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Blog log from R18 of 2015: Carlton vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Carlton vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2015

Thompson becomes an unlikely playmaker for the Roos, getting forward and going to the tip of the square to Ben Brown who knocks it to Jacobs for hands to Boomer and a snap goal. (Q1 5:09)
Goldstein swerves around players near CHF and shins a kick to Bastinac who then chips over to Dal Santo. From 35 out and very little angle Nicky-Dal sprays wide for a behind. (Q1 10:40)
A brilliant mark by Tarrant to cut off the Blues’ efforts to get out of defense lets them bomb back into the 50 to Goldy for a pluck mark in the pocket and an easy goal. (Q1 11:55)
Zach Tuohy snaps a point for the Blues’ first score, but it immediately gets rebounded by the Roos to Petrie who marks in the pocket before snapping a goal. (Q1 14:40)
Boomer Harvey spears a kick to Petrie who marks on the line and tries to play on, but gets saved by slipping over. With the right foot banana, Petrie snaps the goal. (Q1 19:37)
The Blues seem to be employing a rotating structure, swapping their forwards and backs often this first quarter. Judging by their score, however, it doesn’t seem to be working. (Q1 20:59)
There is just too much space for the Roos to play around with tonight, Ziebell marks uncontested 20 out in the pocket and gives to Boomer uncontested 25 out in front for a goal. (Q1 24:16)
Buckley gives away a free and gets reported for a sling tackle on Thomas inside 50. He goes to Harvey alone in the pocket, who shares it back to Thomas but he misses the goal. (Q1 26:58)
As quarter time sounds, Boekhorst gets himself a free for a high tackle from Bastinac on the 50. He takes the shot on a 45 degree and makes a good effort of it, getting the goal. (Qtr Time)
The body language from the Blues has been atrocious thus far, with players jogging and walking around with no opponents near, while also not getting around their own teammates. (Qtr Time)
Petrie gets wrapped up by Henderson on the Blues’ 50 metre arc, dead on the 45 degree angle. He goes back and makes the distance with no issues, but it’s out on the full. (Q2 3:17)
Casboult goes for a run on the wing and kicks a beauty to Henderson just inside the 50 near the boundary. He swings and goes to Everitt in the pocket who marks but snaps a behind. (Q2 6:00)
The Blues cut off the kick out through Henderson and Casboult takes a beautiful mark at the tip of the square. After taking some time to compose himself, he slots the goal! (Q2 7:13)
The Blues’ early run immediately gets responded to by the Roos as they get the quick clearance to the forwardline, allowing Higgins to rove and dribble a goal from 25. (Q2 8:43)
The Blues now get their own clearance out to Simpson who swings on his trusty left boot to deliver to Everitt in the pocket. He opts for the drop punt and nails it from 25. (Q2 9:23)
Waite takes advantage of a completely and utterly spent Simon White, grabbing an easy mark over him in the pocket and strolling away to snap a goal for himself from 10 out. (Q2 13:45)
Casboult and Kreuz double team Goldstein in the 50 near the boundary, and centre the ball to Cripps who takes a great grab 20 out but he misses. (Q2 17:59)
Some quality ball movement by the Blues enables them to build up a play through Curnow to Casboult at the tip of the square for a good mark and a goal. (Q2 21:28)
Immediately after Casboult’s goal, the Blues get a clearance into the 50 which is gathered by wood for a handpass to Everitt and a snapping goal from 30 out. (Q2 22:31)
Whatever John Barker said to the blues has empowered them to create a tremendous turnaround, as Tuohy gets the ball after a throw in and kicks a monster goal from outside 50. (Q2 25:46)
Higgins combines with Petrie to stem the Blues’ recent onslaught, as Shaun runs the boundary line inside 50 before handing to drew for a quick snap and goal. (Q2 28:15)
It’s now half time here and the game has now turned from sweating over a roast of the Blues, to a possible upset! Kudos to Boekhorst especially for a brilliant quarter. (Half Time)
Ziebell cops one high from Boekhorst after roving a ball up inside 50. He lines up from 45 on a 45 degree angle but misses to the near side. (Q3 3:02)
Petrie slips out in front of Rowe and juggles a chest mark 40 out from goal. He sees Dal Santo sneaking away from Yarran 30 out and uses him. Nick marks and goals quite easily. (Q3 9:45)
Goldstein wins a tap in the defensive 50 from a throw in, but Cripps bulls his way through everyone to get the ball, drawing a high contact free 30 out and kicking a behind. (Q3 11:40)
Ziebell cuts off a Carlton attempt to get out of defense, and quickly chips to Thomas who marks stretching in front of Buckley. From 35 and no angle he misses to the right. (Q3 15:14)
Big Kreuzer gets the run up after a kick from Carazzo and jumps over a Goldstein attempt at a spoil for a mark. From 20 out in the pocket, he slots the goal! (Q3 19:12)
Nick Dal Santo proves his class as he uses his excellent vision to spot Goldstein alone in the pocket for a mark and goal. (Q3 23:41)
Goldstein gets himself involved in a score again as he marks just outside the 50 arc on the lead and delivers to Ben Brown on the boundary. From 25 out he barely misses. (Q3 24:46)
The speed of the Kangaroos’ play has caught Carlton off guard in the last 5 minutes, as Swallow’s spread lets him mark alone 25 out from goal. With no angle, he puts it through. (Q3 26:26)
Three in a row to the Roos as a thump forward by Goldstein gets picked up by Ziebell and he runs to the edge of the 50 before bombing home a long goal. (Q3 27:54)
Ziebell somehow grabs himself the Roos’ first goal of the last quarter as he marks on the boundary 35 out from goal on the wrong side for a right footer and drop punts it through! (Q4 0:39)
Lindsay Thomas sees Ziebell’s goal from earlier and decides to try it himself, marking on the opposite side and mirroring the goal to perfection, slotting it through. (Q4 0:39)
Ben Brown sneakily gets in the way of Jamison, allowing Cunnington to get ahead of him and mark 45 out right in front. He has a good shot at it and it goes through for a goal. (Q4 0:39)
Waite gets himself a nice goal and two for the night as he swings around a snapping shot at goal after roving a contest and snapping a goal from 40 out. (Q4 13:26)
Swallow gets a clearance immediately to Thomas 20 out who chips to Higgins 30 out in a better position. With little angle, he comes close to the post but it’s a goal. (Q4 13:26)
Everitt gets himself a second goal from a set shot 25 out from goal directly in front, but with a minute to go the celebrations are minimal. (Q4 27:02)
The full time siren goes with the ball in Lindsay Thomas’ hands 25 out from goal directly in front. He kicks it through and the team song plays. (Full Time)

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