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Blog log from GF of 2016: Carlton vs Sydney

Blog log for Carlton vs Sydney, GF of 2016

Gorringe cleans up a Grundy fumble in the pocket but hits the post from 25m. (Q1 0:32)
Boekhorst marks on the HFF, turns and kicks quickly to the top of the square where Kerridge marks running back with the flight in front of Mitchell and runs into the open goal. (Q1 4:29)
Sinclair leaps over Rowe and marks a long Towers ball to the hotspot, but hits the post. (Q1 5:44)
Walker marks in front of Kieren Jack on the boundary 35m out, and misses the tough set shot. (Q1 7:29)
Franklin is all on his own on a fast break, Hannebery finds him deep, Buddy gives a Joe the Goose special to Heeney for the goal. (Q1 9:59)
White passes to Jamison in front of Mitchell at 35m on the flank, Jamison drop sit but Mitchell pushes him square in the back. Jamison’s free kick goes wide left. (Q1 12:02)
Jamison and Rowe are again giving Franklin way too much room over the back for a Swans fast break, he marks unopposed at the hotspot, turns and runs into the open goal himself. (Q1 16:00)
Rowe corrals Franklin on the HFF, Buddy kicks high over Tuohy to the advantage of Rose at the hotspot. Rose goals. (Q1 18:30)
Kerridge catches Papley high near CHF, Papley gives off to Franklin who misses from 55m. (Q1 19:58)
The Swans try to run the ball out of defence through heavy traffic from the hotspot but run into trouble on the HBF, Curnow snaps off a step and sails it through from 45m. (Q1 24:37)
Lloyd plays on to advantage from a free near the hotspot, but misses. (Q1 27:12)
Hannebery screws through a goal off the left boot from 30m on a slight angle after a terrible turnover in the BP. (Q1 29:02)
Casboult gets a free for an arm chop at 45m on the flank but misses. (Q1 29:02)
Kerridge it was with the clanger kick for that last Hanners goal. (Qtr Time)
Papley kicks the first goal of Q2 from 45m in front after a chain of Swan handballs around CHF to get a man free. (Q2 1:20)
Gibbs misses a supergoal attempt from the HFF. (Q2 2:20)
Franklin is yet again free on a fast break, he marks on the HFF behind Docherty and finds Hewett at 25m on a slight angle. Hewett swerves through a goal. (Q2 3:37)
Gibbs burns the ball to Jones at half forward, Zones takes off, does a one-two and goes long to Franklin over the back of Rowe at 35m on a slight angle. Buddy goals again. (Q2 8:36)
After Rowe misses a target by foot at halfback, Sinclair gives to the onrushing Lloyd who steers through a goal from 40m in the corridor. (Q2 11:54)
Sinclair goes long to the square from the HFF, Phillips spoils Tippett but Tippett gathers and shoots… smothered into the arms of Mitchell who goals. (Q2 14:51)
Smith handballs in defence but it’s anticipated beautifully by Kerridge who intercepts and goals from 15m. (Q2 16:36)
Graham marks a short Buckley pass at 35m on the flank and steers through another one for Carlton. (Q2 18:34)
Kerridge snaps his third goal from 35m on a slight angle, after catching a Kreuzer ruck tap on the full and immediately throwing his right boot at it. (Q2 21:32)
Parker marks unopposed at the hotspot from a long Lloyd kick from the HFF over all the defenders in the Blue zone, and kicks truly. (Q2 29:17)
Kerridge passes to Wright just inside CHF in the last minute before HT. Wright kicks straight but the ball drops in the square and is rushed. (Q2 30:32)
Boekhorst gets a handball and has a ping off a step from 45m on the flank… the ball just clears Talia on the line for a goal. (Q3 7:21)
Gibbs it was with the goal assist give. (Q3 7:47)
Lamb gives to Cripps at much the same spot as Boekhorst had his snap, and he repeats the dose! (Q3 10:12)
Wright roves a Casboult contest and hits the post from near the hotspot. (Q3 12:49)
Graham misses a mid range snap across the body. (Q3 16:32)
Wright catches Newman HTB near the behind post, but misses the set shot checkside. (Q3 18:18)
Hewett roves a Franklin contest on the wing, turns and finds Lloyd over the back at 40m on the flank. Lloyd misses, just. (Q3 20:48)
Nankervis jumps early into Thomas’ back in a marking contest at 45m on the flank to give away a free just before 3QT. Daisy tries a torpedo… no good, no score. (Q3 29:33)
Hewett roves a simple dropped mark by Everitt 20m out on the flank, and gives to the corridor where Mills is on his own to goal. (Q4 1:49)
The Swans are teetering on the cliff that the Hawks will hit soon, and the Cats would have hit if they hadn’t topped up (and still might). (Q4 3:03)
Parker beats Tuohy one on one 25m out on the flank, sitting under a long ball. He goals. (Q4 8:30)
Hewett passes short to the lead of Kennedy at 35m on the flank, but he misses. (Q4 9:49)
Buckley gets a handball outside CHF, runs to 45m on a slight angle and tries for Boekhorst over the back… the ball bounces past him and through for a goal! (Q4 12:48)
Franklin chases an errant Jack ball to the pocket, traps with basketball skill and has Cunningham 20m out in front for the goal. (Q4 19:45)
Newman long to the square where Franklin stands tall, Jamieson gives away a free playing in front, Buddy marks anyway, turns and goals. (Q4 22:10)
Tuohy sails through a supergoal from 55m on a slight angle in the last ten seconds before the siren. (Q4 27:49)

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