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Blog log from R11 of 2015: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Blog log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R11 of 2015

Jones to Vince back to his captain who darts in a pass to the leading Hogan. Hogan skids through and takes the mark. From the resulting kick he goals from 30! (Q1 1:41)
Geary goes out the back to Lonie who marks ahead of Jetta. 40 metres out from goal on the flank, Jack slams home the Saints first! (Q1 3:11)
Lumumba to Jones who again bullets in a pass to Hogan who slides through for another leading grab. 35 metres out, directly in front, Jesse has his second! (Q1 5:41)
Ross towels up Riley in the tackle and the decision is paid. Seb immediately chips it to the leading Membrey who marks on the lead ahead of Grimes.From 35 on the flank, he goals! (Q1 9:57)
Montagna gets to the drop zone after the ball pops out the back of the pack. He flicks it off to Weller and then Riewoldt who goals from deep in the pocket! (Q1 14:27)
Toumpas goes central to Brayshaw, and after it went through a number of hands, it popped straight out to Angus. He misses from 30 on the slight. (Q1 16:53)
Howe goes wide to Garlett who centres to the unopposed Stretch. Billy marks and from 40, he hits the post. (Q1 18:41)
Riewoldt kicks the miraculous goal between a myriad of legs from deep in the pocket. But wait we have a review, and it’s called touched. Minor score to the Saints. (Q1 21:38)
Newnes finds Membrey with the dab pass, allowing the ex-Swan to mark boundary side 40 out. Tim trots in and misses to the near side. (Q1 23:06)
Riewoldt takes the pill out of the pack, and has the quick shot at goal from deep in the pocket, but this time he manages to hit the post under pressure. (Q1 24:02)
Gawn to Watts who found the hard working Brayshaw running out the back unopposed. From 30 he goals! (Q1 26:45)
Viney to Pedersen who beats Dempster to the drop of the ball. he flicks it centrally to Howe, but Jeremy misses the regulation shot from 25. (Q1 29:39)
Viney to Pedersen who beats Dempster to the drop of the ball. He flicks it centrally to Howe, but Jeremy misses the regulation shot from 25. (Q1 29:39)
Tyson flicks it wide to Neal-Bullen, but Alex misses to the near side from 45 on the flank. (Qtr Time)
Minchington to Newnes who chips in a pass to the unopposed Riewoldt who sat 35 metres from goal on the flank. He lines up the set shot and nails it! (Q2 2:26)
Riewoldt taps it down to Newnes who flicks it off to Minchington. Darren turns at pace and slams it home from 45 on the flank! (Q2 4:04)
Newnes takes Neal-Bullen in the tackle and receives the holding the ball decision. From the resulting kick he bullets in a pass to the leading Riewoldt. (Q2 8:42)
From 45 on the boundary, he nails the major! (Q2 8:42)
Bruce works it at the top of the square, flicking it wide to Lonie who in turn finds Ross. Ross snaps truly from point blank range! (Q2 17:42)
Bruce to Steven to Dunstan who attempts a flying shot at goal from 45, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q2 18:14)
Hogan has his third! The long bomb from the stoppage comes from Brayshaw and Hogan gets out the back, taking the mark and slamming it home from point blank range! (Q2 21:43)
Toumpas, Gawn and then Viney with a chain of handballs. Jack runs through to 40 at pace and he makes no mistake from directly in front! (Q2 22:26)
Dunstan finds Bruce unopposed from 45 out on the slight angle after a horrendous turn over out of defence by Lumumba. Josh goes back and slots the major! (Q2 24:57)
Montagna gains territory with a kick out of the stoppage and Lonie then beats Jetta to the pill, and snaps it through from the slight angle in the pocket! (Q2 27:13)
Jones goes long out of the centre clearance and Hogan takes the mark ahead of Delaney on the lead. From 40, directly in front, he splits the middle! (Q2 28:34)
Vince to Gawn, who in turn flicks it wide of the congestion to Garlett. Garlett strokes the pill from 35, boundary side, straight through the middle! (Q2 31:13)
Gawn taps it down the throat of Toumpas, who whacks it straight through the middle from 20! Great stoppage movement by Jimmy! (Q2 32:57)
McDonald kicks an incredible goal. He receives, runs through from 50 to 20, burning off Savage in the process before slotting it through from close range! (Q3 8:20)
HOGAN! The long bomb goes in and Jesse leads Delaney to the ball. Off hands he wins it on the ground, turns and snaps it through from 30! Five majors from him today! (Q3 12:21)
McDonald, Hogan to Toumpas and Jimmy has another major from 25 after Shenton turns it over through the corridor with a horrendous use of the footy. Demons lead by 12! (Q3 16:29)
JACK STEVEN! Steven takes it straight out of the middle and is trailed hard by Viney but Jack still managed to slam it home from outside 50! (Q3 17:23)
Newnes takes the terrific intercept mark ahead of Toumpas and he flicks it off to montagna. leigh runs through to 55 but bounces it to the left. (Q3 19:53)
Lumumba to Cross to Watts all by foot as they take it end to end. Jack continues on through to 40 but the open play shot misses. (Q3 20:52)
Dusntan goes long and Riewoldt takes the strong mark sandwich between two Dees counterparts. From 25 on the slight, Nick makes no mistake! (Q3 26:08)
Hogan has a quick shot at goal and manages to hit the post from point blank range after the Dees won a free kick just metres from the shot. That miss could prove costly. (Q3 28:08)
Membrey takes the mark ahead of Grimes on the lead just seconds before the 3QT siren after Acres got the ball forward from the stoppage. 35 on the flank, he misses. (Q3 30:54)
All tied up with a quarter to play. Who can run out the game stronger? We shall know in 30 minutes time! Enjoy. (Q4 0:21)
Watts to Jones to Howe all up the wing by foot before Jeremy took the strong mark opposed to Gilbert. 40 out on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q4 3:23)
Armitage towels up Jones in the tackle and receives the holding the ball decision. From 45 on the flank, David misses to the near side. (Q4 5:19)
Steven flicks it out to Bruce who speeds through to 40, but he misses to the right hand side from the slight angle. (Q4 13:45)
Riewoldt keeps it alive with quality pressure which creates the turn over. The ball pops out to Dunstan, but his shot hits the post from 20! (Q4 17:22)
Montagna chips in short to Riewoldt who marks out on the lead ahead of McDonald. Hobbled by injury, Nick lines up from 50 on the flank and misses everything. (Q4 19:07)
Gilbert finds Minchington on the lead unopposed and now Darren can line up from 50. He launches and its touched through for a minor. 3 point ball game, 3 minutes left. (Q4 21:46)
Watts to Vince who darts in the pass to Hogan who marks out on the lead. For his sixth major, 45 metres out on the slight angle… Its touched through. (Q4 24:07)
Gawn finds the flying Howe who takes the strong mark out on the hard lead. 45 metres out on the flank, this time he sends it through the big sticks! (Q4 25:20)
41 seconds left, Demons up by 4 points! Centre clearance is key! (Q4 25:49)
Steven wins the clearance and then wins it again, going out the back and it bounces through to the hard running Montagna who goals from point blank range! (Q4 26:44)
SIREN! Saints win! (Q4 27:19)

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