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Blog log from R3 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R3 of 2016

Can the Blues pull an upset and scramble their way to victory? Or will the emergence of Hall and return of Gaz be too much for the rebuild to handle? Find out soon!
Murphy chips from the 50 arc towards Wright who draws a free from Malceski for a shot on goal. His shot from the pocket 20m out misses for the first score. (Q1 2:30)
Day swallows Simpson on the wing for a holding the ball and goes quick to Martin on the arc who delivers to Cameron perfect in front of goal 35 out. First goal is scored. (Q1 4:15)
Big rebound play from Carlton leads to their first goal through Charlie Curnow after a great effort by Buckley to get it to him on the run 30 out. (Q1 10:28)
Malceski chips a short ball to Martin 40 out. His shot doesn’t make the distance as it’s marked on the point line by Lynch who easily snaps the follow up. (Q1 12:11)
Buckley gets a great rove from a ball up 65 out from goal, but his pass to Kerridge in the pocket misses and bounces through for a behind. (Q1 13:27)
Murphy plays quarterback at a throw in on the Blues’ 50 arc and delivers a good high ball for Casboult to mark 20 out from goal. Right in front and he misses in true Casboult style (Q1 15:05)
Blues cough it up on the half forward flank, allowing the Suns to run it up the ground through hands and short kicks before it lands with Davis in the pocket. He misses. (Q1 17:31)
Hall grabs Tuohy with the perfect tackle to grab a holding the ball free kick on the edge of the square and spear a pass to Malceski 35 out right in front. Malceski slots it. (Q1 19:46)
Matera somehow gets a clean shot at the ball following an extended scramble around 25 out from goal but it misses barely. (Q1 24:01)
Kerridge sells some candy in the middle and gives to Curnow who delivers beautifully to Casboult 1 on 1 15 out right in front. Casboult actually slots this one! (Q2 0:49)
Gaz receives a handpass from Rosa in the midle and pops it over Kreuzer to Davis 40 out. With a slight angle he misses. (Q2 2:27)
Hall just runs and runs and runs through the ground from half back to half forward through a combinations of 1-2 gets with team mates. Lynch grabs the goal out of it in the pocket. (Q2 5:07)
A runner from Gold Coast kills their momentum running out of defense by getting in the way of play and giving Tuohy the easiest shot on goal of his life through a 50m penalty. Goal (Q2 7:57)
Matera abuses the mismatch against Phillips at half forward to run in front and mark before turning and delivering to Day alone 30 out. From right in front he hits the post. (Q2 9:02)
Daisy sneaks up on Harbrow and swallows him with a tackle, allowing Whiley to mop up at half forward and kick to Kerridge 20 out on a slight angle. Somehow he misses. (Q2 11:35)
Gaz sneaks up forward of the play to receive a pass exactly on the 50 arc. His shot from around 55 right in front floats right for a behind. (Q2 13:20)
Jack Martin gives our fantasy teams a hand by passing off his clear set shot to Hall 35 out right in front. Hall slots it through to give the Suns a buffer goal. (Q2 17:32)
A turnover from Jamison going out of defense goes straight to a running Gaz through the middle for a kick to Davis. The Blues are lucky to escape as Davis’ kick is rushed through. (Q2 23:18)
Curnow runs through the middle to kick long to Kreuzer who crashes two Suns defenders, letting Wright mop up with a goalsquare dribble. (Q3 2:43)
Daisy makes a bad decision coming out of defense letting the Suns get an easy entry as Lynch runs on to a bouncing ball ahead of the slower Rowe, but his banana hits the post. (Q3 5:47)
Sam Day abuses the height advantage over Simpson in a one out contest 25 out from goal, simply jumping too high for the defender to reach. His set shot is true. (Q3 7:48)
Hall takes a long shot on the run and misses, but luckily the Suns trap it in their 50 for a big contest at the goalsquare where Matera sneaks a dribble goal. (Q3 10:59)
Cripps fires a good long goal from 50 after Graham makes a huge effort to equalise a 4 v 1 ball 40 out from goal, leading to a quick hands back to the Crippler for the shot. (Q3 11:50)
Martin grabs his first goal via a good friendship pass from Lynch after he marks 35 out without any opposition and just chips it to him 30 out on a better angle. (Q3 16:44)
Cripps plucks it out of a throw in deep inside 50 but his running shot goes through for a behind. (Q3 20:09)
Martin grabs himself an easy goal as Sam Rowe makes a horrible decision to tap the ball to no one but Suns players after a contest deep inside 50. (Q3 24:19)
Malceski kicks high to the advantage of Lynch who is just too big for Docherty to manage. From the pocket he goes for the banana but he misses. (Q4 2:30)
Matera burns his team mates running in from 40n out right in front as he misses the goal without much pressure at all. (Q4 4:28)
Hall marks at half forward and swivels to dart a ball to a leading Martin 35 out from goal. His low angle shot sails through for a goal. (Q4 6:48)
Rischitelli gets the quick hands out of the centre bounce and runs before delivering to Lynch in the pocket. Lynch’s shot is true and Suns are 40 in front. (Q4 8:18)
Lynch gets his fourth goal to put the Suns even further ahead after Sexton gifts it to him via a short pass inside 50 that isn’t even called a mark. (Q4 10:34)
Casboult runs on to a bouncing ball at half forward and gives to the marginally better kick in Daisy Thomas for a running shot from 40, but Daisy misses. (Q4 14:57)
Sexton gets free in the goalsquare after Harbrow blitzes the rest of the field from half back to allow Lynch to spear a kick in his direction. Easy easy goal. (Q4 16:59)
Sam Day hits the post after a relatively easy set shot but it’s all one way as Lynch gets a mark 25 out and… Hits the post as well! (Q4 24:56)
Siren blows as Hall gets a set shot on goal from the pocket. Suns win and he sprays it to just barely get a point. (Q4 26:05)

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