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Blog log from R15 of 2015: West Coast vs Adelaide

Blog log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R15 of 2015

Wallingham bullets in a pass to LeCras who marks unopposed ahead of the trailing Smith. Mark lines up from a step inside 50 on the flank and just gets it home! (Q1 2:19)
Yeo gets to the drop zone after the Darling/Hartigan contest, and in one swift movement picks it up and hammers it home from 30 at speed! (Q1 4:44)
Sinclair, LeCras, Selwood and then Priddis all by hand, with Matt then being allowed to line up from 30 unmarked and he has no trouble in ceiling the deal! (Q1 8:20)
Turn over by Yeo straight to Thompson out of the defensive 50. He flicked it off to Douglas who found Cameron unopposed 20 from goal. He finishes with ease! (Q1 12:25)
Dangerfield opens the play up with a brilliant central delivery. Eventually Lynch receives and finds Cameron unopposed out the back. He has another from 20! (Q1 15:50)
Mackay takes it out of the thick of congestion, but he misses the quick shot at goal from 30 to the right hand side. (Q1 18:26)
Masten goes long to the Darling/Kelly contest and Jack takes a strong mark in the one on one. He lines up the set shot from 50 out, and makes no mistake in hammering it home! (Q1 19:46)
van Berlo to Cameron to Jenkins to Walker who slams it home from point blank range! Brilliant team goal as they swung the ball from one end of the ground to the other at speed! (Q1 21:51)
Betts takes the lead out ahead of Wellingham on the boundary line, deep in the pocket. He turns around and snaps truly with, predictably, no real trouble! (Q1 24:07)
Jenkins to Lynch to Walker who is out the back and after eventually picking up the bouncing ball, he made no mistake from dead in front! That’s five in a row for the Crows! (Q1 26:21)
Dangerfield has a brilliant 80 metre play, running 20, kicking 60 and finding Jenkins unopposed just 20 metres out from goal. Josh nabs another for the Crows! (Q1 28:31)
Betts gets out the back and flicks it off to Lynch who bullets in a centring pass to Wright out on the lead. He lines up from 30, boundary side, and misses. (Qtr Time)
Priddis, LeCras and back to the reigning Brownlow medallist before Matt found Kennedy on the lead. From 40 on the sharp angle, he hits the post. (Q2 1:16)
Shuey flicks it to Selwood and then backwards to Gaff who, lines up the snap, and hammers it home from 35! (Q2 2:43)
Darling, running through the centre of Paterson’s Stadium, finds LeCras running back with the flight with a picture perfect delivery. Mark continues on and finishes from 25! (Q2 6:04)
LeCras reads it off the hands of Naitanui, who realistically should’ve taken the mark. Mark snaps immediately under physical pressure, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 9:28)
Hill takes the mark, 45 metres out from goal on the slight angle after getting a step on his direct opponent. He misses to the right hand side. (Q2 11:10)
This time LeCras flicks it off to Yeo after Laird turned it over by hand, and Elliot ran through to 35 and makes no mistake for his second of the day! (Q2 11:39)
Laird gives away a 50 metre penalty for throwing Darling to ground after the mark had been taken. From 30 out, Jack slots another! (Q2 14:02)
Shuey takes it straight out of the centre stoppage and flicks it off to the speeding Cripps, who sets sail for goal from 45, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 15:25)
Sheed chips into the leading Kennedy who marks ahead of his opponent in Talia. From 35 on the flank, Josh trots in and sends through another! (Q2 19:05)
Hurn darts in a pass to Kennedy who again marks out on the lead ahead of Talia. From 45 on the flank, Josh misses his second shot in a minute. (Q2 21:31)
Turn over by Talia with a corridor pass that exposed Jacobs to Naitanui’s leap. Nic flicked it off to Masten, in turn to Selwood who slots it from the arc of 50! (Q2 24:00)
Turn over by Douglas from the kick in and Wellingham reaps the benefits, running past the arc and slamming it through the big sticks to extend the margin! (Q2 26:10)
Long bomb out of the centre and it bounces out the back to Hill, who led Lever a merry dance and finished with ease from point blank range! (Q2 27:00)
Hill gets to the drop zone and flicks it off to LeCras, who quickly settles on the dribbling snap shot attempt from deep in the pocket. He nearly pulls it off, hitting the post. (Q2 33:41)
Cripps extracts the ball from two Crows players and flicks it off to Shuey standing wide of the contest. Luke turns and goals from the top of the square! (Q3 1:07)
Priddis goes to the hot spot and finds Gaff running back into the hole, 35 metres out from goal. Andrew goes back and nails it! (Q3 6:53)
Jenkins chips in short to Lynch who marks unopposed 45 metres out from goal on the slight angle. Tom goes back and nails the major! (Q3 8:58)
Jenkins chips in short to Lynch who marks unopposed 45 metres out from goal on the slight angle. Tom goes back and nails the major! (Q3 10:19)
Betts taps it off the ground to Douglas who handballed out the back to his captain in Walker. Taylor trotted in and finished from point blank range! (Q3 14:45)
van Berlo to Cameron who finds Betts in the one on one opposed to Schofield. Eddie takes the mark, but misses the shot from 35 on the slight to the far side. (Q3 19:01)
Scott Selwood gets to the hot spot and reads it off the pack, feeding it behind him to Yeo who again flicks it further afield to Gaff. Gaff steadies and nabs another, his third! (Q3 23:09)
Cameron to Lynch who goes back through the corridor to an unopposed Smith. 35 out on the slight angle, Brodie just works it through the big sticks! (Q3 24:44)
Dangerfield gets it out of the centre and goes long to Cameron, who flicks it to Wright and then off to Knight. Riley continues on and goals from the top of the square! (Q3 26:09)
Smith hacks it out of the defensive 50 with limited options to kick to, eventually finding the Eagle in Masten. Yeo gets it out the back, snapping truly with a dribble shot! (Q4 1:22)
Priddis takes it out of the middle and finds Shuey, who rans through to the arc and slams home the Eagles second in thirty seconds! (Q4 1:42)
Hurn launches for home from 55, but just misses to the right hand side after Smith turned it over with a questionable delivery through the corridor. (Q4 3:10)
Yeo finds Sheed centrally with a chipped ball from boundary side. Dom kicks from outside 50 on the set shot, and manages to hammer it home! (Q4 4:22)
Selwood, SInclair, Hutchings, Sheed with Dom marking in the goal square, after a brilliant bit of movement. He flicks it over the top to Masten, who goals from point blank range! (Q4 8:02)
Hill misses in acres of space from 30 out directly in front, after the long bomb bounced out the back of the pack. (Q4 10:20)
Knight marks out the back of Wellingham, 40 out from goal on the flank. Riley trots in and nabs his second major of the night! (Q4 11:25)
Cripps goes long to the Kennedy/Talia contest and Josh takes the strong contested grab. He goes back and snaps truly from 30 out pressed up on the boundary! (Q4 13:13)
Sinclair back to Darling who goes for goal from 35. It bounces metres before the line and Cripps runs onto it and goals ahead of Laird! (Q4 14:13)
Thompson attempts to break a couple of tackles, but to no avail and Selwood is paid the holding the ball decision. From 40 on the slight angle, he misses. (Q4 18:28)
Betts goes long with an inside out left foot torpedo from outside 50, bouncing this way and that but eventually bouncing through, ahead of Sheppard’s desperate effort to touch! (Q4 19:53)
Dangerfield takes it straight out of the middle and goes long to the Jenkins/Schofield matchup and Josh takes the strong mark. From deep in the pocket, he misses to the near side. (Q4 20:43)
Kennedy flicks it out to the speeding Sinclair, but his hooked effort misses to the right hand side from 35. (Q4 22:13)
Sheppard to Shuey to Rosa who finds Hill unopposed, 35 metres out on the flank. Josh trots in and makes no mistake for his second of the night! (Q4 24:34)
Dangerfield once again, takes it out of the middle with ball in hand and finds Betts on the short lead. 40 out on the slight angle, Eddie hooks it to the left hand side. (Q4 26:14)
Long bomb in and Jenkins out marks Schofield in the one on one. From 35 out on the flank, Josh nabs another consolation prize for the visitors! (Q4 28:37)

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