to the near side. (Q4 2:57)
Hutchings produces a fantastic kick over the top to Hill. Hill marks and flicks it further afield to Cripps. Jamie receives by hand and dribbles it through from 25! (Q4 5:58)
Yeo receives the free kick for hands in the back. Shooting from deep in the pocket, Elliot lines up the set shot but just misses to the far side. (Q4 10:30)
Impey dribbles it to the graceful Wingard. Chad gathers and goes for home from the best part of 60 metres, but he misses to the near side. (Q4 11:27)
The Eagles stream it from coast to coast and it ends with Kennedy’s seventh! He turns Hombsch inside out with phenomenal agility, before finishing from point blank! (Q4 11:58)
Wingard kicks one in vein, adding to his ever increasing highlight reel. Chad found it at ground level, sped past three, diverted into the corridor and finished from close range! (Q4 13:43)
Polec adds another to the scorecard! Dixon flicked it off to Boak, who in turn belted it out of congestion to the unmarked winger. Jared trots in and goals! (Q4 18:44)
Neade hits it up to the hotspot and Wingard stands under it, cops the contact and takes the brilliant contested grab. From 30 out, directly in front, Chad sends it through! (Q4 21:44)
Young sends through another as the clock ticks down to the final siren. Sheppard turns it over by hand, straight into the path of Aaron. Aaron spins and sends through his fourth! (Q4 30:15)

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