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Blog log from R22 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide, R22 of 2015

Monfries centres from the pocket to White 20m out in front, who misses a sitter. (Q1 1:45)
Wingard is front and centre for the crumb to an Ah Chee contest 20m out for the easy snap for the first goal. (Q1 4:38)
Ryder gets a handball from Monfries at the hotspot and bounces through the second goal for Port. (Q1 5:47)
Martin has Lynch all on his own at the hotspot after a bad turnover by Hombsch in the centre, he gathers and runs into the open goal. (Q1 11:34)
Robbie Gray snaps wide from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q1 15:21)
Wingard misses from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 19:52)
Robbie Gray misses a snap from traffic at 30m on the flank. (Q1 22:09)
Boak is pinged for a throw at a ball-up 30m out on a slight angle. Dixon takes the set shot with the slippery ball in constant rain… and goals. (Q1 25:19)
Shaw has time on the HFF to spot up a lead from Day to the same spot where Dixon just goaled. He can’t repeat the dose, only a behind. (Q1 27:02)
Lonergan races away from the first centre bounce of Q2 and bombs long, Dixon draws a free on O’Shea 10m out on the flank and goals. (Q2 0:18)
Bennell kicks across the back line to two Suns but it’s OOTF, White centres from the resultant free to Westhoff 40m out on the flank. The Hoff misses. (Q2 2:21)
Amon picks up a bouncing handball by Boak and snaps on the turn from 35m on the flank, Monfries is in the square to shepherd it through on the bounce! (Q2 3:50)
Matera receives from Bennell on a fast break, runs to CHF and has the entire goalface to aim at, but bounces it wide. (Q2 8:22)
Westhoff releases Wingard who runs his full measure and then some, fumbles and snaps into the post from near the hotspot. (Q2 9:19)
Lynch roves a Bennell contest in the pocket and gives to Day for a goal from the square, Suns back in front! (Q2 12:06)
Robbie Gray ducks into a May tackle 40m out in front and sucks the ump into paying a free for high contact. Gray passes to Ah Chee at the hotspot, who goals, just. (Q2 14:51)
May is unluckily pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, but Robbie Gray shanks the set shot and doesn’t score. (Q2 18:24)
Malceski is caught HTB in a pack 25m out on the flank. Amon takes the free, but misses. (Q2 20:52)
Smith spoils a high ball to the pocket, the crumb falls in the lap of Amon but he’s on the boundary with no time to spare, he snaps off a step off the left… and threads it! (Q2 27:47)
In a close game with the ball greasy as a pig in steady rain, goals like that are gold. (Q2 28:02)
Wingard starts an attack down the flank with a tap away from congestion, eventually White roves an Ebert contest at 25m on the flank and snaps truly. (Q2 28:56)
Matera gets the first goal of Q3 from 15m in front after marking a centring ball by Lonergan. (Q3 4:53)
Lynch is behind the Port defence for a long Day ball to the pocket, he has nothing on inside and tries a near impossible snap from the boundary 20m out… and threads it! (Q3 9:34)
With a wet ball, that was almost physically impossible, especially with a dud ankle! (Q3 9:34)
Sam Gray passes to Westhoff to mark in front of Bennell at 20m deep in the pocket. He goals. (Q3 10:50)
The rain has grown heavier in the second half. (Q3 11:53)
Wingard snaps from behind a pack 35m out on the flank, it bounces in the square and is rushed. (Q3 12:40)
Robbie Gray marks near the boundary 20m out and misses the lot. (Q3 14:55)
Hall drops a mark at defensive hotspot and fumbles then kicks to Butcher on the HBF, who gives to Amon to sail through a big goal from 40m. (Q3 16:44)
May gets pinged for umpire abuse to gift Wingard a goal from the top of the square. (Q3 17:52)
Westhoff catches Malceski HTB at 45m on a slight angle. The Hoff roosts another big goal for Port, that has just about put the game to bed. (Q3 20:18)
Butcher flies in front of Kolodjashnij and marks a long Jonas ball at 20m deep in the pocket. He checksides OOTF on the other side. (Q3 22:36)
Rischitelli goes short to Hall at 40m on the flank, he looks inside but goes back for the set shot, and misses. (Q3 27:21)
Stanley misses from inside a big pack at the hotspot. (Q3 28:51)
Bennell hits the post with a set shot from 15m on the boundary. (Q4 5:27)
Malceski passes to Lynch leading up the corridor in front of Impey to mark 35m out. But he misses. (Q4 6:42)
Lynch marks in a big pack 35m out on the flank, juggling in between two Port defenders. He misses again. (Q4 11:48)
Matera marks 25m out near the boundary and tries a set shot screwing ball off the left… and goals! (Q4 12:36)
Halfway through Q4 and the Suns are outplaying the Power, but their horrible conversion rate is scuppering the potential comeback. (Q4 13:02)
Hall has a snap from a stoppage at the top of the square touched off the boot for a behind. (Q4 20:32)
May is stripped of the ball on the wing in a tackle, Robbie Gray has Ebert over the back, the ball bobbles but eventually sits up for Ebert to volley home from 20m. (Q4 21:13)
Hartlett marks 35m out near the boundary and goes back for the set shot with obvious weariness, in the last two minutes. Hamish misses. (Q4 25:07)
Matera is pinged for kicking in danger on the HFF 50m out. Ebert takes the kick, but also misses. (Q4 25:50)
Ah Chee gives to White who gets tackled at the hotspot but stands up and grubbers a goal. (Q4 26:50)

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