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Blog log from R19 of 2015: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Blog log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, R19 of 2015

Yeo has Kennedy on a loose man play down the outer side but he fails to hit the target and the ball dribbles for a behind. (Q1 1:15)
The Eagles lock in the kick in, the give comes to Shuey who slams through the first goal from the HFF. (Q1 1:36)
McEvoy marks at half forward and goes quickly to the mismatch of Schoenmakers on Sheppard 15m out on a slight angle, Schoey marks easily in front but misses. (Q1 4:00)
Shiels kicks long down the flank to Gunston who outjudges McGovern to mark 25m out. Gunston shanks it OOTF. (Q1 6:12)
Shiels misses the seventh handball in a chain on the wing, Cripps gives to LeCras who just hits the post with a running snap from 50m on the flank. (Q1 7:55)
Hartung slips over in the sudden rain squall on the HBF and skids a kick to Priddis who pokes a pass down the line to Darling at 30m. Darling kicks truly. (Q1 9:02)
Shiels drops a mark but soccers from the centre straight to Gunston, fortunately, 40m out on a slight angle. Gunston misses again. (Q1 10:07)
Eagles are kicking with a very strong breeze, the Hawks haven’t coped at all with the other end yet. (Q1 10:46)
Big scramble at the top of the Hawk goalsquare after Rioli forces a spillage in a tackle, the ball flips back out to Rioli who gives to Hartung for the first Hawk goal. (Q1 11:18)
Breust roves a stoppage just inside CHF and snaps on the turn, but it drops in the square for Schofield to rush. (Q1 12:52)
LeCras rides a tackle and kicks to Darling who marks unopposed after Frawley falls over. Darling goals from 35m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:16)
LeCras passes to the lead of Kennedy just inside 50m on the flank, nothing Frawley could do there. JJK clunks it for the fourth Eagle goal. West Coast have the jump with the wind! (Q1 17:02)
McEvoy gathers a bouncing ball on the HFF and gives to Breust who fends off Schofield and tries a skidding ball on the run from the boundary 35m out… and threads the needle! (Q1 24:47)
Correction, it was Roughead with the goal assist give. (Q1 24:47)
Sheed scoops a ground ball to Cripps for a quick snap from 40m on a slight angle… it starts right and swings through with the breeze! (Q1 26:32)
Shuey hits the post with a running snap from 55m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:03)
After the Eagles yet again force a turnover at half forward with frontal pressure, LeCras goes very short to Cripps 20m out deep in the vortex pocket. Cripps kicks OOTF. (Q1 29:51)
Roughead drops a high Puopolo ball 40m out in front, has time to butter up and measure a snap across the body but bounces it wide. (Q2 0:34)
McGinnity gives to Kennedy under pressure on the HFF, Kennedy snaps but it bounces into the goalpost. (Q2 1:24)
Hill gives to Birchall for a snap off a step from 50m on a slight angle… Birch rides the wind and sails through the third Hawk goal. (Q2 6:51)
McGovern is stripped in a tackle on the HBF, Burgoyne roves, baulks free and shoots from 45m on a slight angle… he also uses the wind to best advantage to swing it through! (Q2 10:32)
McEvoy it was with the key tackle on McGovern. (Q2 10:45)
Breust catches Hurn HTB on the HFF, gets up and kicks long to Roughead who marks over Ellis with Schofield out of position. Roughead misses from 10m, disappointingly. (Q2 15:16)
LeCras gets a 50m penalty on Ceglar and finds Gaff who sprays it from 40m on the flank. (Q2 16:46)
To add to the blowing gale, a massive rain squall has now descended. (Q2 17:48)
Hutchings passes to Gaff just outside 50m, his set shot predictably drops short and doesn’t score. (Q2 23:02)
Shiels bombs long to a massive pack at the hotspot, it falls for Puopolo who snaps truly, but was it touched off the boot? Eagles say yes, video review says no, scores level! (Q2 25:47)
Schofield intercepts a Breust kick on the wing, busts a tackle and bombs long to Kennedy who marks at the top of the square and goals. Eagles regain the lead! (Q2 30:48)
Darling skids a long ball to space near the hotspot, Frawley stops Kennedy mopping it up, Burgoyne tackles Yeo, then Cripps rips the ball out and goals! (Q3 3:20)
Hutchings marks a shanked kick by Priddis to 30m on a slight angle. He goals as well, Eagles have the jump again at the start of Q3! (Q3 6:40)
Gunston smothers Ellis on the last line but hurries a kick he really had more time to steady with, and sprays it from 15m in the pocket. (Q3 11:08)
After a long series of stoppage deep in the Hawk forward line a free against Hodge breaks it open, Darling goes long to McGinnity at the hotspot! But he misses. (Q3 14:31)
Rioli goes long from the HFF to the hotspot where Ceglar and McEvoy raffle it, the winning ticket comes out for Ceglar who goals. (Q3 17:06)
Kennedy falls back and marks a long Shuey ball behind Frawley at 35m on a slight angle. JJK goals. (Q3 20:05)
Rioli tackles Wellingham and forces a turnover in the centre, Hill bombs to space near the square, Breust is first back to gather and goal! (Q3 22:30)
Rioli passes to Breust who baulks three onrushing Eagles on the HFF and passes to Hartung 20m out on a slight angle. Billy goals, just. Hawks back within a kick nearing 3QT. (Q3 25:07)
Hill is released by Puopolo down the HFF, Wellingham provides chase, Hill passes to Smith who gives to Hodge for a miss from near the hotspot. (Q3 27:30)
Roughead misses from a stoppage in the pocket 20m out. (Q3 29:42)
Rioli gives to Duryea for a snap off balance from 40m on a slight angle… wide. (Q4 1:24)
Rioli flies for a long Mitchell ball 35m out on a slight angle and somehow crumbs it himself and shoots around the corner… wide as well. (Q4 1:24)
Roughead roves a Puopolo contest in the pocket and gives inside who goes to Rioli and thence to Shiels who goals from 30m! (Q4 8:15)
The Eagle crowd boos as they see the replay of Roughead who may have taken the ball over the boundary line before disposing! (Q4 8:49)
Roughead gets a free at a stoppage in the pocket 25m out for Ellis diving and taking his legs out. Roughie tries a standing set shot but doesn’t score. (Q4 11:05)
Duryea centres from the boundary 40m out to the hotspot where Rioli rises in heavy traffic and marks unopposed! Cyril goals. (Q4 11:32)
Long ball to the Eagle goalsquare, Kennedy contest, the crumb goes to the front where Rosa is somehow all alone to rove and goal with ease! (Q4 15:16)
Shuey volleys from a stoppage 20m out but it’s wide. (Q4 16:24)
Kennedy marks a LeCras ball in the pocket, Gibson falls over so he plays on into the open goal! Eagles back in front! (Q4 17:27)
Lewis bombs long from the next centre bounce, Roughead contests, Puopolo taps to Breust who breaks a tackle and goals from 10m! (Q4 18:41)
Hill kicks to the pocket, Eagles can’t clear despite big numbers, Puopolo roves and gives to Burgoyne who goals from 15m! (Q4 20:53)
This is like the end of a heavyweight prizefight, quality teams going punch for punch! (Q4 21:16)
THe Eagles run in numbers down members wing on a rebound, Kennedy marks 45m out on the flank and takes the responsibility of the set shot… just narrow. (Q4 23:32)
Gunston centres to Mitchell at true CHF on a fast break, he decides to go back for the set shot with the wind. But no score results. (Q4 27:29)
From the resultant stoppage in the pocket, Lewis taps down and the numbers are with Hawthorn, eventually it’s flipped out to Roughead who baulks clear and snaps truly! (Q4 28:47)
Yeo bombs long to Kennedy who is over the back of Frawley but Frawley lunges to spoil and then clear, that might have been the last chance for West Coast. (Q4 30:34)
THe clock ticks down as the Hawks continue to attack. (Q4 32:33)
Hawks now playing tempo, it’s over. (Q4 32:47)

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