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Blog log from R4 of 2016: Essendon vs Geelong

Blog log for Essendon vs Geelong, R4 of 2016

Henderson wins it in defence with an intercept mark and moves it forward to Dangerfield. Patrick takes a couple of bounces and finds Hawkins, who centres to Lang. (Q1 5:01)
From 30 on the slight angle, Darcy misses to the far side for the first score of the day. (Q1 5:01)
David Zaharakis, slams home the first major of the afternoon. From the forward stoppage, David works his way to the pill and manages to snap over arms from 30, to full effect! (Q1 7:31)
The former Sun, Josh Caddy sends it long to the 7 man strong pack. Zac Smith, another former Sun took a canvas worthy mark, but missed from the resultant 30 metre shot. (Q1 9:58)
The Bombers have begun well today! From the half back flank, the men in red and black spread at speed, allowing Gleeson space to pinpoint a pass. That he does and finds Laverde… (Q1 11:46)
Jayden slots the Bombers second from 35 to the roar of the ever faithful crowd! (Q1 13:18)
Guthrie bangs it in long to the Caddy/Dea matchup as Josh pushes forward. Expectedly, Josh takes the strong contested grab and slots the major from 25! (Q1 13:46)
Zaharakis to Gleeson as the Bombers once again spread with a sense of ease. Martin this time pinpoints the short lead from Leuenberger, but the former Lion misses from 50. (Q1 19:54)
Hawkins marks from the Dangerfield pass and Tom wastes little time in assessing his options. Tom goes over the top to the hard running Stanley, who goals from point blank! (Q1 22:17)
Once more the Cats move forward after some terrific work inside the stoppage by Duncan. It ends with Hawkins chipping over the top to Menzel. From 30, Daniel misses to the right. (Q1 23:17)
Bartel wins the clearance but never fully analysed his options, blasting long to the opposition. TIpungwuti is the recipient, finding Bird unopposed. Craig misses his shot from 40. (Q1 25:34)
Steven Motlop kicks a classic small forward, roving goal to open the scoring of the second quarter. The ball came in long to the hot spot and Steven finished with the snap! (Q2 7:14)
Gregson makes it two in a minute for the Cats. From the centre stoppage, the men from Geelong move it forward via a Leuenberger turnover. Corey had no issue finishing from 45! (Q2 7:43)
This time it is Merrett who provides the role of the small forward. Selwood drops the mark, Zaharakis mops up and Zach speeds away, receiving and finishing in one swift move! (Q2 9:23)
Caddy centres to Dangerfield, who grabs it off his heels and darts in a 50 metre delivery to Menzel, marking out on the lead ahead of Tipungwuti. From 50 on the flank, he misses. (Q2 12:23)
Tipungwuit speeds through the middle after starting the play off from half back. Eventually Fantasia is found, with Orazio producing a brilliant side step but then missing from 50. (Q2 17:10)
Selwood splits the defence with a centring ball to Blicavs. Mark flicked it over to Duncan, who found Menzel. Daniel helped it over the top to Cockatoo, who finished with ease! (Q2 18:29)
Dea produces a stunning pirouette out of traffic and then weights the pass perfectly to Brown’s advantage, allowing the former Cat to take the mark opposed to henderson. He goals! (Q2 22:29)
The Bombers speed it forward once again and the play ends with a number of short passes inside 50, eventually picking out Fantasia on the acute angle. 40 metres out, Orazio goals! (Q2 23:43)
Stanley bursts out of the middle of the MCG, heading long to the imposing Dangerfield in the one on one contests. Luckily for the Bombers, the pass was poor and it bounces through. (Q2 26:00)
Cockatoo receives a free kick for high contact in the congested pocket. Resultantly, Nakia misses the set shot to the near side from the slight angle. (Q2 27:15)
Dangerfield takes a grab across the half back flank and in one cannon of a kick, finds Stanley marking out the back. From 50, directly in front, the former Saint misses his chance. (Q3 3:36)
Chance goes begging as the Cats fumble around 10 metres out from their attacking goal. Eventually Hawkins is the one to over handball, missing a certainty of an opportunity. (Q3 6:22)
Daniher receives the free kick for high contact against Mackie as Joe attacked the pill at pace. From 25, boundary side, he misses to the near side. (Q3 9:08)
Duncan to Lang to Bartel, all by hand before the Brownlow medallist centres with an inside out torp to the leading Cockatoo. From 50 out, its touched through for a minor score. (Q3 15:05)
The Bombers are in front! Tipungwuti was the recipient of fantastic ball movement out of defence. Anthony used his pace, found Stokes out the back and Matthew goals! (Q3 16:50)
Bartel takes a big contested mark from the Dangerfield clearance, the inside 50 coming from the Selwood boot. From 25, Jimmy sends it through the big sticks! (Q3 18:15)
Hartley turns it over horribly out of defence and it nearly pays massive dividends for the Cats. A long kick to goal is touched on the line by Baguley. The review played its part. (Q3 27:21)
Caddy taps it off to Selwood who finds Cockatoo with a lovely chipped effort. Nakia then centres to the leading Smith, who marks but misses from 35 directly in front. (Q4 0:49)
Menzel has the quick shot at goal out of congestion but misses the attempt from 20 on the snap. Cats are letting the Bombers off here. (Q4 3:05)
Caddy to Motlop who goes long to the Menzel/Baguley matchup and Daniel takes the strong mark in the contest. From 15 out, little angle, incredibly he misses. (Q4 8:25)
Another stoppage occurs just 30 metres from the Cats attacking goal, and this time it ends with a major for the blue and white. Lang won it at the coalface and snapped truly! (Q4 10:26)
Smith receives the free kick after receiving some illegal contact in the marking contest. From 15 out, straight in front, Zac just manages to split the middle! (Q4 13:01)
Menzel marks on the lead after he creates another chance to have a shot at goal. Again, Daniel misses with a poor effort from 40 on the slight. (Q4 20:06)
Steven Motlop receives from Cockatoo out of the forward half stoppage and snaps truly from 30 out directly in front over a number of flailing arms! (Q4 21:31)
Cooney finds it ahead of the chasing Menzel and manages to put it onto the chest of the leading Leuenberger. As the siren sounds, Matthew misses to the far side from 45. (Q4 26:03)

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