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Blog log from R19 of 2015: Collingwood vs Carlton

Blog log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R19 of 2015

Fasolo goes inside after receiving from Sidebottom on the half forward flank. Reid flies ahead of Rowe and takes the strong mark. From 30, he misses to the right hand side. (Q1 3:29)
Kreuzer takes the strong mark and turns at pace, directing his pass sublimely to the unopposed Casboult. Levi lines up and goals from 35 on the slight angle! (Q1 5:23)
The Blues scrounge it forward with a series of scrambled kicks.Bell flukily finds his way out the back, but Varcoe applies a tackle which impedes his ability to get boot to ball… (Q1 11:54)
After the review, they’ve deemed it to hit Bell’s knee. Minor score. (Q1 12:24)
Swan whacks it in long to the Rowe/Reid matchup and Ben takes the strong grab in the one v one. From 30 on the slightest of angles, Ben nabs the major! (Q1 15:09)
Blair wraps up Buckley in a tackle as Dylan attempted a take on the world type move through the back half. From a step inside 50, with no angle to speak of, Blair scores a minor. (Q1 21:36)
White goes up as a third man and works the perfect hit out to Carrazzo. Andrew immediately puts it on the boot, two bounces and its home from inside 50! (Q1 24:08)
Fasolo takes a brilliant one on one mark opposed to Docherty, after the pass in from Langdon. Alex lines up from the paint of 50 and sends it through for the quick reply! (Q1 24:42)
Fasolo nabs another! Out of the resulting centre stoppage, the Pies go long through Pendlebury. Rowe forces the spoil, but it pops straight out to Alex who snaps from 30! (Q1 26:10)
Boekhorst receives a down the ground free kick after Marsh upended Smith with a late hit in the kicking process. Blaine shoots after the siren from 45 on the flank. He misses. (Qtr Time)
Adams turns it over with a horrible effort, attempting to find Williams with a 40 metre backwards pass. Instead Everitt intercepted and bounced it home in one swift movement! (Q2 3:39)
Pendlebury finds Fasolo on the short lead, with Alex marking ahead of Tuohy. From 45 on the flank, Alex misses the set shot to the near side. (Q2 6:34)
Blair beats Docherty in the one on one contest and then darts in a pass to the leading Elliott, who marks out ahead of Smith. Jamie trots in from 45 on the slight and misses. (Q2 10:25)
Maynard misses the regulation mark and is made to pay the ultimate price. Kreuzer pounces on the error and flicks it off to Bell, who snaps truly from the pocket! (Q2 13:19)
Smith gives away a free kick to the stronger Reid in the marking contest, after illegally taking out the arms. From 50, boundary side, Ben sends it straight through the middle! (Q2 15:34)
Swan to Crisp to Greenwood all by hand, linking up in the forward 50 before Levi has the space and angle to kick at goal. His running shot misses to the left hand side from 40. (Q2 17:34)
From coast to coast the Magpies go, with Fasolo beginning the chain and it ending with Sidebottom finding Elliott out the back. Jamie turns and goals from point blank! (Q2 23:15)
Blair receives after the Pies again go storming through from the centre stoppage. Blair receives from just 15 out, but he misses with Reid sitting unattended in the goal square. (Q2 24:50)
Maynard runs through and goals from 30, with Pendlebury almost compelling him to do so moments earlier. The crowd produce a thunderous level of applause for the youngster! (Q2 26:05)
Holman punts it wide to the unattended Everitt. The former Swan and Dog runs through to 40 and makes no mistake with his measured effort from the flank! (Q2 27:38)
Fasolo reads it off the pack from the long bomb in, in a similar vein to how he nabbed his second of today’s contest. Alex runs on and snaps truly from 25! (Q2 29:21)
Crisp gathers at ground level and flicks off a quick handball to Swan. Dane sets himself and snaps truly from 30 on the sharp angle! (Q3 2:13)
Greenwood bullets in a pass to the hard leading Fasolo, who takes it out in front. Alex lines up the set shot from beyond the arc and docks the major from 55! (Q3 4:14)
Pendlebury takes the intercept mark and spots up Varcoe. Travis then goes long and Sidebottom takes the strong mark, just 20 metres out from goal. Incredibly he misses! (Q3 6:46)
Murphy receives out the back after the Blues moved it forward from the stoppage. The skipper turns and dribbles it home from 25! (Q3 10:29)
Pendlebury to Langdon to Sinclair, out the back and with space to move, Ben runs through to 40. Varcoe was sitting unopposed further of the play, but he missed him for the minor. (Q3 21:57)
Casboult taps it down to Whiley out of the forward stoppage. The ex-Giant snaps for goal, but he misses from 30 to the far side. (Q3 25:29)
Bell takes it out of the thick of the action and has a quick pot shot for goal from the pocket, but he misses to the near side. (Q3 25:54)
Cripps spots up Henderson on the lead, with Lachie taking the strong mark. In turn, Lachie flicks it over the top to Everitt, who runs in and slams the goal from point blank! (Q3 27:31)
Kreuzer finds Everitt on the lead ahead of Marsh with a wobbled punt forward. Andrejs lines up from 40 out, directly in front, and sends through another! (Q4 1:45)
Casboult takes a strong mark, running at the pill with pace. Lining up to make it just a three point margin, Levi steadies and sends it home from 35! (Q4 6:07)
Blair chips it over the top to Elliott who takes a good mark on the lead ahead of a desperate Buckley. 40 out, slight angle, Jamie hammers it home! (Q4 7:16)
Tuohy gets caught in the tackle by Sidebottom, and it pops out to Fasolo who darts in the pass to the unattended Reid. Ben trots in, 30 out and little angle to speak of, he goals! (Q4 10:11)
Cripps goes long from the centre stoppage and Walker marks out in front. Andrew flicks it off to Buckley, who runs through to the arc and sends it through the middle! (Q4 11:41)
Swan takes the mark and Buckley hits Dane late after the act, providing a 50 metre penalty for the black and white. 15 out, little angle to speak of, Dane goals! (Q4 12:29)
Moore creates the contest and then provides pressure at ground level, forcing the ball out the back. It falls to Crisp who goals from point blank! (Q4 14:51)
Bell to Boekhorst who has a flying shot at goal from 45 on the flank, but he misses to the far side. (Q4 15:39)
Docherty flicks it wide to the speeding Murphy who runs through to the 50 metre arc and sends it home with the low bullet of a shot! Classy stuff from the skipper! (Q4 17:07)
Walker soccers off the ground haphazardly, ahead of two Magpie counterparts, but his shot from the pocket misses to the near side. (Q4 19:23)
Boekhorst receives a 50 metre penalty for late contact in the marking contest against Langdon. From 45 out, directly in front, Blaine trots in and slots it! (Q4 21:07)
The ball bumbles around the goal square, yet finally pops out to Reid who soccers it home from close range.The review is underway, but vision is clear that Docherty did not tap it. (Q4 24:10)
Scharenberg gives away a free for holding in the marking contest opposed to Walker. From 35 on the sharp angle, its touched through. (Q4 26:03)
Swan to Greenwood to Blair all by hand. Jarryd speeds through to 35 and drills the goal that should settle todays affairs! (Q4 28:20)
Blair chips it in short to the Swan/Buckley contest and with brute force, Dane thrusts aside Dylan and takes the strong grab. From 25, he nabs his third! (Q4 29:58)
Whiley receives the free kick after towelling up Brown in the tackle. From 25, Mark slots the goal after the full time siren. The Magpies fans are quickly in full voice! (Q4 35:17)

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