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Blog log from EF of 2015: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Blog log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, EF of 2015

Breust roves a Roughead contest in the pocket, runs around the boundary and shoots from near the behind post… into the goal post. (Q1 0:58)
Josh Hill intercepts a short Rioli kick in the centre causing a fast counter, Rosa has Yeo on the flank 40m out. Yeo misses. (Q1 4:03)
Kennedy marks in front of Lewis at 35m on the flank, but shanks it, no score. (Q1 7:03)
Hurn plays on to advantage after Wellingham catches Frawley HTB on the wing, and passes to the boundary 35m out where LeCras marks on the dive. LeCras’ shot drops but is rushed. (Q1 8:58)
Birchall’s short kick in is spoiled by Josh Hill who butters up and goals! (Q1 9:27)
Correction, it was Suckling’s kick in to Mitchell. (Q1 10:03)
Rioli gathers a ground ball and darts away from a chaser, he bombs long to Gunston who draws an obvious holding free on Wellingham at the top of the square for the first Hawk goal. (Q1 14:30)
Breust pickpockets Naitanui at the next centre bounce and gives to Langford, the long clearance is marked by McEvoy 30m out on a slight angle. Big Boy shanks it OOTF. (Q1 15:54)
Hutchings kicks long to space at the Eagle hotspot, Yeo is chased by Suckling but the Hawk falls over to allow Yeo to gather and goal. (Q1 19:14)
Rioli marks on the wing and is coathangered late by Ellis to give away 50m. Cyril goals from near the hotspot. (Q1 21:13)
Brad Hill kicks to an empty Hawk forward 50, Rioli gets there first in the pocket but his tap to Breust goes over the goal line before the boot arrives. (Q1 26:15)
Roughead drops a sitter at the hotspot, it sits up for him but the snap is pressured wide by Rosa. (Q1 28:15)
The Hawks, surprisingly, are winning the clearances, led by Rioli. McGovern back for Q2 is big for the Eagles, their defence has been so undersized. (Qtr Time)
McEvoy spoils a Naitanui contest 15m out, the ball falls for a behind. (Q2 2:25)
After a marginal call on a Frawley OOTF, Sheppard gets a 50m penalty on Shiels to take him from wing to 10m out on the flank for a charity goal. (Q2 3:52)
Lewis gives outside a heavily populated stoppage to Roughead for a blind kick from 50m on the flank… narrow. (Q2 6:34)
McGovern starts a fat side switch on the rebound from halfback, eventually Cripps finds Kennedy on a lead up the guts to 40m. JJK goals. (Q2 9:22)
Shiels is pinged for deliberate OOB under Sheed pressure 45m out. Sheed misses. (Q2 13:03)
Josh Hill has Kennedy in the square but Lake just manages to touch it past him for a throw in. Mitchell is pinged for kicking in danger at the hotspot. Shuey misses. (Q2 14:53)
Yeo snaps OOTF from the boundary 25m out after a stoppage, very low percentage attempt on the turn. (Q2 16:04)
Darling shepherds Birchall off the fall of a high ball to the flank 35m out to allow Kennedy to mark and goal. (Q2 18:23)
Kennedy marks just inside 50m on the flank on a fast break but juggles it and has to go back for the set shot. He goals anyway! (Q2 21:23)
SHuey breaks three Hawk tackles on the wing and gives to Josh Hill, his high ball to the flank lands in the arms of Yeo behind Stratton 35m out. Yeo misses. (Q2 25:24)
LeCras goals with a snap from 35m out on a slight angle after Shuey roves a Darling contest and gives out with another show of strength under a tackle. (Q2 28:19)
Roughead marks in between the two Eagle key defenders from a long Birchall ball 40m out on a slight angle. He boots the first goal of Q3. (Q3 3:09)
Selwood passes to LeCras wide on the flank 30m out after a turnover on the wing left many, many Eagles wide open. The Frenchman misses. (Q3 4:56)
Rioli is over the back for a long Puopolo ball to the pocket, he gathers but Sheppard corrals and Cyril misses from 15m. (Q3 9:54)
Shiels misses from the hotspot after the kick in is spoiled. (Q3 9:54)
Suckling smothers a Shuey snap from the pocket that seemed a certain goal. From the resultant failed rebound, Butler misses from the HFF. (Q3 11:07)
Sinclair marks the kick in on the HFF and sails a high ball to the top of the square, Josh Hill crumbs the Kennedy contest and goals under a tackle! (Q3 12:01)
Shiels long to Roughead at the hotspot, Puopolo roves and gives outside to Hale who snaps truly across the body. (Q3 15:10)
LeCras marks at CHF from a Hutchings centre clearance, his set shot drops in the square and is rushed. (Q3 16:46)
Sheppard passes to LeCras at 45m in the corridor. This should be within his range… it is but he misses. (Q3 17:21)
Sinclair kicks a ground ball high to the pocket where LeCras is standing 25m out, he plays on and goals. Eagles have all the answers. (Q3 18:15)
Puopolo misses a pressured snap from the pocket 25m out. (Q3 21:47)
Josh Hill drops a mark under Burgoyne pressure in the pocket but Burgoyne’s toepoke is straight to Cripps who snaps truly from 25m despite a dive from Duryea. Eagles are home. (Q3 22:47)
Eagles are kicking with the wind in Q4, this one is done. (Q3 22:57)
Naitanui to Shuey at the next centre bounce, Kennedy marks 35m out in front. JJK’s set shot starts straight but swerves left. (Q3 24:00)
Hutchings gives to Cripps hard on the boundary 25m out, he tries a low percentage snap which is narrow. (Q3 25:04)
Darling marks in front of Duryea at the hotspot. He goals to kick off junk time. (Q3 27:02)
Suckling receives from Langford and misses from 40m on the flank. (Q3 29:25)
LeCras has Cripps in the square on a fast break for a champagne goal after the 3QT siren. (Q3 30:44)
Roughead marks 40m out on the flank, Schofield is pinged for knocking the ball out a smidge late to put Roughie on the goal line for his second major. (Q4 1:39)
Smith passes to the lead of Lake 40m out in front. His set shot falls in the square and is eventually rebounded. (Q4 6:08)
Rioli passes to Burgyone at 35m out on the flank. Junior goals as the Eagle fans boo. (Q4 6:39)
Kennedy snaps wide from 25m on the flank. (Q4 8:46)
Burgoyne receives from Roughead and snaps truly under pressure from 20m in the pocket. (Q4 9:52)
Kennedy passes to Sheed at 45m wide on the flank. Sheed doesn’t score. (Q4 11:54)
Breust passes to Smith 40m out in front on a fast break. Smith, who has had a dirty night, goals. (Q4 16:19)
Hodge is pinged for getting in the back of Hutchings at a stoppage just outside the hotspot. He goals. (Q4 22:05)
Naitanui marks on the HFF and sails a long ball down the line to a huge pack 25m out… the ball falls for Josh Hill to volley through a goal to send the Eagle crowd ape droppings! (Q4 25:20)
Smith passes to Hodge 40m out in front for a junk time special in the last minute. (Q4 29:06)
Lewis passes to Breust 30m out on the flank for a meaningless poster after the full time siren. (Q4 30:36)

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