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Blog log from R6 of 2015: Melbourne vs Sydney

Blog log for Melbourne vs Sydney, R6 of 2015

Newton grabs it out of the congestion and has a quick shot at goal, but he misses to the left hand side from 50. (Q1 1:56)
Pyke has the first goal of the night. Sydney worked it forward through interplay between Rohan and the Canadian, allowing Myke to get out the back and goal from 35! (Q1 4:56)
Vandenberg goes wide with a bouncing pass to Howe who centres to the first gamer in Stretch. From 35 on the flank, Billy has his first goal on the grand stage! (Q1 11:04)
McVeigh bullets in a pass to Mitchell who in turn goes long to the goal square. It gets to the goal line and Tippett soccers it home amongst the myriad of legs! (Q1 12:07)
Tippett nails the major from 35 on the flank, but Lynden claims he touched it off the mark. So the review is in process but it hasn’t been paid. (Q1 16:11)
Long bomb in and Tippett takes the strong mark opposed to Spencer in the marking contest. From 45 out on the slight angle, Kurt has no issue, nailing his third! (Q1 22:40)
Parker takes the intercept mark and moves it off to McGlynn. Ben looks out the back to another former Hawk in Franklin, who takes the uncontested mark. He hits the post from 20! (Q1 26:47)
Garlett receives the free kick for high contact in the attempted tackle by Grundy. From 40 on the flank, Jeff slots misses to the near side from the set shot. (Q2 4:56)
Salme turns it over on the rebound 50 straight to Heeney. The rising star favourite bullets in a pass to the unopposed Parker. From 45 of the flank, he missed. (Q2 7:42)
McGlynn gets front and centre of the contest and roves it to perfection. Hitting the ball at pace, the ex-Hawk didn’t break stride as he ran into the open goal and finished! (Q2 8:42)
Hannebery flicks it out wide to Jetta, who settles and slams it across the body from 50 out. Interesting choice of kick, but it’s sweetly hit to maximum effect! (Q2 19:28)
Dawes marks on the hard lead, but in the resulting set shot from outside 50 on the flank, Chris can only produce a minor score. (Q2 20:12)
The Swans go coast to coast down the middle and Heeney gets on the end of the play, but his quick shot bounces to the wrong side. (Q2 20:40)
The Swans work it by hands and eventually they find the preferred shot at goal, with Tippett finding Kennedy who lets fly from 30 directly in front. Another major for the Swans! (Q2 21:58)
Lumumba leaves without the ball and Kennedy picks it up, but his attempted shot misses to the far side from 30 on the sharp angle. (Q2 22:44)
Tyson provides a lacklustre tackle on Kennedy, who simply breaks through with ease, runs to 45 and slams it home! Dismal way to start the second half for the Dees.
(Q3 1:17)
Reid flicks it wide to Franklin who is immediately pressured by McDonald which forces his shot wide to the left hand side from 30. (Q3 3:00)
Garlett has the Dees second! Jeff gets to the front of the congestion, grabs the pill and immediately hooks it over his shoulder from the top of the square! (Q3 4:47)
Parker with the clearance to Jack, off to Tippett who has another major from 25 on the slight! Very quick reply from the Swans! (Q3 5:35)
Goodes to McVeigh by hand. Jarrad has a wealth of time to assess the options before finding Hannebery on the lead. From 30 on the slight, Daniel makes no mistake from the set shot! (Q3 12:03)
McVeigh to McGlynn to Rohan all by foot, and Gary will line up 35 metres out on the slight angle after marking ahead of Toumpas. He trots in and hooks it to the near side. (Q3 13:48)
Vandenberg beats Laidler in the fifty-fifty contest, but his pressured shot at goal from the top of the square hits the post. (Q3 16:15)
McVeigh slices in a bullet pass to McGlynn who in turn finds Parker with a chipped pass. That was poor by the Demons allowing Luke to take that grab. He goals from 30! (Q3 19:08)
Vandenberg goes long and Kennedy-Harris out bodies his opponent to take a strong mark. Deep in the pocket, Jay misses poorly to the near side with a drop punt. (Q3 24:34)
Newton roves it off the long bomb and he grabs the ball at speed. He quickly executes the major with class, 35 metres out on the slight angle! (Q3 28:31)
Hogan takes the ripping one handed mark opposed to Rampe in the classic one on one. 35 out on the slight angle, Jesse whacks it through the middle! (Q3 28:49)
Kennedy to Tippett out of the middle with Kurt taking the strong chest mark. He flicks it off to the speeding Rohan, but Gary misses to the left hand side from 40. (Q4 1:04)
Garlett speeds through to 30 and Richards was attempting to catch Jeff, to no avail. Jeff couldn’t finish the deal though, missing to the right hand side. (Q4 1:45)
Cross takes Parker high in the attempted tackle and Luke will line up from 45 on the flank. Luke hits the post. (Q4 4:44)
Watts chips in the pass to Kennedy-Harris who marks ahead of the former Blue and Cat in Laidler. From 35, boundary side, Jay misses to the near side. (Q4 7:22)
Good ball movement by the Demons there with Lumumba and then Newton using it. Ben finds Dawes who receives uncontested out the back. He turned and finished with ease from 25! (Q4 11:19)
Pyke has a shot out of the congestion, but from 35 directly in front, he hits the post. (Q4 11:47)
Shaw turns that over straight to Hogan, who will kick from 35 on the slight angle. Jesse misses to the left hand side from the set shot. (Q4 13:25)
Garlett has his second of the night! He got front and centre of the pack, read it well off hands and snapped truly from 35 directly in front! (Q4 21:31)
Cross goes long and Hogan hits the ball at pace ahead of Richards and Grundy, taking a solid pack mark! From 40 on the slight, Jesse nabs it! The Demons have five in a row! (Q4 22:36)
Goodes gets it out the back and Jetta runs onto it at full pace, but Lewis can only soccer to the near side from 15 on the slight angle. (Q4 23:56)
Pyke taps it down to mitchell back to Mike, who has the quick snap at goal from the ruck stoppage, deep in the pocket. The Canadian misses to the near side. (Q4 26:35)
Goodes takes the mark unopposed and immediately turns, slotting the drop punt through the middle from 35! (Q4 27:09)

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