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Blog log from R23 of 2015: West Coast vs St Kilda

Blog log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R23 of 2015

Priddis sends a long ball inside 50 from the wing to LeCras. He outbodies Dempster well to take the mark. He goes back from 35 out on a 45 degree angle and kicks the first. (Q1 2:07)
Sorry, that was Sheppard that produced the goal assist. (Q1 3:54)
Fisher is pinged for holding the ball in the pocket after going headfirst into Gaff. From 35 out he slots the goal. (Q1 6:30)
A turnover exiting the defensive 50 puts the Saints under pressure. The ball back in spills out the back of the pack where LeCras is lurking and he receives from Darling to goal. (Q1 8:57)
The ball is in dispute in traffic 50 out from the Eagles’ goal and somehow Naitanui receives a handball out of the mess. He has a quick shot at goal that bounces through! (Q1 11:13)
Kennedy marks 60 out and gives it off. A bouncing ball is sent inside 50 and is found by LeCras. He gives off to Naitanui who snaps from 25 but just gets too much bend. (Q1 15:43)
Dunstan marks at CHF and gives to a surging Murdoch. He takes a long shot from 55 out and just makes the distance for a goal! (Q1 16:26)
Some slick hands from the Eagles gets them to half forward and releases Masten. He has a shot from 45 out on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 19:41)
The Eagles slow things down at half back and then Nelson finds Hill in acres of space on the wing. He goes to the pocket to a lone LeCras. His shot misses. (Q1 21:59)
The Eagles work it out the back of a stoppage in their 50. It ends with Sheppard who sends a long low shot from 50 out but he misses. (Q1 23:28)
Hurn catches Bruce without the footy 45 out on a tight angle. His shot is on target for a goal. (Q1 25:11)
Naitanui smothers a Steven kick and the Eagles rebound. Darling is 1 on 1 with Dempster in the pocket and snaps from 30 but misses. (Q2 1:37)
The Saints go coast to coast from the kick in and finish with a mark by Armitage next to the point post. He plays on with a dribbler but hits the woodwork. (Q2 3:05)
Masten has a shot at goal now from 40 out on the flank but it’s wayward and sneaks through for a behind. (Q2 4:22)
Kennedy infringes on Dempster at St Kilda’s half forward line and spears it onto the chest of a free Riewoldt. His set shot from 45 out on a slight angle just misses. (Q2 6:45)
Steven runs across the mark and gifts the Eagles a 50 metre penalty. This brings Cripps to 40 out on a slight angle. His shot is a helicopter and hits the post. (Q2 8:50)
The Eagles spread from half back in numbers and run it inside 50 where it’s 3 against 1. Hill gives to Cripps and he walks into the open goal. (Q2 15:53)
From the centre clearance the Eagles go inside 50 and Sinclair marks against Goddard. His set shot from 40 out on the flank is good. (Q2 17:35)
The Saints get the centre clearance now and go inside 50 to Bruce. He has a shot at goal under pressure from 15 out and scrapes the post. (Q2 18:38)
Shuey puts the ball onto the chest of LeCras after he managed the mismatch with Holmes. From 50 out on the flank he slots the goal. (Q2 23:19)
The Saints work it by hand out of their defensive 50 and Weller delivers to Goddard 50 out on the flank. He has a shot at goal and it’s there! (Q2 28:19)
Naitanui outpaces Holmes on the wing and finds Kennedy who marks with pressure from Fisher. He goes back from 50 out on the flank and hits the post. (Q3 1:12)
Darling receives the free kick 50 out on the flank. He goes back with a shot from 55 and hooks it trying to get the extra distance. It sneaks in for a behind. (Q3 3:18)
Dunstan goes backwards in defence but coughs it up straight to Kennedy! From 30 out in the pocket he makes no mistake. (Q3 4:47)
Kennedy receives a free kick for a hold against Fisher. His set shot from 55 out on the flank is a long goal! (Q3 7:15)
Shuey roves the tap on the wing well and puts it inside 50 to Sheppard. He gives to Rosa who just misses from 40 under heavy pressure. (Q3 10:51)
Kennedy collects the football 15 out and spins out of a Gilbert tackle. He gives to Darling who gives to Gaff and he finishes from point blank. (Q3 11:43)
Montagna finds Bruce who marks against Sheppard 40 out directly in front. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q3 12:33)
Holmes is pinged for incorrect disposal and Sinclair goes long inside 50. The ball goes over the back of the pack to Naitanui and he manages to poke it through for a goal. (Q3 15:13)
McGovern goes long to a leading Kennedy and he plucks a one hander between 3 defenders. From 50 out he hits the post. (Q3 17:13)
Sheed finds Kennedy 40 out on the boundary in a mismatch against Dunstan. His set shot misses to the near side. (Q3 25:09)
Yeo goes long to the tip of the square and Hill floats in front of the pack to take the grab. He goals from point blank. (Q3 26:44)
Darling evades some St Kilda defenders with some smooth skills and gives to Cripps who gives to Kennedy. His shot from 35 out misses. (Q3 28:36)
Shuey spots up Kennedy again who marks in front of Fisher. Kennedy’s shot from 50 out on the flank is a goal and caps off a big quarter for him. (Q3 29:10)
Darling marks forward of centre but Montagna knocks the ball from his hands on the way back to his mark to concede the 50. From 20 out directly in front he goals. (Q4 4:42)
Murdoch goes across goal deep in defence but kicks it straight to Hill. He hands it to LeCras who finishes from point blank. (Q4 6:43)
Sheed is released down the wing after a throw in and finds Darling in space 40 out on the flank. He goes back and goals. (Q4 9:54)
Rosa goes long to the tip of the square where Naitanui sits on Bruce’s head to take the mark. From 15 out on a 45 degree angle he goals. (Q4 14:20)
Yeo marks leading up in acres of space 40 out on the flank. He goes back and misses. (Q4 17:15)
The Saints turn it over out of defence with Sheed taking the intercept mark 45 out on the flank. His set shot is a poster. (Q4 19:20)
Steven runs the length of the wing and goes over the top to Riewoldt. He shoots from 40 out on the flank with pressure from behind and misses. (Q4 21:02)
Nelson has a long shot at goal from 55 but Yeo leaps and pinches it right in front of the goal post. He goes back and goals. (Q4 24:38)

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