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Blog log from R6 of 2016: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Blog log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R6 of 2016

Riewoldt receives through the corridor from Steven and goes long to the unmarked Membrey. Tim turns around and goals from 30! (Q1 0:00)
The Dees split open the Saints once more. Through the middle of the ground they speed, and Pedersen finds Watts on the short lead with the short dab pass. From 35, he misses. (Q1 11:20)
Riewoldt makes it 2 in a row for the Saints! From coast to coast Saints move the ball, and Membrey manages to force it to ground level, where Nick awaits and roves truly from 25! (Q1 12:20)
A quick clearance goes the Saints way, and waiting at ground level is the forward pocket in Minchington. Darren grabs it and quickly moves it to goal, missing to the right. (Q1 13:34)
This game continues to be played at super speed. This time Jones takes it off the pack and moves it wide to Frost, allowing Sam to snap truly from 35! (Q1 15:02)
Riewoldt takes it off the hands of the receiving Jetta, deep in the pocket. Incredibly he manages to miss from the simple 10 metre shot. (Q1 16:03)
Again the Demons let the Saints move in a coast to coast fashion, allowing Riewoldt to mark in acres of space out the back. He moves it wide to Geary, who misses from 25. (Q1 18:32)
Ross moves it centrally by hand to Dunstan as the Saints keep the ball alive with great pressure. Luke attempts the snap from 30, but misses to the left on the run. (Q1 21:19)
Petracca to Pedersen to Bugg, who spins on a dime and then twirls it through with an up and under snap. The bounce goes his way, and the ex Giant has a major to his name! (Q1 22:28)
Another breakdown in the back half for the Saints, with absolutely nobody picking up the unattended Frost, who marks via the simple pass from Jones. Sam goals from 35! (Q1 25:28)
Hickey to Sinclair who finds Membrey on the lead after the Dees could not stick a number of tackles in that chain. Tim slots the set shot from 35 on the slight for the quick reply! (Q1 27:17)
Acres wins the one on one opposed to Hunt, and flicks it inside to the speeding DUnstan. Luke waltzes in and hammers home from 30! (Q2 1:50)
Sinclair finds Acres alone inside the forward 50 with a composed effort, and Blake centres to his unmarked captain in Riewoldt, marking unopposed through the corridor. He goals! (Q2 3:21)
Ross wins it at the coalface, moving it effectively and finding Riewoldt on the lead. Nick moves it further forward to Sinclair, who burns off McDonald with pace and finishes! (Q2 4:20)
Bruce over the top to Sinclair as the Saints move it forward once more. Jack receives via the handball, but his snap effort from 25, just goes the wrong side of the post. (Q2 6:18)
The Saints continue, this time with Riewoldt flicking off to a flying Maverick Weller. The former Sun barely settles before he launches goalward, missing to the far side. (Q2 7:20)
Bruce and Dunn go at it as a traditional one on one is formed at the top of the goal square. The ball falls to ground where Gresham finds it, evading the pressure and goaling! (Q2 9:26)
Wagner dribbles it out wide to Bugg, who bombs long to Hogan on two of the key Saints in Gilbert and Fisher. Jesse pulls down the towering mark and snaps truly from the pocket! (Q2 12:31)
Gresham takes the advantage after Wagner gave away the free for illegal contact in the marking contest. Jade finds the correct option in Riewoldt, but Nick again misses from 30. (Q2 13:56)
Petracca to Hogan is a phrase that might pop up a few more times throughout the next ten years, as Jesse takes advantage with a strong mark opposed to Fisher. He goals from 50! (Q2 18:41)
Acres takes the ball from the short throw in, hitting it at speed ahead of the dueling ruckmen. Blake wastes little time, snapping from the acute angle and finishing with aplomb! (Q2 20:16)
Hogan takes a strong mark once more, opposed to the ex Swan in Dempster. The 50 metre penalty is paid for encroaching, and Jesse has his fifth of the contest! (Q2 23:47)
We are witnessing a battle of the big man, as Riewoldt steers the Saints back in front via a Billings receive.From deep in the pocket, Nick hammers it through from the tight angle! (Q2 27:02)
Riewoldt to Billings who finds Acres out the back, reminiscent of exactly what was occurring in the first half. Blake turns around and goals! (Q3 2:14)
Acres once again marks out the back, as the Saints expose the Dees high press again. From the sharp angle, 45 out, he misses to the near side. (Q3 3:20)
Viney floats it forward and Watts marks out on the lead as the Dees speed it from coast to coast, Jack marking ahead of Gilbert. From 25 on the slight, Jack goals! (Q3 5:23)
Weller marks out on the lead ahead of Bugg as the Saints swing it forward at pace once more. Maverick goes back and extends the margin with a maximum from the set shot! (Q3 9:00)
Minchington gathers at ground level after working it over the head of Jetta. He flicks it off to Sinclair, who turns and snaps truly from 40! (Q3 11:35)
Armitage receives from Acres out of the stoppage and finds Membrey with a perfectly weighted pass. Tim goes back and slots the major from 35 on the slight! (Q3 13:10)
Again the Saints find a quick avenue to goal! Membrey gathers the bounced pass from newnes, spinning on a dime as he nonchalantly hammers home another! (Q3 14:45)
Garlett over the top to Harmes as the Dees have a rare venture forward. Harmes runs through and heads for goal, but misses to the right hand side from 50 on the flank. (Q3 16:00)
Watts takes an excellent mark sandwiched in between a couple of Saints, marking 35 out from goal on the flank. Jack trots in and makes no mistake! (Q3 17:30)
Membrey again finds the ball as Riewoldt works it to the back of the pack via the marking contest with McDonald. Tim grabs and goals for his fifth of the afternoon! (Q3 20:36)
Jack Viney has a horrendous turnover, flicking it directly in the path of Newnes who smothers forward. Jack follows it up and slots from the acute angle! (Q3 21:57)
The Saints win it at the centre bounce once more, and move it forward through pace. Steven finds it, but manages to hit the post from 30. (Q3 24:03)
Ross goes long to the Bruce/Pedersen matchup and Josh takes the strong mark in the one v one. The former defender turned forward slots it with the left peg! (Q3 26:06)
Hogan takes the simple mark in the one on one against Gilbert, after getting to the drop zone and holding out his undersized opponent. Jesse goals from 15! (Q3 30:35)
Gresham takes the advantage once more after Lumumba was caught holding the ball. It ends up proving to be a poor decision, as the young Saint hits the post from the pocket. (Q4 2:08)
The Dees cough it up coming out of defence, through a chain of handballs between Lumumba and Wagner. Eventually it falls free to Dunstan, who misses from the acute angle. (Q4 3:57)
Membrey marks out on the lead once more and will line up for his sixth of the afternoon from the sharp angle on the arc. He misses to the far side. (Q4 5:09)
The Dees go coast to coast and it ends with Dunn finding Hogan tracking back ahead of the desperate, yet undersized, Geary. From the pocket, he has his seventh! (Q4 5:34)
Armitage wins the free from the resultant stoppage and moves it off to Montagna, who finds Bruce on the lead ahead of a trailing Wagner, From 40 on the slight, he goals! (Q4 6:48)
Tyson kicks a quality consolation major as the former Giant splits the middle from the boundary. Petracca won it at ground level and gave it off to him, and Dom made no mistake! (Q4 11:20)
Armitage receives a free in the thick of congestion against Frost for holding without the ball. From 30, David just works it the right side of the post for a maximum! (Q4 18:52)
Petracca demonstrates clean hands at ground level before flicking it off to his captain in Jones. Nathan continues on and finishes with a powerful effort from the 50! (Q4 20:05)
Dunstan forces the turnover on the wing and moves it out wide. Ross streams out of it via a chain of handballs and finds Bruce out the back. Josh goals from 40 for his third! (Q4 21:59)
Kent receives the free kick after his fly at the ball was impeded by his direct opponent. Dean goes back and slots the major from 40 on the slight! (Q4 25:08)
Armitage flicks it off to Billings, who finds Ross out on the short lead. Off the left peg from the arc, Seb hits it to the near side for a minor score. (Q4 29:11)

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