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Blog log from W1 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, W1 of 2016

We are back for 2016!
Everitt is free in the middle on a switch from the wing, he has Gorringe on his own on the fat side, 40m out on a slight angle. The ex-Sun doesn’t make the distance, rushed point. (Q1 4:43)
Casboult clunks a Tutt ball to the top of the square in heavy traffic. Levi kicks the first goal. (Q1 7:01)
Wright roves an Everitt contest deep in the pocket 20m out and rolls a snap across the face. (Q1 10:21)
Litherland gets a 50m penalty on the HBF taking him to half forward, he bombs long near the hotspot, big pack flies but it’s Breust who is down to rove and goal with ease. (Q1 15:32)
Fitzpatrick marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor ahead of his man Rowe, but hoofs his set shot well left. (Q1 17:27)
Graham marks a Kreuzer ball unopposed with hard run to space on the HFF, putting Howe out of position. He shoots from 40m, and navigates the breeze for a nice goal. (Q1 20:29)
Boekhorst dodges away from Stratton on the wing and has Stratton’s man Everitt on his own at 40m on the flank. Andrejs marks and goals. (Q2 3:07)
Stratton marks a wobbly O’Rourke ball 40m out in the corridor, after Whitecross was luck not to stuff up the build up. The CHB misses. (Q2 8:33)
Long ball to the square, Breust and White are holding onto each other but the free goes very luckily to Breust for a charity goal from 20m. (Q2 11:48)
Birchall receives outside a big pack on the wing and kicks long to 45m out in front, Sicily works in front of Rowe with strength to mark and goal. (Q2 14:48)
Kreuzer stands tall in front of the smaller Howe to juggle and mark a centre clearance kick to 25m on the flank. Krooze misses. (Q2 16:03)
A long ball by Mitchell down the wing to a pack on the HFF spills over the back, Hill gives to Breust who baulks clear and snaps truly from the hotspot. (Q2 18:19)
On the end of a long rebound down the outer wing, a long Hartung ball from the HFF to the hotspot bounces and sits up very nicely for Mitchell to gather and goal off his left. (Q3 6:09)
Hodge kicks high from the pocket after ground work by Fitzpatrick, O’Brien leaps in front of the pack to clunk the mark and kick truly. (Q3 10:09)
Duryea baulks and has a ping from outside CHF, but it’s well wide. (Q3 20:56)
Schoenmakers gets a free on Kreuzer just before the 3QT siren. He lines up from just inside 50m on a slight angle, and sails through a lovely set shot for a goal. (3 Qtr Time)
Fitzpatrick rises in front of a pack to mark a very high Hartung ball down the flank to 35m. He misses a set shot snap across the body. (Q4 0:54)
Hartung speeds in front of Ed Curnow and shoots at full tilt from 45m on a slight angle, but it drops and is rushed in the square. (Q4 1:50)
The Hawks lock the ball in after the kick in, eventually Willsmore marks 40m out on a slight angle and makes no mistake. (Q4 2:29)
Charlie Curnow misses a flying snap from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 4:26)
Phillips marks the kick in 55m out on a slight angle, his set shot drops short and is cleared. (Q4 5:00)
Tuohy bumps Mitchell off a ground ball at CHF, the Blues swarm, Docherty handballs wide to Graham who pops through a goal under no pressure from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 7:15)
Wright passes short to Graham 40m out on the flank, who sprays the set shot in ugly fashion. (Q4 20:14)
Docherty misses a flying snap outside a pack on the HFF in the last minute of a rather eventless Q4. (Q4 23:01)

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