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Blog log from R3 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2016

Roughead coming to the bench with what appears to be injured ribs.
McEvoy takes a strong pack mark 40m from goal on a 45 degree angle. He goes back and slots the first goal for the day. (Q1 7:53)
Roughead back on the ground. (Q1 10:43)
Adams collects the football, drives his head into Rioli who wraps him up and is awarded the free for holding the ball. He has a set shot from 45m out but misses to the right. (Q1 10:43)
Morris gives away a holding free on Gunston right on the 50m line. Gunston goes back and hits the kick for goal as sweetly as you can kick a ball. Goal. (Q1 18:16)
Breust streaming towards goal, straightens up but Boyd is able to put enough pressure on for him to rush and consequently miss the shot for goal. (Q1 21:50)
Stringer and Stratton in a one-on-one, Stratton brings the ball to ground, Stringer gathers, spins, kicks for goal from the tightest of angles and narrowly misses. (Q1 25:16)
Suckling penalised for deliberate as he faked stumbling and fumbling. The recipient is Rioli in the pocket and he slots the goal with ease. (Q2 2:22)
Gunston kicks long, Schoenmakers gets rid of Morris and has a set shot from point blank range. Goal. (Q2 3:57)
Long ball in from Shiels to the hotspot and Rioli reads it best, climbing high and taking the ball at its highest point. He makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q2 6:22)
Macrae gets on the end of a chain of handballs on the 50m arc and kicks laterally to find Daniel 40m out on a 45 degree angle. He misses to the left. (Q2 9:19)
Toby McLean fast becoming the best exponent of dropping at the knees and lifting the arm. This time he draws the free off O’Rourke 35m out directly in front. He kicks truly. (Q2 9:29)
Smith streaming down the wing chips to Shiels who marks on the 50. He weighs up his options and settles on the set shot which misses badly to the left. (Q2 10:32)
Sam Mitchell dictating play yet again today. A clear best on ground to this point of the game. (Q2 10:32)
Schoenmakers with the ball at half back, looks to kick backwards to Hartung but Roughead intercepts just on the edge of the goalsquare and runs into an open goal! (Q2 17:23)
The Dogs win the next centre clearance, Liberatore works through a tackle and shovels a handball to Bontempelli who turns onto his left and snaps another goal for the Dogs! (Q2 17:23)
Picken has the footy tight on the boundary line 55m out, he slams the ball on the boot looking for a target in the hotspot and it lands with Biggs. His set shot is good. (Q2 24:03)
Biggs running through the middle of the ground keeps his kick low and spots up Jong 40m out directly in front. He misses badly to the right. (Q2 26:39)
Birchall is wrapped up in a tackle and coughs the ball up to Daniel who finds Hunter 25m out on a 45 degree angle. He misses another very gettable opportunity. (Q2 27:03)
Dahlhaus gathers in the forward pocket and is tackled illegally by Litherland. His set shot from point blank range is good. (Q3 4:58)
O’Rourke cramped in on the boundary line looks inboard and finds Gunston in the hot spot. Great vision and execution. Gunston kicks truly. (Q3 6:34)
Caleb Daniel is brought down in a tackle by Burgoyne but he got into his back. Daniel has a set shot from the goalsquare and makes no mistake. (Q3 9:18)
McLean kicks inboard, Roughead gathers on the bounce, hands backwards to Suckling who kicks around his body from 30m out and goals! Dogs in front. (Q3 10:31)
The Hawks breakaway through the middle of the ground through Smith and it’s Breust who gets on the end of a handball and goals on the run from 40m. (Q3 10:31)
High ball from Biggs into the Dogs’ goalsquare and it falls out the back to McLean who throws it on the boot and puts the Dogs back in front! The game is breaking open this quarter (Q3 14:49)
Forward 50 stoppage for the Dogs, Lin Jong third man up hits to Wallis running forward who dribbles through a great goal! (Q3 19:14)
Bontempelli hands to Biggs running through the 50m line and his long shot for goal is good as well! Dogs breaking away! (Q3 20:48)
Rioli commits a bad turnover, it comes to Stringer who has two Dogs running into an open goal but he overcooks the kick and it trickles into the post. A comedy of errors. (Q3 25:13)
Hunter is on the end of a short pass into the pocket following a deliberate out of bounds decision against Hartung. Hunter’s set shot misses to the left. (Q3 28:00)
Brilliant smother from Hunter in the Dogs’ forward pocket gives Daniel an opportunity to snap for goal but he narrowly misses. (Q3 29:31)
Long ball into the Hawks’ forward line and McEvoy takes a big strong mark 20m from goal. His set shot from no significant angle is good. (Q4 2:04)
Rioli roves a pack on the 50m line, has plenty of time and space, opts to shoot for goal from 45 instead of finding Sicily on his own but it doesn’t matter because it’s a goal. (Q4 4:59)
Long ball to the goalsquare from Puopolo and Sicily climbs high! Great grab. He goes back, kicks truly and scores are tied! (Q4 4:59)
Dahlhaus streaming down the wing kicks a low ball, Frawley misjudges it and it falls to Boyd out the back. He has a set shot from 35m out on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q4 13:33)
Gunston has the ball in the pocket, takes a moment to assess his options and settles on Ceglar 20m from goal on his own directly in front. Goal. (Q4 16:11)
Nine minutes remaining with the Hawks four points in front. (Q4 16:11)
Forward 50 stoppage for the Dogs, McEvoy wins the tap but Tom Boyd roves, snaps for goal and it’s good! Dogs in front by two, 6 minutes remaining.
Hawthorn respond immediately. O’Rourke pumps it in long, Puopolo flies but it gets out the back to Breust on his own who goals from 25m out.
Morris run down in the middle of the ground, it’s kicked long to Gunston who, once again, assesses the situation and finds Sicily on his own at the top of the square. Goal.
The Dogs win the centre clearance through Hunter who kicks long and it falls to Dahlhaus who dribbles through a goal!
Long ball into Stringer and Stratton is called for holding in the marking contest! Stringer has a set shot from 20m out directly in front and he goals!
Dogs by 2 points with 2:30 remaining.
Dahlhaus misses a scrapped kick forward for goal. Dogs by 3 points, 1:30 remaining.
Robert Murphy appears to have injured a knee. (Q4 33:45)
The Hawks stream forward and Sicily marks 45m out directly in front. He goes back and goals! 30 seconds remain, Hawks by 3 points. (Q4 33:45)
Siren! Hawks win. (Full Time)

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