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Blog log from R6 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R6 of 2016

Hodge goes long to the Kennedy/Puopolo matchup and Paul receives the free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest. From 45 on the flank, the Italian-Aussie goals! (Q1 3:35)
Hodge goes long to the Kennedy/Puopolo matchup and Paul receives the free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest. From 45 on the flank, the Italian-Aussie goals! (Q1 4:40)
Frawley whacks it forward, rather than boundary side, allowing Shiel to gather. He flicks it off to Greene and then off to Lobb, who goals from point blank range! (Q1 4:40)
Patton hits the pack at speed, working the ball to the front of his contest with O’Brien. Cameron is the recipient, catching and snapping in one slick motion for a major! (Q1 9:03)
The Giants use it systematically as they slowly progress up the ground. Eventually Whitfield finds Johnson in a pocket of space with the chip pass. From 40, Steve snaps truly! (Q1 16:18)
Frawley uncharacteristically speeds through the centre corridor via the McEvoy handball, and the former Dee finds Breust on the lead. Luke misses to the near side from 40. (Q1 19:02)
Kennedy finds it at the coalface and moves it wider to Scully. Tom receives and manages to hook it around the body from 35 and goal! (Q1 20:18)
Gunston kicks a miraculous goal from outside 50 on the flank. The Hawks move it forward, and Jack finds it off the deck and then hammers home off a couple of steps! (Q1 21:49)
The ball goes into the one on one between Birchall and Lobb as the kick came in via Greene’s boot. Off the deck, Rory controls the contest and finishes from short range! (Q1 26:15)
Williams finds it off the deck as the Giants speed forward once more. Zac has a quick shot at goal, and he misses to the left hand side from 25 out of congestion. (Q1 26:49)
Birchall turns it over with a horrible kick from the kick in and it ends with Cameron hammering home from close range on the soccer effort. Ominous signs from the Hawks. (Q1 27:23)
Long bomb in and LOBB takes a huge contested mark in the 5 man strong pack, outnumbered against the Hawks counterparts. From 35, he misses to the left hand side. (Q1 28:19)
Down field free kick goes the way of Johnson after Wilson gets dropped in a slightly late hit. The former Cat threads it through from 35 on the slight! (Q1 30:00)
The Giants speed it from end to end after Puopolo lost the one on one against Buntine. Steele moves it over the top to Johnson, who runs on and goals from 50! (Q2 2:57)
Scully roves it off the pack and finds the surging Ward ahead of the trailing Shiels. Liam applies the tackle but Callan goals irrespective, from deep in the forward pocket! (Q2 6:07)
Lovell, Sicily, Hill to Gunston, all by foot with fantastic use as they pushed from the centre of the ground to the forward 50. Jack lines up from 40 and goals! (Q2 7:57)
Coniglio wraps Birchall up in the tackle and the holding the ball decision is paid Stephen’s way. The young midfielder misses to the left hand side from 40 on the slight. (Q2 10:21)
The Hawks again turn it over out of defence via Cegler’s misplaced handball, allowing Kelly to whack it to Lobb. Rory takes the grab directly in front and goals! (Q2 11:39)
The Hawks again turn it over out of defence via Cegler’s misplaced handball, allowing Kelly to whack it to Lobb. Rory takes the grab directly in front and goals! (Q2 13:26)
Burgoyne wins it out of the forward stoppage and feeds it off to the drifting Lewis. Jordan receives but misses to the near side from 25. (Q2 15:44)
Greene finds Lobb out the back as the Giants speed it forward with ease. Rory lines up from the paint of 50, but just misses to the far side. (Q2 16:13)
Smith off to Gunston as the Hawks run the gauntlet of keeping it in under severe pressure. Jack receives via hand and goals from 20, his third for the afternoon! (Q2 16:43)
McEvoy off to Puopolo as the Hawks win their first centre clearance in a while. Paul gathers from Ben’s dropped mark and finishes from 30! (Q2 17:58)
Buntine gives away the free kick after getting Breust high in the one on one contest. Luke slots the major and gives the Hawks three in a row from the top of the square! (Q2 20:58)
Duryea is caught unawares after receiving in the pocket and quickly being caught by Johnson in the tackle. That’s the wrong man to give it to in that position, with Steve goaling! (Q2 22:23)
Johnson back heels it in congestion and incredibly thats the decisive play. Steve receives it back and finds Whitfield. Lachie slots the major from 50 to make it 2 in a row! (Q2 24:13)
Kelly finds it off the deck and drills it around the body with incredible accuracy to pick out Johnson unmarked. Steve goes back and slots the fifth of his game! (Q2 30:42)
Johnson gives away a stupid 100 metre penalty for two infringements on Hodge. With just 30 seconds played, Breust goals from point blank range! (Q3 1:24)
Isaac Smith grabs it in the contest and manages to evade the chasers, before centring to the unmarked Howe. Daniel goes back and goals from 30! (Q3 3:07)
Breust turns it over at the half forward flank, and the Hawks pay in their defensive 50. Shiel went long to Palmer, who marked in a general uncontested fashion. Rhys goals from 30! (Q3 6:41)
Breust takes a terrific mark in the one on one opposed to Kennedy to make up for his earlier error. From 45 on the slight, he misses to the left hand side. (Q3 8:08)
Lobb to Kelly to Palmer, which begun with another contested mark to the inform Rory. Rhys lines up from the acute angle in the pocket, and has another! (Q3 9:31)
Williams feeds it wider to the powering Shiel. Dylan continues on and whacks it from a step outside 50, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 11:39)
Shaw turns it over with an attempted banana exit from the back 50, allowing Gunston to mark just inside 50 moments later. Jack slots an excellent kick from 55 on the flank! (Q3 17:58)
Stratton and Frawley both missed the bouncing pill, allowing the Giants to stream into goal unattended. Cameron is the recipient, finishing with ease from close range! (Q3 20:26)
Sicily receives the free kick after Scully was adjudged to have illegally contacted James in the marking contest, via the Smith kick. From the pocket, he misses poorly. (Q3 21:39)
Greene has a run and jump at the pill, and Toby took the simple yet superb grab just 30 metres out from goal. Toby trots in and extends the margin further with a maximum! (Q3 25:29)
Ceglar receives the free kick for illegal marking contact in the one on one opposed to Davis, after the Hawks won a rare clearance. From 40, directly in front, he misses poorly. (Q3 27:09)
Greene found Kelly with a skewed dart that ends up being a butchered pass that finds its way into Josh’s arms. From 40, he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 29:06)
From the kick in, the Hawks turn it over once more off the boot of Birchall. The pill is knocked forward twice, allowing Coniglio to gather and flick it off to Scully, who goals! (Q3 30:09)
Lobb takes another contested mark, his sixth for the game as the Giants continue this massacre of the premier. From 45, Rory has his fourth of the day and the Giants are home! (Q3 30:55)
Mitchell takes the advantage as he waltzes towards goal, boundary side. He attempts the dribbler as Shaw chases, but he hits the post with the effort. (Q4 1:32)
Greene to Ward who bolts down toward goal, boundary side, but Callan misses by whacking the post. Poor decision with Patton unattended in the square. (Q4 3:20)
Mitchell finds Smith who marks unopposed, 45 metres out on the slight angle. Issac hooks it to the far side for a minor score. (Q4 4:20)
Breust takes the mark out the back of his opponent in Kennedy, and Luke slots a consolation prize from 30 on the slight! (Q4 5:52)
Greene marks ahead of Howe as Coniglio picked out the Giants number 4. From 50 on the flank, Toby slots the major to the crowds roar! (Q4 9:06)
Ward takes an excellent pack mark as the Giants win a quick clearance from the centre stoppage. The former Dog trots in but pulls it to the right from 55. (Q4 10:49)
Birchall continues on with his horrendous afternoon, turning it over from the kick-in. It lands the way of Scully, and the former Demon slots the goal from the top of the square! (Q4 13:33)
Greene slots another! The ball drops the way of Toby as Steele sends them deep into attack. Toby slots it from deep in the pocket for his third of the day! (Q4 14:57)
Mitchell finds Rioli with a short dab pass as the Hawks won a rare centre clearance. Cyril slots the set shot from 50, directly in front! (Q4 16:11)
Patfull gets Puopolo high in the attempted tackle, and Paul will line up from the acute angle, 35 metres from goal. Last weeks match winner drifts it to the near side. (Q4 17:19)
Shiel produces a perfect chipped effort to allow Palmer to run and jump at the ball, taking a strong grab. From 40 on the flank, Rhys slots the major! (Q4 19:07)
McEvoy marks and flicks it off to the speeding Smith. Isaac whacks it on the boot from a step inside 50, but he pulls it to the near side from the flank region. (Q4 22:52)
Breust moves it wide to Gunston by hand. The former Crow receives and ends with a classy finish to cap a high class afternoon with his fifth major! (Q4 25:48)
The Giants move it by hand and actually manage a fumble or two without any pressure coming there way. Eventually Palmer flicks it over to Whitfield, who goals from point blank! (Q4 26:51)

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