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Blog log from R6 of 2016: Geelong vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Geelong vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2016

From the throw in, deep in the forward pocket, it is Cockatoo first to pounce on the loose footy. Nakia grabs it in one hand and snaps truly to open the scoring! (Q1 2:27)
Touk Miller dart in an effort to Lynch, and Lonergan gives away the free kick for holding off the ball. Tom goes back and goals from 30! (Q1 2:27)
Menzel finds the footy after the Suns turned it over out of defence. Daniel settles on the shot via the open play opportunity, but hooks it to the far side from 30. (Q1 5:28)
Selwood takes a terrific mark over first gamer Willis. Joel moves it quickly to Duncan, who wastes little time in dribbling it home from 50! Terrific play by the captain! (Q1 11:36)
The Suns key man, Lynch, finds another free kick after Lonergan held him illegally in the marking contest. From 25, Tom goals from dead in front for his second of the night! (Q1 12:58)
Guthrie darts in an effort to Selwood, who marks on the short lead. Joel will kick from 55, and he has no trouble with the distance but pulls it to the left hand side. (Q1 17:39)
Henderson goes long to the Hawkins/x matchup and Tom takes the predictable grab. Tom chips it short to Motlop, who goals from 30! (Q1 17:39)
Kersten kicks a major after a terrific smother was made from the Martin kick. The ball pops out to Shane, who hammers it home from close range ahead of Willis’ hands! (Q1 22:43)
Cameron marks on the lead ahead of Lonergan via his namesakes pass, Jesse. Clay trots in and makes the most of the opportunity from 40 on the flank! (Q1 24:22)
Dangerfield grabs it out of the forward stoppage and tries to burst through, akin to a raging bull. It took two Suns to slow his attempts, leading to a minor score from 20. (Q1 29:12)
Motlop gathers at ground level after Wright pushed it out the back. Steven has little trouble in slotting the major from the pocket! (Q1 29:12)
Menzel receives out the back as the Cats swing it forward with ease. Receiving out the back, Daniel turns and goals from 20! (Q2 2:40)
Menzel receives out the back as the Cats swing it forward with ease. Receiving out the back, Daniel turns and goals from 20! (Q2 3:55)
Sexton finds it deep in the forward pocket and links up with Grant before receiving back. Alex finishes from close range! (Q2 3:55)
Motlop has his third of the night. The Cats number 32 marks just inside the 50. He assesses the options and decides to shoot for goal. After much deliberation a goal is paid! (Q2 7:10)
Cockatoo kicks his second of the contest as the Cats begin to runaway with the match. From 35, Nakia slots the major via another inside 50 mark. (Q2 8:46)
The Cats stream forward once more and Caddy is the one to find Kersten on the lead ahead of his undersized opponent in Harbrow. Shane misses to the far side from 40. (Q2 10:01)
Long bomb comes in via the boot of Caddy, allowing Vardy to take a brilliant contested mark against the undersized Suns. Nathan steers it home from close range! (Q2 13:13)
Menzel drills a delivery into the leading Hawkins, and Tom takes a fantastic mark at full pace. From 35 on the sharp angle, Tom slots the major! (Q2 14:55)
Cockatoo finds another incredible darting delivery to the forward standing Hawkins, who marks out ahead of Schade. He drags it to the near side from the sharp angle. (Q2 16:26)
The Cats flow forward once more and Menzel takes a brilliant mark flying ahead of Willis. From 40 on the sharp angle, he misses to the far side. (Q2 18:03)
Hall turns it over horribly coming out of defensive 50, managing to pick out Kersten on the fat side. Shane lines up from 45 on the flank and slots the set shot! (Q2 19:43)
The Suns find themselves with a rare forward 50 entry. They work the pill forward through Wright’s fist, allowing Sexton to run onto it and goal from 20! (Q2 22:56)
Sexton finds it off the deck and is pushed into an effort, but his soccer shot misses to the left hand side from point blank range. (Q2 24:41)
Selwood to Dangerfield who bombs it in long to the undersized Schade and Smith, with the expected result occurring. From 40, Zac misses to the far side. (Q2 28:27)
Motlop’s attempted rush is thrown through, giving away a simple free shot for Harbrow directly in front. Jarrod makes no mistake! (Q3 0:55)
Kersten found it at ground level after Cockatoo worked it forward with a brilliant second effort. Shane gathered at pace and snapped truly from 25! (Q3 2:32)
Smith takes it out of the middle and sprints away before finding Dangerfield on the lead, 40 metres out on the flank. Patrick leans back and misses to the near side. (Q3 3:30)
Day turns it over horribly, straight to Kersten, who wasted little time in finding Hawkins unopposed at the top of the square. Tom slots his second with the regulation set shot! (Q3 5:02)
Selwood force the turnover with supreme pressure on Rosa, allowing an opportunity for Motlop to find Kersten running back to goal. From 55, he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 6:33)
Ablett turns it over through the corridor, directly to his former teammate in Motlop. Steven settles on the shot and misses to the near side from 25. (Q3 8:10)
Turnover from the kick-in and the Cats make them pay! Kolodjashnij attempts to move it through the corridor but missed the target, allowing Cockatoo to pounce and goal! (Q3 9:38)
Motlop moves it wide to the ever running Dangerfield, and Patrick takes full advantage of the space he had. The former Crow ran through to the arc and hammered it home! (Q3 10:43)
McCarthy shepherds allowing Kersten to run onto the loose ball. Shane then flicks it back to the hard working Lincoln, who snaps to the near side from the pocket. (Q3 12:03)
Dangerfield receives right in the thick of congestion, but he misses to the left hand side from the forward throw in, deep in the pocket. (Q3 17:02)
Duncan finds Hawkins on the lead with a perfectly weighted pass, allowing Tom to take it ahead of Schade. From 40 on the sharp angle, he misses to the near side. (Q3 17:02)
Malceski gives away the free kick for high contact in the attempted tackle on Selwood. From 25, Joel slots another major to the roar of the Cats faithful! (Q3 20:01)
The former Blue Henderson wins it at the coalface and moves it out wide to the unopposed Dangerfield. He finds Hawkins, who centres to Lang. Darcy goals from 25! (Q3 24:59)
Smith finds it off the deck after the Cats flow forward once more. Zac’s agility was on show, moving out of pressure with one sidestep and he finished to aplomb from 30! (Q3 27:59)
Lang takes advantage of the Hawkins free kick, running on as the ball bounced out the back and slotting through the first of the fourth from close range! (Q4 0:22)
Selwood goes long to Bartel who takes an uncontested mark ahead of the desperate Lynch. From 30 on the slight, Jimmy hits the post. (Q4 2:01)
Hawkins receives the free kick after Lynch dived on the pill, with the holding the ball free kick paid his way. Tom slots it from 55 on the flank! (Q4 7:02)
The Cats waltz it out of the centre of the ground once more, and Hawkins is the recipient of the brilliant service his midfielders are delivering. From 40 on the slight, he goals! (Q4 8:46)
Mitch Duncan gives away the 50 metre penalty for encroaching on the mark, which allows Lemmens to goal from 25. Slight consolation for the poor Suns! (Q4 10:16)
Kersten chips it forward and Caddy takes the uncontested mark, the former Sun himself. Josh lines up from 50 on the flank, and he sends it through to rapturous applause! (Q4 18:44)
Davis slaps it away from the chasing Taylor, into the hands of Malceski. Nick gathers and shoots from the sharp angle, 40 out. He misses to the near side. (Q4 18:44)
Caddy has another to his name as the Cats speed it end to end. Selwood takes the uncontested mark from the long bomb and flicks it off to Josh, who goals from point blank! (Q4 20:31)
Dangerfield finds it out the back as the Cats again move it forward with ease. Patrick pushes off his opponent, grabs the ball and snaps with ease from close range! (Q4 22:02)
Caddy is found in acres of space after the Suns turned it over from the kick-in once more, the pass coming from the boot of Bews. From 45 on the flank, he misses. (Q4 25:17)
The Suns have a rare foray forward and it ends with Hall, speeding through the corridor and heading for goal from 55. His shot bounces through for a minor score. (Q4 27:53)
Cameron receives a 50 metre penalty, and Clay will line up from 25 on the slight. He misses to compound the misery of the night! (Q4 27:53)
In turn, the Cats speed it from end to end and its finalised with Duncan finding Hawkins. Tom flicks it off to Kersten, who sends through another! (Q4 27:53)

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