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Blog log from R8 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R8 of 2015

Rampe goes inside 50 to the lead of Rohan who marks in front of his opponent Burgoyne 15 out in the pocket. He goes back to kick the first of the night! (Q1 1:59)
Tippett goes up for the mark after the Swans get the centre clearance and receives the free after Gibson catches him high. From 40 out directly in front, he goals. (Q1 3:29)
Suckling gets the quick kick out of traffic on the wing. The ball bounces over Roughead and Richards at half forward and Rioli collects. He tries a dribbler from 30 out but misses. (Q1 6:14)
Rohan and Goodes combine at half forward after Sydney spread from defence. Rohan goes inboard to spot up Parker 50 out. His set shot misses. (Q1 8:12)
A free kick is given to the Swans as well as 50 but a melee erupts! It results in a reversal and Roughead is found 40 out on the flank. He misses as push and shove continues. (Q1 12:14)
McGlynn receives a 50 after Shiels catches him high after marking. This takes him to 20 out and he slots the goal. (Q1 17:46)
Rohan sends it inside 50 where Tippett crashes a pack. Kennedy is on the ground and mops up to Goodes who sidesteps a Hawk and goals from point blank! (Q1 19:16)
Pyke sends a chaos ball inside 50 where it’s brought to ground and spilled by Franklin after pressure from Lake. Franklin is caught high but Tippett plays on to goal from 20. (Q1 22:16)
Pyke is pinged for a throw in traffic after a tackle from Ceglar. From 40 out on a slight angle, he misses. (Q1 24:03)
The quick snap from Shiels drops short and allows Gunston to mark low down in front of Rampe. From 30 out on a slight angle he misses. (Q2 2:02)
Jetta goes inside 50 where it comes off hands and the handball is squeezed out the back to an unmanned McGlynn. He runs into an open goal. (Q2 5:09)
McVeigh turns it over out of defence as Smith slides to mark his kick. From 30 out on the boundary he hits the post. (Q2 6:13)
Breust marks 40 out on the flank in front of Smith. He goes back and slots the goal for the Hawks’ first of the night. (Q2 9:20)
Rioli goes back with the flight to mark on the wing. He goes inboard to Schoenmakers who marks 40 out on a slight angle. He goes back and goals. (Q2 11:20)
Hale marks on the 50 and gives to Rioli who goes long to the square. Roughead goes up and is spoiled but big man Ceglar is there to rove and goal! (Q2 13:35)
Richards is pinged for a throw in the pocket after a good tackle from Langford. Langford lines up 20 out on a slight angle and goals. (Q2 20:21)
Roughead roves the throw in but misses under pressure from 15 out in the pocket. (Q2 21:28)
Puopolo is spoiled at half forward but gets the crumbs and has a shot for goal from 50. It makes the distance but hits the woodwork. (Q2 23:19)
Hawks are putting on a lot of forward pressure as Rioli gives to Gunston and he has a shot from 50. He also misses. (Q2 23:57)
Jetta sends a booming kick inside 50 where Reid jumps and outmarks Gibson. From 30 out on a 45 degree angle, Reid goals. (Q2 27:37)
Mitchell is caught high by Burgoyne after he collects the loose ball inside 50. From 40 out on the flank Mitchell misses. (Q2 30:14)
Tippett cuts off a Hawthorn pass at his half forward flank. He goes long to the pocket where Reid marks courtesy of some protection from Goodes. He goes back and misses from 20. (Q3 2:21)
Roughead cuts off the Swans’ kick in and takes the shot from 40 out off one step. However it’s off line for a behind. (Q3 11:36)
Ceglar receives a free kick for a hold and goes laterally to Suckling. He goes short to the lead of Gunston who marks in front of Rampe. From 50 out on the flank, he goals. (Q3 14:25)
Hale is caught in the pocket and spills it and Puopolo swoops. He evades a few Swans and gives to Schoenmakers who finishes from 10 out. (Q3 18:10)
Goodes marks on the flank against Gibson and finds Tippett in the pocket. He is infringed upon by Lake but advantage is paid as the ball is dribbled to the square and Reid finishes (Q3 20:25)
Kennedy has a quick, no look kick at goal from 40 out on the flank. It’s goes across the face for a behind. (Q3 21:03)
Hill goes long to the hotspot and the ball goes over the back of the pack. Puopolo runs onto it and finishes from 10 with pressure from Laidler. (Q3 23:30)
Rioli marks over Smith and Shaw 40 out on a slight angle. He goes back and kicks the goal to give the Hawks the lead. (Q3 24:56)
Sorry, that was Lloyd and Shaw in that contest. (Q3 25:14)
Schoenmakers tries the miraculous soccer off the ground from 20 out in the pocket. He puts it across the face for a behind. (Q4 1:56)
Hawthorn spring from defence after a fortunate free kick. Hill takes on Hannebery down the wing and centres it well to Gunston in space. His shot from 50 is just touched. (Q4 7:56)
The Hawks go long to the square after a Sydney turnover where Rioli climbs onto Richards to take the mark. He plays on and goals from point blank to the delight of the home fans. (Q4 9:57)
McVeigh finds the footy at half forward and goes to the open goal square. He gets the bounce he was looking for and it goes through for a goal. (Q4 12:27)
Gunston marks on the lead 40 out on a slight angle. He goes back and misses. (Q4 15:22)
Goodes marks a high ball at half forward between many Hawks. He then goes long to the square where McVeigh marks one on one. He goes back and goals from 15 out. (Q4 18:12)
Sydney work it from defence with McVeigh marking at half forward. He goes inboard to Parker who has Smith trailing behind him. He plays on and goals from 20! (Q4 23:13)
Burgoyne gets the clearance from a stoppage on the wing and finds Breust who marks in front of Shaw. From 35 out on a slight angle he misses! (Q4 26:13)

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