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Blog log from R17 of 2015: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2015

Waite finds Gibson with a tumbler of an effort, that lands right into his hands. From 50, boundary side, he misses to the near side. (Q1 3:33)
From the kick in, Rich turns it over to Turner with a horrible effort. From 40 on the slight angle, he misses. (Q1 4:10)
Taylor turns it over in the defensive 50, splitting the middle between two teammates and bounces it in the path of Petrie. Drew then sends it through from 20! (Q1 7:04)
Brown palms it down to the front of the stoppage out of the ruck. He then roves his own play and snaps truly from deep in the pocket! (Q1 10:13)
Stefan Martin kicks an incredible goal out of the ruck! He takes it straight out of the stoppage and slams it on his boot from the best part of 40 metres, and it bounces home! (Q1 12:57)
Petrie goes over the top to Cunnington after marking the quick kick out of the congestion. Ben turns and goals with ease from point blank range! (Q1 16:28)
Taylor turns it over again in defence, this time after being put under pressure from Waite. Petrie gathers the stray handball and goals from 35! (Q1 17:23)
Higgins receives out wide via handball as the Roos sped it down the ground once more. He shoots for goal but misses to the right hand side from 35. (Q1 18:24)
Martin hits out of the ruck with a brilliant spreading tap to the speeding Redden. Jack gathers but misses the snap from the pocket to the near side with the banana. (Q1 20:14)
Rich gives away a 50 metre penalty for running through the mark, and it allows Brown to come within range. 35 out, on the slight angle, Ben misses. (Q1 21:58)
Adcock gets caught holding the ball and Bastinac takes advantage, moving it off to the speeding Turner, who marks 30 out unopposed. He trots in and slots it! (Q1 27:57)
Tarrant gives away the free kick for hands in the back opposed to the resting ruck in Martin. From outside 50, he misses to the far side. (Q2 0:27)
Bewick receives a highly dubious free kick against Tarrant for in the back. Robbie was clearly hard done by as Rohan goals from point blank range! (Q2 1:37)
Ziebell receives the free kick for being held by Rockliff in the contest and Jack immediately bullets in a pass to Petrie who takes the grab. 40 out, Drew goals once more! (Q2 3:37)
Andrews to Zorko who chips it through to the hard running Aish, allowing James to take a strong sliding grab. From 45 on the slight angle, he sends it home! (Q2 10:39)
Martin taps it down to Bewick who takes it out of the thick of the stoppage and whacks it on the left peg. It wobbles straight through the middle from 20 out! (Q2 13:50)
Zorko receives the ball and sneaks around a couple with great sideward movement, but his shot from outside 50 misses to the left hand side. (Q2 17:21)
Beasley gives away a free kick for a throw and Garler receives the shot at goal. From 35 on the slight angle, he misses to the right hand side. (Q2 19:54)
Brown gets to the drop zone after the bomb to the hot spot. Ben turns and dribbles towards goal with a 35 metre effort, but the ball bounces the wrong side of the post. (Q2 23:37)
Firrito over to Ziebell who receives via hand and leads Mayes a merry dance, before drilling it home from the top of the square! (Q2 30:10)
Atley executes a big tackle on Adcock and apparently it was dangerous, and duly a free was paid. Jed lines up the set shot, and from 40 on the flank he missed to the far side. (Q3 3:51)
The ball goes in long and strong to the one on one between Petrie and Andrews and the inexperienced Lion gives the free away for holding. Drew trots in and goals from 25! (Q3 5:08)
The Roos push forward from congestion through Bastinac who dribbles one forward. Turner runs onto it and flicks it off to Harvey, who goals from point blank in his four hundredth! (Q3 8:37)
Drew Petrie bullets in the pass to the leading Waite who takes the mark on the slide. He turns and lines up from 25, boundary side, but he misses to the near side. (Q3 9:33)
A ridiculous free kick is paid at the end of the quarter against Martin for holding in the ruck contest opposed to Goldstein. Todd kicks from 45 on the flank, and misses. (3 Qtr Time)
Tom Rockliff gives away an off the ball free kick for verbal abuse to the umpire. Brown receives the free and makes no mistake from point blank range! (Q4 3:33)
Turner chips in the pass to the hard working Gibson, marking unopposed 35 metres from goal, with Mayes coming in late. He goals! (Q4 5:54)
Leuenberger finds Bewick with a well weighted kick to the leading small forward. Rohan trots in to the arc of 50 on the flank, but misses to the near side. (Q4 7:33)
Dal Santo, Petrie, Thomas and it all ends with Lindsay chipping out the back to Harvey. Brent lines up from 35 on the slight angle and nabs his second of this special night! (Q4 9:33)
Ziebell nearly stuffs up what seemed an assured goal, dropping the ball before he could get it to the boot. It finally works to Bastinac in the goal square, who finished with ease! (Q4 10:49)
Ziebell goes long to the Brown/Merrett matchup and Ben takes the strong, simple marks 35 metres out from goal on the slight angle. Ben kicks another maximum! (Q4 12:14)
Christensen finds Robinson inside 50 with a simple chip pass, allowing Mitch to mark unopposed. From 30 on the flank, he misses to further the Lions misery. (Q4 14:04)
Taylor to Staker and back to Lewis all by hand, before Lewis pulls the snap back with a tremendous effort, but he hits the post from 30 out on the boundary. (Q4 17:36)
Petrie marks out on the short lead and has time to line up the set shot from outside 50. He misses to the right hand side. (Q4 19:29)
Thomas to Petrie to Cunnington all by foot and Ben took the simple uncontested mark, and he will now line up from 25 on the slight angle. Ben goals! (Q4 20:59)
Thomas goes in short to the Cunnington/Clarke matchup deep in defence. Ben keeps his feet for longer than Justin and goals from deep in the pocket! (Q4 23:34)
Abuse against Dal Santo results in a 50 metre penalty and Taylor receives the kick from just 15 metres out directly in front. Lewis makes no mistake! (Q4 24:52)
Leuenberger takes it out of the centre bounce and runs his full measure before finding Martin out ahead of Tarrant on the lead. Stefan from 35 on the flank, misses everything. (Q4 26:30)

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