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Blog log from R7 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R7 of 2016

Adams misses an uncontested mark, allowing Walker to get out the back and find Jenkins unattended. From 25 on the slight, Josh sends through the first! (Q1 1:36)
Dickson receives the free kick, deep in the forward pocket, after Cheney pulled him down to the ground in the marking contest. Tory slots the snap effort! (Q1 4:51)
Roberts turns it over under pressure, straight into the hands of Lynch. Tom quickly snaps for goal, but misses to the right over a number of flailing arms. (Q1 6:23)
Thompson turns it over deep in defence. Morris gathered and through a chain of handballs, Liberatore finished to aplomb from 40! (Q1 7:52)
The Crows get the quick reply! From the clearance, the Crows sped it forward and it fell the way of Lynch after Roberts was unable to force it forward. Tom finished from 30! (Q1 9:10)
Douglas gets his second chance in a minute, via the pinpoint bullet from the boot of Mackay. From 45, directly in front, Richard misses to the right hand side. (Q1 13:15)
Stringer provides an early one for the highlight reel. Jake finds it on the ground and bulldozes through a couple, before relinquishing a beautiful snap off the right peg from 30! (Q1 17:35)
Amazing goal! Stringer keeps it in play twice from difficult situations, before flicking it directly onto the boot of Daniel. It hits and through it goes! (Q1 17:35)
McLean pushes it forward and Campbell makes a strong fly ahead of Hartigan, taking a quality mark. From 40 on the flank, he pulls it to the near side. (Q1 20:16)
This time Bontempelli is the recipient of the turnover, and Marcus darts in a picture perfect pass to the leading Redpath. From 40 on the flank, Jack goals! (Q1 20:16)
Campbell takes another strong contested grab, this time out ahead of Jacobs. From 45 on the flank, again Tom misses to the near side. (Q1 21:36)
Macrae loses the 50/50 ball on the half forward flank, and it enables Cameron to search inside and find McGovern unopposed. From 30, Mitch misses poorly. (Q1 26:09)
Bontempelli provides a thumping kick onto the chest of Stringer, after Roughead started the play with a fantastic contested mark. Jake hands it off to Dickson, who goals! (Q1 26:09)
Hunter finds Wallis, unmarked just 40 metres out on the slight angle, within the first 40 seconds of the second term.Mitch goes back and slots the goal for the Dogs fifth in a row! (Q2 0:17)
Wood goes long to the Stringer/Hartigan matchup and Jake pushes out Kyle, before taking the chest mark. From 30 on the slight, Jake nabs his second! (Q2 1:47)
The Crows use it from one side to the other, managing to pick out Atkins. Rory blazes away from 60 out, but misses the goal by a fair margin. (Q2 5:31)
Taylor Walker finds it at ground level, feeding it inside to Cameron. Charlie charges towards goal and slots the major from 40! (Q2 7:33)
Walker again provides the goal assist, managing to quickly pick out Jenkins running back toward goal. Josh slots the goal from point blank range! (Q2 9:18)
Dahlhaus takes it out of the contest and drops it short into the arms of the leading McLean. Quick thinking allowed for this mark, but Toby sprays the shot from 40 to the right. (Q2 11:17)
The Bulldogs stream forward once more, with repeated inside 50 entries. Eventually Daniel heads for home from 50, but manages to pick out the post for a minor score. (Q2 14:47)
Smith picks out Lynch after Daniel could only fumble the ball on the Crows half forward line. Tom lines up the set shot from 45 on the flank, and the former Saint goals! (Q2 18:33)
Douglas chips it in short to Jenkins, who marks on the lead as the Crows win it outside of the stoppage once more. Josh kicks from outside 50 and makes it 4 in a row! (Q2 20:17)
Npw its the Dogs term to venture forward, via the quick clearance win, falling in the hands of Redpath. Jack lines up from 55 on the slight and he hammers it straight through! (Q2 22:02)
Dale wins a free kick for high contact in the forward stoppage. From 50 on the flank, young Bailey misses to the far side for a minor score. (Q2 25:45)
The Bulldogs begin the half with a fantastic major! Out of the middle the Dogs speed, releasing Daniel via the Dahlhaus handball. Caleb ran through to 40 and finished! (Q3 0:09)
The Crows have the chance to reply with speed, winning the ball at the coalface and Cameron finding Lynch with the short dab. From 50, Tom sends through his third! (Q3 1:37)
Betts produces an incredible spin and pickup in the one swift move, leaving the Dogs dead on their feet before flicking it off to Jenkins. Josh receives and goals! (Q3 3:09)
Jacobs whacks it straight out of the stoppage by boot, and his quick kick finds Jenkins waiting out the back, behind Adams. From 40 on the slight, Josh has his fifth! (Q3 4:37)
Atkins gathers in the heat of the action and moves it wide to the eagerly awaiting Jacobs. Sam receives on the bounce and punches it through from 30! (Q3 8:17)
Stringer takes a screamer over the top of Lever, although whether he held it long enough will be up for debate. He goes back and sends it through from 50 on the flank! (Q3 10:01)
Wallis with the clearance, Stringer found it at ground level, off to Dale. Bailey receives and slithers it home with a tumbler from 20! (Q3 10:01)
Two in a minute is a huge reply for the Dogs, as the Crows continue to push! (Q3 10:01)
Picken takes a strong contested grab as the Dogs swing forward once more. Liam lines up the shot from 45 on the sharp angle, and misses to the near side. (Q3 14:50)
Crouch turns it over under pressure, straight into the hands of the quality user in Dale, who spots up McLean unopposed. Toby trots in and misses to the left from 45. (Q3 14:50)
Liberatore goes long to Roughead after Adams won his one on one opposed to Taylor. Roughead brings it to ground and Bontempelli plays the role of the rover, finishing from 20! (Q3 18:29)
Macrae flicks it off to Liberatore, who throws it on the boot in a rather ugly fashion, pulling it to the near side from 30. (Q3 20:05)
McGovern spots up Atkins, running hard back into forward 50 ahead of the wrecked Daniel. From 45 on the slight, Rory goes back and hammers it home! (Q3 22:06)
Dickson receives out of congestion and sends it goalward with a thumper from 55, but he bounces it to the right hand side for a minor score. (Q3 23:53)
Smith produces a phenomenal defence splitting pass. The pass allowed McGovern to take the mark and asses the options before finding Jenkins at the top of the square. Josh goals! (Q3 25:39)
The Dogs win another centre clearance, and it pays huge dividends with Stringer marking and then finding Redpath on the lead. Jack marks and kicks from 35, slotting another! (Q3 27:25)
STRINGER! Picken marks it on the half forward flank as the hacked effort fell Liam’s way. He flicked it off to Jake, who whacked it all of 55 metres straight through the middle! (Q4 1:16)
Picken to Bontempelli and then inside to Wallis, all by hand. Mitch perhaps had a moment to settle, but he didn’t take it and missed the effort to the far side on the snap from 25. (Q4 3:01)
Biggs gives away the free kick to Sloane after holding off the ball. Rory goes back and hammers it home from point blank range for the reply! (Q4 3:01)
McGovern wins it at ground level after Wood could only manage to bring it to ground. Mitch belts it down the throat of Jenkins, who marks 30 out for goal. He has his seventh! (Q4 4:26)
Cameron finds it at ground level and hands it off to Betts. Eddie has a rare sight at goal, but misses from 40 to the left hand side. (Q4 6:33)
Jacobs gives away the free kick and then 50 metre penalty for not giving the ball back quickly enough. It allows Boyd to find Dickson, and Tory goals from 45 on the flank! (Q4 9:46)
Walker takes a high flying mark just 20 metres out from goal over the top of Liberatore. McGovern provided the central pass, and Taylor makes it count with a major! (Q4 10:46)
Cameron reads it off the pack, and Charlie wastes little time in snapping truly from the pocket. Adcock was harshly adjudged to deliberately have taken it out of bounds just prior. (Q4 13:52)
Biggs darts it into the leading Bontempelli, and Marcus takes the grab out ahead of the former Hawk in Cheney. From 45 on the flank, he pulls it poorly to the far side. (Q4 15:47)
Dale receives the free kick for high contact in the attempted tackle against the Crows veteran, Scott Thompson. From 45, boundary side, Bailey grabs a minor score. (Q4 25:12)
The Crows go COAST TO COAST! Betts marks out the back and flicks it further to Jenkins. Josh receives and hammers home his eighth! (Q4 25:12)
Dale manages to find Bontempelli pounding at pace through the corridor, with Marcus taking the grab. From 45 on the slight, Marcus goals! (Q4 26:42)
Dale influence the contest once more, taking the grab from the Roughead clearance win. The siren sounds as Bailey slams it through the middle! The DOGS are home! (Q4 28:02)

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