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Blog log from R16 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R16 of 2015

Walker passes to Jenkins to mark deep in the pocket 2m5 out in between two Power defenders. He goals, the Showdown crowd goes wild! (Q1 1:28)
Betts causes a loose ball with a tackle in the pocket, Cameron roves and tries a centrin ball… spoiled but straight to Crouch who snaps truly from 25m! (Q1 6:15)
Boak kicks long over Lever to Ryder who marks 20m out on a slight angle. But Ryder sprays a very gettable set shot. (Q1 8:21)
Gray kicks quick from heavy traffic after a stoppage at the Crow hotspot, but it’s short and cut off by Henderson at 50m on a slight angle. Henderson goals. (Q1 13:12)
Ebert bombs long to the square, Ah Chee is spoiled by Brown for a behind. (Q1 14:49)
Betts turns the ball over on a fast break on the Crow HFF, the Power sweep on a switch play through the middle with Broadbent finding Gray at the hotspot for the first Port goal. (Q1 17:18)
Hombsch is pinged for a hold on Walker at 45 on the flank, slinging him from behind. Tex goals. (Q1 18:35)
Monfries passes to Impey at 40m on the flank, who misses. (Q1 20:18)
Ryder gets a ruck free for a hold by Hartigan 45m out in front, rather soft as he tries to go third man up. He goals. (Q1 22:19)
Lynch passes to Martin on a fast break at 30m on the flank, Broadbent just gets to the fall in time and smashes him but the ump pays a free. Martin goals. (Q1 25:03)
Smith gives to Douglas who has space to run down the side of the centre square, has many options in front of him, dithers but has the time to decide to go himself from 45m… goal! (Q1 27:25)
Wingard roves a bouncing Hartlett inside 50, turns on a sixpence and misses from 40m in front. (Q1 28:50)
Gray roves a Schulz contest on the HFF, Henderson corrals him, he sees Wingard and hits him with a pass to 25m on a slight angle. Chad goals. (Q1 30:01)
Ebert feeds Gray for the first goal of Q2. THis is a bit of a shoot out, with the intensity of both sides turning into big points. (Q2 2:19)
The fact that neither side is laying tags and the midfield are going head to head is leading to a lot of scoring. (Q2 2:47)
Neither side is really running one behind the ball either, which is particularly notable for Port. (Q2 3:07)
Cameron speeds up the wing ahead of Gray, who isn’t really chasing, and goes long for Walker to mark over Hombsch at the hotspot. Tex goals again. The shoot out continues! (Q2 4:47)
Walker marks on the HFF, wheels around and goes long to the top of the square for Knight to mark over Ebert and goal. (Q2 11:47)
Stewart is front and centre for a big Ryder fly in the pocket, his little kick is to Lobbe on the other side of the pack, he gets tackled but grubbers it home from 15m! (Q2 13:48)
Jenkins is paid a mark on the behind line from an errant snap by Henderson. He goals. (Q2 15:02)
Cameron marks in the centre, Hartlett encroaches to give away an obvious 50m penalty. Cameron lines up from near the hotspot, and goals as well. (Q2 17:08)
Walker marks just outside the 50m line on the flank. He misses. (Q2 18:48)
Cameron marks at the hotspot and gets smashed late by Trnegove, another 50m penalty and another goal to the Crows! (Q2 20:05)
Gray does a one-two with Wines at the next centre bounce and hits Ryder on the left nipple with a bullet pass up the guts to 40m. Paddy kicks truly. (Q2 21:33)
Betts dives between two Port defenders and marks a long Mackay ball to the pocket 25m out. Eddie hits the post. (Q2 24:03)
Long ball to the square for Port, Ryder drops it cold but the Crow defenders can’t clear it with Lobbe interfering, it bounces back up for Ryder to volley home! (Q2 28:19)
Lever tackles Ah Chee near the behind post to prevent a score and win a free for OOTF. (Q2 30:35)
Schulz marks 35m out on the flank and kicks truly. Since Talia went off, the Port defence has looked disorganised and short. (Q2 31:31)
Correction, the Crow defence. (Q2 31:49)
Neade speeds out of defence with a bounce, he has Westhoff in the centre who goes to Gray, a Joe the Goose special to Schulz for the first goal of Q3! (Q3 1:48)
Lynch strips O’Shea in a tackle in the centre, receives it back and bombs long to Jenkins at the hotspot, he turns Trengove with a step and runs into the open goal! (Q3 3:36)
Martin catches Neade HTB on the HFF, he gets the ball back from Crouch and passes to the lead of Walker at 40m near the boundary. Tex misses. (Q3 5:39)
Betts roves a stoppage at the hotspot but snaps across the face. (Q3 8:30)
An inside 50 kick by Knight falls short for Walker to steam onto at 30m on a slight angle, the advantage of playing in front. He goals. (Q3 13:29)
The Crows run in threes and fours through the centre on a rebound, Knight feeds Lynch who shoots from 40m on a slight angle… the Crows can do no wrong! (Q3 15:17)
Gray gives to Westhoff who has space to run to the edge of the centre square, decides to go himself from 55m on a slight angle… well wide. (Q3 16:52)
Betts is all on his own on the HFF for a Mackay kick, two Power defenders try to corral him but Eddie sums it up with a checkside goal from 25m. (Q3 17:45)
Wines gives to Wingard at the next centre bounce, Chad loads up for bear from 60m…. off hands for a behind. (Q3 18:16)
But the ensuing kick in is short and intercepted, it’s Wingard himself who bobs up for the goal from 25m! (Q3 18:39)
Henderson it was with the errant kick in. (Q3 19:00)
Hartlett gives wide from the centre to Wingard who tries a low dart from 55m on the flank… it bounces up in the square for Monfries to gather and goal! (Q3 21:00)
Young gives outside a stoppage at the hotspot for Boak to try a snap across the body… it’s home! The Port crowd are going ape droppings! (Q3 22:37)
Douglas sets up Betts for a snap around the corner from the pocket 25m out, but it’s narrow. (Q3 26:52)
Westhoff goes over the line on the kick in, but the Power clear from the resultant ball up. (Q3 27:53)
Martin passes to the lead of Lynch at 45m on a slight angle. Lynch kicks straight and just long enough! (Q3 28:16)
Jacobs marks on the HFF and passes down the line for Wright at 30m. Wright goals as well, the Crows are having a day out in the forward half! (Q3 30:31)
Long ball to Schulz, Lever spoils but the ump sees an arm chop… not much in it though. Schulz lines up from 35m on the flank, and goals. (Q3 32:15)
Betts’ pass to Walker 45m out in front bounces in front of him, Hombsch tackles but Tex gives to Thompson who shoots… was it touched on the line? Video review says no, goal! (Q3 34:11)
Schulz gives to Monfries who doesn’t get his famous bounce, just a behind from half forward. (Q4 6:05)
The Crows have a good zone in place across halfback, but Ryder steams onto a long Broadbent ball to 40m on a slight angle. Paddy misses, disappointingly. (Q4 9:43)
Young marks the kick in on the HFF and finds Wingard at much the same spot as Ryder’s previous shot. Chad makes no mistake. (Q4 10:43)
12:00 left and four kicks in it. It would be the greatest comeback in Showdown history, and the Crows don’t want to give this one up. (Q4 11:08)
Westhoff pushes off Hartigan and marks a long O’Shea ball at the same spot as Ryder a few minutes ago. The Hoff sprays it horribly. (Q4 14:31)
Lynch misses a flying shot from CHF. (Q4 14:56)
Monfries bombs long to the square from the HFF, it lands over the head of Gray and bounces wide. (Q4 15:49)
Lobbe marks a high, hopeful ball to the pocket by Wines over a helpless Lever. He lines up for the tough shot from 30m… and goals! (Q4 19:41)
Boak marks in the centre, Martin encroaches to give away 50m. Boak lines up from 40m out in front, and goals! 4:09 left and two kicks in it! (Q4 22:09)
Some stoppages in the Crow forward line, clock ticks below 3:00. (Q4 23:26)
Thompson has a chance in the pocket but kicks across the face and Port clears. (Q4 23:26)
The Power rebound down the outer wing, but it breaks down on the HFF. (Q4 23:26)
Westhoff strips Brown on the wing and wins a free, Ebert kicks inside 50 but a pack forms on the HFF, 1:45. (Q4 23:26)
Secondary ball up, 1:37. (Q4 23:26)
Monfries gets a free in the centre, long ball to the top of the square, Wingard crumbs, a chain of handballs ends with Boak to Gray who snaps truly! 1:06 to go! (Q4 27:25)
A kick in it, just the way this game was scripted to finish. (Q4 27:40)
Secondary ball up in the centre, 56 seconds. (Q4 28:10)
Krakouer clears but Lynch marks on the HBF. He passes to Betts on the wing who slows it down. (Q4 28:32)
Ebert roves the Betts kick but Douglas catches him HTB, Crows win! (Q4 29:09)

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