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Blog log from R16 of 2015: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R16 of 2015

Matt Boyd marks at halfback and tries a switch but the rebound is cut off in the centre, Gregson has a snap from 45m on a slight angle for the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 4:27)
Stringer marks on the lead in front of Kolodjashnij at the hotspot, but he sprays the set shot horribly. (Q1 5:42)
Campbell’s kick on the HBF is called too short and the Cats swarm the ballcarrier, turnover results in Duncan marking 25m out on the flank, but he misses. (Q1 8:12)
Prudden turns the ball over under pressure at halfback, the Cats switch to Walker at 40m on the flank, but he doesn’t score. (Q1 9:25)
Caddy breaks clear of a stoppage on the HFF and shoots on the run from 45m, but he also misses. (Q1 12:03)
Dale passes low from forward of the wing to Dickson on the lead to 30m on the flank. Dickson negotiates the Kardinia wind to steer through the first Doggie goal. (Q1 13:39)
Johnson roves a big pack at half forward and has Walker running back to the square ahead of Prudden, the SJ kick is quality as usual for Walker to mark and goal from 15m. (Q1 15:57)
Bartel gets a handball on the HFF and tries a running banana, it swerves and drops in the square, Hawkins judges it best to mark on the chest and goal. (Q1 17:48)
Johnson kicks under pressure from the HFF to the square, it drifts to the behind line where Hawkins juggles it over the line for a point. (Q1 21:00)
Daniel roves a big pack on the wing and scoots away with a bounce, then kicks long to Dickson who takes a skilful mark falling back in front of Bews. Dickson goals from 25m. (Q1 22:15)
Kersten marks in front of Morris at 25m on the flank and is the next Cat to miss a gettable attempt on goal. (Q1 25:59)
Duncan pressures Grant’s kick in the centre and it goes to Lang, who breaks a tackle and finds Johnson on the counter at 25m on the flank. Stevie J misses. (Q2 3:31)
Mackie marks a wobbly Walker ball in front of Wood at 50m on the flank. Tough kick from here at Kardinia Park… he doesn’t even try, off hands, no score. (Q2 7:07)
Caddy plays for a free and gets one for a very slight hold by Wallis at a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 8:12)
Redpath marks on the lead at the end of a scything rebound move up the guts with precision kicking by the Dogs. He lines up from 35m on a slight angle… and goals, just. (Q2 12:08)
Wood fumbles a ground ball after a Cat centre clearance at 30m on the flank, the spillage goes to Walker who tries a checkside grubber… doesn’t spin, rolls into the post. (Q2 13:20)
Murphy fumbles a ground ball at the top of the square, it ricochets out of a pack to Kelly who snaps quickly… shaves the goalpost. (Q2 15:21)
Macrae bounces free down the wing, then passes to Grant who marks 35m out on a slight angle. Spindleshanks shanks it for no score. (Q2 21:48)
Johnson snaps off a step from 40m on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 22:34)
Walker gives Johnson a Joe the Goose special but Crameri roars in to smother what should have been a certain goal! Shades of Shaw on Riewoldt. (Q2 24:18)
Redpath is paid a mark he takes a split second before the HT siren, in front of two Cats at the hotspot. But he misses. (Q2 27:03)
Mackie is pinged for HTB after Dahlhaus catches him in a secondary tackle 35m out on a slight angle. Dahlhaus goals. (Q3 3:28)
Stringer misses a pressured snap from 35m. (Q3 6:01)
Guthrie speeds away from a stoppage on the wing, the long ball to the hotspot is marked by Hawkins over Roughead who was holding on anyway. The Tomahawk goals. (Q3 8:49)
Johnson gives to Duncan to run free down the wing, reach 45m on the flank and shoot to an empty square… it bounces through! (Q3 12:19)
Crameri sharks a Kolodjashnij handball inside a pack 20m out but his pressured snap is well wide. (Q3 14:16)
The Cats go coast to coast, Blicavs kicks long to the flank 25m out, Johnson marks and gives to Hawkins to stroll into the open goal. (Q3 14:47)
Bontempelli bombs long to the top of the square, it spills off hands and through for a behind. (Q3 16:53)
Bews burns the ball with an errant handball on the HBF, Dahlhaus gives to Grant who swings through the turnover goal from 45m. (Q3 17:44)
Bartel rises over Johannisen and marks a Duncan ball to 25m on the flank. Jimmy shanks it for a point. (Q3 24:30)
Daniel receives after Enright drops a mark on the HBF, he is caught on his wrong side and tries a checkside… Wallis volleys it home from the square! (Q3 25:30)
Kelly marks a quick Murdoch ball from the HFF to the hotspot, better placed behind Murphy. He misses. (Q3 27:45)
Motlop is paid a mark from a Johnson kick down the HFF to 20m, even though he didn’t really hold onto it for long enough. He goals after the 3QT siren. (Q3 31:12)
Caddy feeds Kelly outside a pack at 40m on the flank, his quick snap fades late and just the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q4 2:48)
Wallis chases a ground ball, three Cats nearby but he wins it and wears a high tackle by Bews to get the free 40m out in front. He steers through the goal. (Q4 3:42)
Roughead drops a mark on the HBF, the crumb goes to Blicavs who gives outside to Motlop, he snaps across the body from 45m… bounces through! (Q4 10:02)
That’s pure Motlop, so often he has been the X factor for Geelong. (Q4 10:02)
Johannisen goes short to Stringer at the hotspot, ump says not 15m so he weaves around two Cat defenders and snaps truly! (Q4 13:47)
Duncan kicks long from the centre over Morris to Motlop at 20m on a slight angle, a lovely pass under pressure. Motlop pops it through. (Q4 17:53)
Hawkins sharks a Roughead handball on the HFF and finds Caddy at 35m on a slight angle. Caddy misses. (Q4 19:33)
The Dogs go coast to coast via Stringer and Macrae with the pass to Dickson 35m out on a slight angle. Dickson goals. (Q4 21:03)
Dale passes to Redpath at 50m on the flank. Redpath lines up inside the last two minutes… tries a pass, Grant is spoiled, Cats clear. (Q4 25:14)
Cats playing tempo now. (Q4 25:43)
Bartel marks at halfback to kill off the final Dog surge. (Q4 27:02)

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