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Blog log from R11 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R11 of 2015

The Dockers run sideways across the last line of defence by Sheridan gets caught HTB by Raines just next to the goalsquare! Raines is the unlikely first goalscorer. (Q1 2:19)
Mundy passes low and hard to Walters at 35m near the boundary. Son-Son misses the lot. (Q1 4:34)
Neale roves a long ball to the hotspot, Sandilands contests and then mops up after some frontal pressure forces a spillage, he gives to Neale who does the rest. (Q1 7:50)
Pavlich beats McKenzie for a ground ball in the pocket but too many Suns are there for him to run into the open goal from 20m, Leslie eventually rushes it. (Q1 13:18)
After a long period of repeat inside 50s for Freo, Hannath marks 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 19:36)
Pavlich marks on a hard lead up the guts to CHF, nothing McKenzie could do there. He doesn’t score. (Q1 20:51)
Kolodjashnij marks a long ball to the hotspot behind Danyle Pearce. He converts a rare inside 50 by the Suns, and they’re improbably in front! (Q1 23:36)
Crozier misses a set shot after the QT siren, after a mark at 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:59)
Neale gets a free at a stoppage in the pocket 20m out, and hits the post. (Q2 5:43)
McKenzie is out of position to defend a Sheridan kick over his head to Pavlich at 40m on a slight angle. Pav misses again. (Q2 7:02)
Leslie’s pressured handball on the last line is turned over, Crozier snaps on the turn from 10m for a goal. (Q2 9:45)
The Dockers are looking a bit cooked and in search of a rest, so the undermanned Suns may have caught them at a good time. (Q2 10:11)
Walters marks a centre clearance by Clancee Pearce at 40m on a slight angle, but hits the post. (Q2 10:51)
Hannath marks a Barlow ball on his chest at 35m on the flank, and delivers a solid set shot for a goal. (Q2 14:11)
Hannath gives to Ballantyne who baulks and shoots off a step from 35m on a slight angle… Rischitelli rushes it on the line. (Q2 18:11)
A ricochet off the boot of Mzungu gives Lynch a free for OOTF 15m out. He hits the post. (Q2 19:54)
Lonergan gathers a snap from Matera from the HFF on the behind line, baulks a man and gives to Raines for a goal from 15m! (Q2 21:28)
Miller marks a pass by Russell at 35m near the boundary on the end of a clean move from halfback by Gold Coast. Miller goals, Suns back within a point! (Q3 2:23)
Fyfe marks a Mundy centre clearance kick in front of Schade at the hotspot, and kicks the answering goal as easy as you like. (Q3 3:38)
Correction, it was Cameron defending Fyfe there. (Q3 4:08)
Fyfe marks a long ball up the guts by Ibbotson over the back of Saad with superior body work, turns at the hotspot and goals again with ease. (Q3 5:58)
Barlow catches Boston high at a stoppage 45m out on the flank. The set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q3 15:09)
Rischitelli roves a stoppage 35m out on the flank and sends a high ball across the body to the square… it bounces behind Matera and through! (Q3 20:25)
Pavlich marks a long ball to the HFF on his chest, 45m out in front of McKenzie. He misses. (Q3 26:39)
Fyfe gives Suban a hospital handball on the HBF, three Suns descend and catch him HTB. Raines sends a high ball to the square, Sandilands punches it for a behind. (Q4 2:17)
Boston mops up a Matera inside 50 at 35m on the flank and gives to Lemmens running past, he tries a running snap across the body… it’s good! Suns back within a kick! (Q4 7:04)
After a long Fyfe ball to the hotspot is spoiled, Barlow gives to Ballantyne for a snap over his shoulder under a tackle from 20m in front… wide. (Q4 8:27)
Not much goalmouth action, a lot of kicking up the line and endless stoppages that don’t amount to much. (Q4 15:04)
Hill has space for a snap from 40m on the flank but it’s on his right boot and drops in the square for an easy spoil and rushed behind. (Q4 15:35)
Fyfe kicks long from a stoppage on the HFF, Pavlich has three on him in the square and can’t prevent another rushed behind. (Q4 17:33)
Danyle Pearce bombs long from the HFF to the corridor 20m out, eight man pack, crumb to Ballantyne but he kicks into the behind post on the full. (Q4 18:48)
A huge amount of throw-ins on the outer wing in this quarter. (Q4 19:35)
Boston roves a long ball to the flank 20m out but misses a rare attempt. (Q4 21:15)
Some play in the Suns forward 50. (Q4 24:16)
Repeat stoppages in the Suns FP, 4:00 left. (Q4 24:48)
Ibbotson clears to the HBF< throw-in, 3:57. (Q4 25:15)
Another stoppage on the wing, 3:44. (Q4 25:29)
Sheridan clears to Pavlich forward of the wing, Dockers hold it in after Saad roves in the Dockers FP, throw-in, 3:14. (Q4 26:18)
Secondary stoppage, 3:06. (Q4 26:18)
Another one, 3:01. (Q4 26:49)
Barlow has a chance for a left foot snap across the body from 30m on a slight angle but it’s wide. (Q4 27:22)
Spurr spoils the rebound kick behind the wing, throw-in, 2:37. (Q4 27:33)
Secondary stoppage, 2:29. (Q4 28:05)
Another one on the Docker HFF, 2:20. (Q4 28:05)
Sandilands over the head to Neale, he shoots on the run from 30m near the boundary… poster! (Q4 28:43)
Dockers intercept the kick in at half forward, Clancee Pearce pumps it back in, stoppage in the pocket, 1:39. (Q4 29:17)
Schade ducks a Danyle Pearce challenge in the goalsquare and right into a Suban tackle, the ump has no option but to pay HTB for the sealing goal. (Q4 30:00)
Lynch marks on the HFF, plays on and bombs long… oh my word, that bounces through from 60m! 22 seconds for the Suns! (Q4 32:06)
Neale clears, Danyle Pearce roves a Pavlich contest on the HFF and passes to Ballantyne 40m out on the flank. The siren sounds, Balla misses. (Q4 32:48)

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