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Blog log from EF of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, EF of 2015

Murphy wins the toss, the Dogs will kick to the Punt Rd end. Not much wind about, no advantage. (Q1 0:00)
Crameri gets a free for a hold by Hartigan as a bouncing ball by Murphy goes to the hotspot. Crameri goals. (Q1 1:45)
Dickson roves a Crameri contest to a Wallis inside 50 at 30m on the flank and screws in a beautiful snap! (Q1 2:57)
Dickson creates a crumb at a stoppage on the HFF, Dahlhaus pounces and bounces through another one! (Q1 4:40)
Stringer snaps off the left under heavy pressure 15m out in the pocket, narrow. (Q1 6:25)
Sloane runs down the wing and kicks to Betts who marks behind two Dogs at 25m on the flank. Eddie goals. (Q1 8:12)
Jong storms on to a loose ball on the HBF in heavy traffic and starts a chain of handballs, he gets it back and gives to Crameri for a goal from the square! (Q1 11:00)
Knight is released by SLoane to run free down the wing, he finds Betts in front of Boyd 20m out in front for the second Crow major. (Q1 12:38)
Sloane evades Picken to pass to Walker in front of Roberts in the pocket 20m out, he plays on and goals! (Q1 13:58)
Betts gets a feed from Knight on a fast break, has a chance but decides to give over the top for Sloane to get a Joe the Goose special! (Q1 15:54)
Stringer roves a Redpath ball to the pocket and snaps off a step from 30m… just wide. (Q1 17:58)
Macrae passes to Grant at 40m on a slight angle. Spindleshanks misses. (Q1 18:43)
Betts marks on the boundary 30m out, his set shot drops on the behind line and is cleared. (Q1 20:46)
Wood turns the ball over by hand at halfback, Betts marks again at 25m on the flank and steers through his third major of Q1! (Q1 21:38)
Lynch roves a long ball to the top of the square and gives outside to Henderson who snaps truly from 25m! (Q1 23:44)
Picken touches a Jacobs snap through for a behind on the line. (Q1 25:17)
Crameri receives from Stringer and snaps awkwardly from 45m on a slight angle, wide. (Q1 26:14)
Dahlhaus pokes a pass to Jong at 40m on a slight angle on yet another fast break. Jong misses. (Q1 29:14)
Betts juggles a long Smith ball from the HFF over the behind line for a point. (Q1 30:20)
Walker misses a low percentage snap from the boundary 20m out under big pressure. (Q1 30:44)
Grant catches Thompson HTB on the wing, the high ball to the hotspot is spoiled but Bontempelli taps to Dickson for the first goal of Q2! (Q2 1:30)
After the Dogs barely registered a tackle early in Q1, the tackle count is now equilibrating. (Q2 4:04)
The Dogs are trying to play Docklands footy at the G. Very difficult to play for four quarters. The Crows are playing the seasoned travellers, picking off the young’uns. (Q2 4:50)
Crameri roves a long Wood ball to Dickson at the hotspot but rams a snap into the post. (Q2 6:17)
Lynch marks a Douglas pass 40m out in the corridor and sails through a quality finish. (Q2 7:34)
Eddie Betts is all on his own to crumb a Jenkins contest 20m out and run into the open goal! (Q2 10:17)
van Berlo is pinged for a throw under a Honeychurch tackle 45m out on the flank. Honeychurch kicks OOTF. (Q2 14:05)
The Dogs swarm the fall of a high ball to the hotspot, the ball flips up to Stringer who snaps instinctively off the right… it spins through! (Q2 15:07)
Cameron runs onto a loose ball on the flank, gets a shepherd from Walker but hits the post from 25m. (Q2 18:08)
Knight delivers an ugly set shot from 35m on a slight angle after being set up by Dangerfield, but it wobbles through. (Q2 19:45)
Macrae receives from Picken in space on the wing, and passes to the lead of Redpath at 40m on a slight angle. Redpath hoofs it through, ugly but effective. (Q2 22:03)
Cameron pounces on a loose footy and snaps off the right across the body from 40m on the flank… just wide. (Q2 25:20)
Talia spoils a long ball by Crameri to Stringer in the square, the crumb falls towards the goal line but rolls the wrong side of the post before Stringer’s boot connects. (Q2 26:01)
Wallis roves a Crameri contest on the HFF, does a one-two with Dahlhaus but misses from 40m. (Q3 1:50)
Macrae roves a Minson tap in ruck on the pocket but misses on the turn from 20m. (Q3 3:00)
Atkins passes to Brown zoning up from defence, he plays on but misses from 35m on the flank. (Q3 3:57)
Cameron roves a Wood spoil at 40m on the flank and snaps a screwing ball across the body… it floats in! (Q3 4:40)
Grant juggles and marks a short Crameri ball just before Cheney arrives at 25m on the flank on a fast break. Spindleshanks misses left. (Q3 6:20)
Biggs runs up the wing and passes to Redpath at 35m on a slight angle, leaping high in front of Hartigan. Redpath goals. (Q3 7:20)
Wallis intercepts a short Brown kick at half forward, the Dogs swarm forward, Bontempelli marks near the hotspot. The Bont misses. (Q3 9:21)
Laird turns the ball over with a shank at half forward, the Dogs link by hand up the guts, Dahlhaus passes to Bontempelli at much the same spot as his last shot. The Bont misses! (Q3 11:51)
Mackay tackles Stringer at the Dog hotspot to prevent what looked like a certain score on a fast break. (Q3 16:06)
Mackay passes to Walker just outside 50m on a slight angle, Tex loads up for bear… and roosts it 65m over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q3 17:12)
Dickson goes to ground chasing the crumb from a long Wallis ball to the hotspot, the ump pays a free against Talia for not much contact. Dickson goals. (Q3 18:51)
Roberts catches Knight high as they both go at a ground ball near the boundary 30m out. Knight threads the needle! (Q3 20:50)
Crameri snaps blind from 40m in front off a step with three Crows closing, Dickson all alone in the square watches it sail over his head for a behind. (Q3 24:07)
Jong rises high in front of a pack and clunks a low Picken ball to the hotspot, difficult mark that one but he nailed it. Linsanity goals. (Q3 25:17)
Lynch roves a van Berlo inside 50 and checksides the crumb under pressure from 30m on a slight angle… into the post. (Q3 27:52)
Betts roves a throw-in 25m out on the flank after a tap on by Dangerfield, he snaps his fifth major off the left boot! (Q3 30:03)
Bontempelli passes to Dickson leading to just next the hotspot. Dickson boots his fourth goal. (Q4 0:48)
Mad scramble after a stoppage in the pocket, Betts causes a spill, Sloane gives to Thompson who snaps truly from 15m! (Q4 4:30)
Picken passes across half forward to Grant just inside CHF. Grant delivers a highly effective set shot for his first goal! (Q4 6:10)
Dahlhaus spoils a Jenkins snap from the pocket, the Dogs clear what looked like a certain score. (Q4 9:28)
Hunter passes to Dickson at 40m in front after the Dogs boss a stoppage on the HFF. This to give the Bullies the lead for the first time for a long time… it’s good! (Q4 10:24)
Macrae busts a tackle at half forward and gives to Crameri for a snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle… just wide. (Q4 11:58)
The Dogs lock the ball in from the kick in, Stringer snaps around the corner from outside the hotspot… that one is good as well! (Q4 12:27)
Roberts drops a mark on the wing, the Crows are out in numbers, but Cameron’s kick goes over Betts’ head and Wood can punch it through for a point! (Q4 14:04)
Knight gives to Crouch for a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle… that is wide as well. (Q4 14:34)
Smith spoils a long Wallis ball to the square away from Dickson for a point. (Q4 15:17)
Redpath spoils the kick in to Bontempelli who fires from 40m on a slight angle… OOTF. (Q4 15:45)
The Crows work it out from the kick in around the outer wing, Cameron passes to Walker at 40m on a slight angle. Tex goals like a captain should. (Q4 16:49)
Lynch passes to Walker at 45m on a slight angle, Tex of course goes back for the set shot to put the Crows back in front. But he misses, scores level. (Q4 21:50)
Betts drops a high ball to the square, it bounces back up for him but Morris dives and smothers it for a behind, Crows lead. (Q4 22:50)
Morris marks a Dangerfield ball to the Crow FP, clock under 4:00 now. (Q4 24:34)
Stoppage on the wing, 3:30. (Q4 25:06)
Cheney marks on the wing to stop a Dog attack, his kick to the HFF is marked by Dangerfield. But Hamling marks and starts a rebound. (Q4 26:05)
Crameri is trapped for a stoppage at the Dog hotspot. Crows clear, 2:10. (Q4 26:50)
Walker marks on the wing and has Jenkins on the HFF, he centres to Cameron at the hotspot. Cameron goals, Crows up by 7! (Q4 27:35)
Stoppage on the wing after the next centre bounce, 1:06. (Q4 28:49)
Morris starts a rebound on the wing but it’s out for another throw in on the wing, 40 seconds. (Q4 29:24)
Secondary stoppage, 31 seconds. (Q4 29:35)
Picken clears, Bontempelli snaps to the square, Cameron strips Hunter in a tackle, Crows clear, siren! (Q4 30:34)

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