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Blog log from R18 of 2015: Geelong vs Brisbane

Blog log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R18 of 2015

Blicavs takes it straight out of the middle from the opening bounce and goes long to Merrett/Hawkins. It drops to the front, where Johnson grabs it and snaps truly! (Q1 1:16)
Adcock towels up Smedts with a tackle, and with limited prior paid, Jed receives the free. From the edge of 50 on the flank, the defender come forward slots the goal! (Q1 4:26)
Walker receives the free kick after another hot holding the ball decision. Josh trots in from 30 on the slight angle, and Josh nabs the major from the simple set shot! (Q1 6:33)
The Cats superior ball movement was clear throughout that play. Johnson ends with the assist, chipping it over the top to Caddy. Josh marks, plays on and goals from 25! (Q1 8:44)
Zorko takes it straight out of the half forward stoppage and slams it on the boot within a blink of an eye. it bounces ahead of the desperate Bartel, but into the post. (Q1 10:19)
Rockliff spots up the leading Freeman ahead of Lonergan, and Jono takes the strong mark. He trots in and sends it through from 30 on the slight angle! (Q1 16:16)
Selwood goes long to the one on one between Hawkins and Merrett and Tom receives the free kick for being held in the marking contest. He lines up from 35, but misses. (Q1 23:17)
Caddy chips over the top to Selwood, who in turn finds Hawkins out on the lead ahead of Merrett once more. Tom lines up the set shot, and this time he nails it from 30! (Q1 26:47)
Lang bangs it to the hot spot and Walker takes a spectacular mark over a 4 man strong pack, leading Paparone to the flight. Josh lines up from 40 on the slight and goals! (Q1 28:45)
Christensen drops his body and hooks his arm under, forcing Kolodjashjnij to take him high and Allen duly receives the free. From 45, he misses from the slight angle. (Q2 5:54)
Johnson receives out the back after the Cats wing it from end to end. Johnson sets himself for home, but his shot misses to the right hand side from the arc of 50. (Q2 7:08)
Rich went long and strong down the corridor and McStay takes a ripping mark opposed to Taylor. Daniel then snapped a goal, but on the late review its called a point! Poster! (Q2 8:38)
Kersten flicks it off to the speeding Motlop who finds Caddy out on the lead, with Josh marking deep in the pocket. From the snap shot, he misses to the far side. (Q2 13:23)
Leuenberger goes long to the hot spot and Beams gets to the drop zone, but his shot under immense physical pressure from 20 misses to the right hand side. (Q2 14:51)
Blicavs to Motlop who finds Kersten out the back with a quality pass. Shane flicks it over the top once more to the unopposed Walker, who in turns strolls into the open goal! (Q2 17:52)
Christensen, the former Cat, receives a free kick against Enright for in the back after the attempted mark. From 30 on the sharp angle, Allen misses to the near side. (Q2 20:22)
Motlop goes long to the two on one, allowing Walker to mark out ahead of his opponent in Clarke. From 30, on the slight angle, Josh trots in and sends it home! (Q2 24:50)
Bewick takes it straight out of the forward stoppage, and snaps across his shoulder, but misses to the far side. (Q2 27:30)
Adcock marks out on the lead after the chipped pass in from Andrews, who marked the Taylor error. Jed lines up and makes no mistake from 40 on the slight angle! (Q2 28:55)
Johnson finds Selwood out the back with a darting pass. Joel flicks it in board to the speeding Motlop, who determines the best option and resultantly slots it from 25! (Q3 4:03)
Caddy to Murdoch to Guthrie out of the middle and Cameron runs straight through to the 50 metre arc and has no trouble hammering it home! 2 in 30 seconds for the Cats! (Q3 5:34)
Enright, Motlop, Murdoch to Johnson who marks out ahead of Paparone on the short lead. Johnson goals from 25, and he has now nailed more goals than Billy Brownless! (Q3 7:17)
Martin takes the mark and flicks it in board to Rockliff who finds Adcock out on the lead. Jed trots in, a step inside of the arc, but he misses from the slight angle. (Q3 9:18)
Guthrie takes Redden down in a strong tackle and the call is duly made for holding the ball. Cam lines up the set shot from 45, but misses from the sharp angle. (Q3 11:45)
Adcock marks out on the hard lead after a bullet-like pass from Hanley. Jed, lining up from 30 on the slight, nabs his third of the afternoon! (Q3 16:42)
The Cats move it swiftly from end to end, and this time Johnson assisted with a quick chip pass to the unmarked Walker. Josh goals from 50 on the slight angle! (Q3 20:03)
Walker this time turns provider, finding Blicavs out on the lead. Pressed up on the boundary, Mark misses the shot to the near side from 40 out. (Q3 21:41)
Bewick marks out ahead of the desperate Kelly after the Lions swung it forward. Rohan lines up from the arc, and sends it through with a brilliant effort! (Q3 23:41)
Andrews turns it over defensive 50 and it comes back to hurt as Caddy goes to the Johnson/Merrett matchup. Johnson receives the free for illegal contact in the marking contest… (Q3 25:58)
Steve goes back and nabs his third of the afternoon from 45 on the flank! (Q3 26:19)
Duncan finds a diving Hawkins on the lead ahead of Merrett. Tom trots in from 35, on the sharp angle and has another to his name as the Cats extend their margin! (Q3 28:43)
Lang to Guthrie who finds Hawkins with a darting pass, and the unopposed Hawkins marks just before the siren.25 out, with little angle to speak of, Tom just misses to the far side. (Q3 30:18)
Kersten receives out the back after Hawkins spotted him up with a raking delivery. Shane flicks it in board to Selwood, who sends it through from close range! (Q4 1:47)
Hawkins to Kelly who goes long for goal, with Kersten left unopposed in the square. The shot sails through for a minor score, with a clear goal gone begging there. (Q4 3:05)
Motlop goes to the Hawkins/Merrett contest and Tom takes the predictably strong mark. He then goes long over the top to Lang who marks unopposed and duly goals from 20! (Q4 5:23)
Selwood receives a free kick in the deep forward stoppage for being pushed out of the contest against Hanley. Joel goes back and nabs it from 25! (Q4 9:07)
Adcock marks out on the lead once more after the Lions won the centre clearance. Jed sets sail for home from the set shot, and nabs his fourth of the day from 40 on the flank! (Q4 10:48)
Christensen finds Freeman on the short lead, and Jono wastes no time by flicking it on to the speeding Taylor. Lewis sums up the options and then splits the middle from 35! (Q4 13:08)
Freeman takes the strong pack mark after the long bomb in. From 40 out, on the slight angle, Jono misses to the far side. (Q4 19:06)
Kersten marks out the back after the Cats go coast to coast, and Shane flicks it over the top to the unopposed Guthrie. Cam receives and slams it home from point blank range! (Q4 22:22)
Adcock takes the strong mark and looks in board to the speeding Taylor who marks. From 40 on the slight angle, Lewis sends through his second of the term! (Q4 25:39)
Blicavs to Selwood to Lang out of the middle, but his quick shot at goal from the 50 metre arc misses to the left hand side. (Q4 27:22)
Blicavs takes the ground ball get and flicks it off to Walker, who flicks it further wide to Selwood.Joel whacks it on his boot, with only the angle to contend with, but he misses. (Q4 29:49)

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