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Blog log from R13 of 2015: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R13 of 2015

Zorko bombs long up the guts on a fast break started from deep in defence, Hartigan can’t prevent Bourke marking 20m out for the first goal. (Q1 3:56)
Bourke roves a McStay contest at 35m on the flank and gives outside to Redden, a man jumps in his face but he threads the needle with a fine snap! (Q1 7:00)
Green marks in front of Brown at 40m on a slight angle. His set shot is marked on the behind line by Jacobs. (Q1 7:53)
Christensen passes to space 40m out on a slight angle, Taylor drops it but has time to butter up and measure a snap across the body… and goals! (Q1 11:59)
Andrews gets in strife in the BP and kicks OOTF under Betts pressure. Walker takes the kick 35m out, and doesn’t score. (Q1 14:01)
Andrews corrals Walker in the pocket and forces a snap from 25m to go wide. (Q1 15:42)
Aish baulks a man on the HFF and passes to Robinson at 30m on the flank. IQ misses. (Q1 16:37)
Walker marks on the HFF and gives to Laird running past for a snap from 45m… Clarke rushes it in the square. (Q1 18:31)
Martin bounces a short kick to Harwood to gather, run to 45m in the corridor and miss. (Q1 20:31)
Zorko’s snap from CHF drifts to the pocket, Adcock contests and keeps it alive, Bourke roves and goals from 15m! (Q1 21:16)
Aish gives to Rich who shoots from 50m on the flank… rushed on the line. (Q1 22:43)
Jenkins leaps in the back of Harwood and marks 25m out on the flank. He goals. (Q1 23:57)
Thompson snaps from a stoppage at the hotspot but it’s just wide. (Q1 25:32)
Cameron gives to Smith in the centre, he runs his full measure to CHF and bangs through a lovely goal. (Q1 28:47)
Wright marks on the HFF and gives behind to Smith who runs towards the boundary and lets fly from 60m… and kicks OOTF. (Q2 1:49)
Lynch goes long from the HFF to the square where Jenkins marks easily over Andrews and goals. (Q2 4:57)
Adcock dives and takes a slips catch from a low Rich ball to the corridor 45m out. He misses left. (Q2 8:32)
Lynch releases Wright to run in space down the wing, he reaches 40m on the flank but a hard chase by Harwood pays off as his snap skews OOTF. (Q2 9:49)
Zorko bounces twice in a trademark scooting run up the guts, then passes to Leuenberger at 35m on a slight angle. Leuey goals. (Q2 12:33)
Bourke passes to the lead of Leuenberger, well in front of Hartigan at 35m on the flank. Another tricky set shot for Leuey… and he misses. (Q2 14:43)
SLoane roves a contest on the HFF, gets a shepherd to release him for a running snap from 45m, but it’s low and rushed in the square. (Q2 19:43)
Hanley gathers a bouncing Robinson ball to the pocket, turns Brown inside out near the behind post and runs into an open goal! (Q2 21:03)
Wright roves a contest at the top of the square, tries a grubber from 5m but Robinson dives and rushes it with trademark desperation! (Q2 23:46)
Walker gets a lucky free on Paparone 40m out in the corridor. But he sprays the set shot for a behind. (Q2 27:26)
Redden fails to realise Taylor wants to give to him on the wing, Douglas roves off Redden’s back and gives to Cameron who runs to 50m on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 1:59)
Jenkins marks a long ball in the pocket 20m out, albeit Betts was screaming for it in a much better position. He misses. (Q3 3:33)
After Wright clears from congestion on the wing with an intelligent kick, Cameron hits Walker on a short lead to 35m on the flank. Tex goals with a trademark quality finish. (Q3 5:03)
Zorko sharks a stoppage 40m out on the flank and snaps across his body for a classic opportunist goal! (Q3 8:30)
Dangerfield bounces twice down the wing and finds Cameron with a pass to 30m on the flank. Cameron goals. (Q3 11:34)
Hanley gets a free in the centre after being bowled over by Laird, he passes to Christensen at 35m on a slight angle. Bundy kicks straight. (Q3 13:49)
Martin sprints from the next centre bounce but his running shot from 55m is wide. (Q3 15:04)
Robinson gets a free on Talia in the pocket 25m out for high contact. He runs around and goals. The Lions have the jump to start the second half! (Q3 16:26)
Zorko smothers Ellis-Yolmen near the hotspot to prevent a score but the ball squirts back to Lynch who snaps off a step from 40m… just wide. (Q3 18:35)
Betts passes low from outside CHF to Walker at 35m on a slight angle. Tex hits the left goalpost. (Q3 19:35)
Crouch gets a free on Bewick at a stoppage 35m out on the flank. He sprays it way right for a behind. (Q3 21:05)
Walker keeps his feet in a contest with Andrews on the HFF and mops up after the ball goes behind, but he misses the snap on the run from 35m. (Q3 23:59)
Thompson juggles and marks a short Jacobs ball to 35m wide on the flank. ST hits the near goalpost. (Q3 24:36)
Bewick catches Thompson in possession on the wing to start a fast break, Martin kicks long to the square, it’s wide but Leuenberger gets a free on Hartigan for a hold, he goals! (Q3 26:15)
Redden passes to McStay on a lead from the square to the hotspot, nothing his man could do. But McStay misses. (Q3 27:50)
Cameron mops up an untidy Lynch ball to space at the hotspot, gets tackled and gives to Jenkins who is pressured for the grubber snap from 25m on the flank… just wide. (Q4 2:04)
Betts feeds Wright for a goal from the square after roving a Walker contest on the flank 20m out. (Q4 2:52)
Jenkins marks over three Lions at 30m on the flank and gives to Betts to run into the open goal. (Q4 3:24)
Douglas roves a stoppage forward of the wing and gives to Ellis-Yolmen who passes short to Walker at 40m wide on the flank. Tex misses. (Q4 6:47)
Thompson picks up a loose ball on the HFF, tries his luck from 50m, the snap starts left but straightens and sneaks inside the post for a big goal! (Q4 8:01)
Robinson roves a stoppage at 40m on the flank and gives to Taylor for a snap off a step… floats wide. (Q4 10:50)
A string of repeat inside 50s to the Lions as they have the wall set up across midfield. (Q4 13:20)
Thompson falls over on the HBF to allow Adcock in for the turnover, Andrews finds Martin very wide 45m out. The set shot drops in the square… McStay drops it on the line! (Q4 15:00)
Ellis-Yolmen spoils on the wing to cause a turnover, Dangerfield passes to Betts at 35m on the flank… Eddie levels the scores with a big goal! (Q4 18:04)
Walker marks just outside 50m on a slight angle and goes back for the set shot. Tex just clears the pack on the line for another massive major! (Q4 20:01)
Jenkins juggles and marks an Ellis-Yolmen ball in the pocket near the behind post. He doesn’t score. (Q4 24:01)
Crouch kicks high from a stoppage in the pocket to the top of the square, van Berlo flies and marks against two Lions! NVB goals as the clock ticks below 4:00. (Q4 24:58)
Thompson clears from the next centre bounce and the Crows play a bit of tempo, ending with Rich starting a rebound from the HBF. (Q4 27:01)
But it doesn’t clear the centre, and the kick goes to Betts who gets crunched by Andrews in the pocket to get a free 20m out. Eddie seals the deal with a poster. (Q4 27:28)

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