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Blog log from R6 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R6 of 2015

Roughead turns the ball over across halfback leading to a mark by Steven at 35m on the flank. Stevens hits the post. (Q1 1:28)
The Dogs go coast to coast from the Murphy kick in, Stevens gives to Honeychurch who grubbers a behind from 30m on the flank. (Q1 2:14)
Bontempelli passes to Wood at 40m on a slight angle. Wood boots the first goal. (Q1 3:57)
Boyd dives and marks a low Hrovat ball in front of Delaney beside the goalsquare. He sprays it from 5m. (Q1 7:29)
Boyd takes a pretty mark over Webster 25m out in front but misses again. (Q1 9:15)
Savage is caught HTB in a pack on the flank 30m out, the Dogs play on to advantage and Stringer goals from 15m! (Q1 15:44)
Goodes snaps a goal from a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle! He roved a Newnes fumble… the third such in Q1 from the gunshy Newnes. (Q1 20:20)
Riewoldt gets a 50m penalty after marking on the wing against Johannisen to take him to 35m on a slight angle. Rooey goals. (Q1 22:35)
Schneider gets an opportunity at almost exactly the same spot he missed what would have been the gamewinner last week, but this time he baulks clear and makes no mistake. (Q1 28:56)
Fisher gathers a long Goodes ball to the square and gets rid of his man Crameri, but Dahlhaus scythes him down 10m out for the free and goal! (Q2 0:57)
Schneider passes to Riewoldt at 30m on the flank but Rooey has a brain explosion and tries to pass to Billings at the hotspot, but it sits up for Wood to spoil and clear. (Q2 3:56)
Crameri marks at true CHF and sprays it way OOTF. (Q2 4:46)
Johannisen runs to CHF, encounters traffic and gives to Crameri standing flat footed at 45m on a slight angle, he snaps off the left on the turn and it’s through! (Q2 5:26)
Armitage passes to the lead of Bruce at the hotspot, who had three steps on Roughead. Bruce hooks it right for a point. (Q2 6:26)
Stringer is behind Fisher to mark a quick Bontempelli ball to the square and kick another Doggie goal. (Q2 9:34)
Dahlhaus gives to Dickson outside a pack at 40m on the flank, but he dithers and kicks OOTF. (Q2 10:41)
Stringer marks impressively over Fisher at the hotspot and stabs through a goal, just. (Q2 14:12)
Picken continues his hot run of form by converting a long range set shot after marking a Webster rebound kick 40m out on the flank. (Q2 19:12)
Stevens marks a long Dahlhaus ball on the boundary 20m out, falling backwards in a contest with Dempster. He kicks OOTF, across the face. (Q2 23:24)
Stevens cops an early knee to the back by Dempster in a big pack going for a high ball to the hotspot. He gets up gingerly and goals. (Q2 25:08)
Crameri runs away from Fisher on the wing, reaches 50m on a slight angle and just misses. (Q2 26:37)
Picken marks a Bontempelli ball at the hotspot just before the HT siren, but the focus is on Smith who went down clutching his knee. Stretcher time. (Q2 28:43)
After Smith departs, Picken puts it through for his second of the quarter. (Q2 31:13)
And now a melee! (Q2 31:13)
Stringer marks on the lead at 40m on the flank, wheels around and bangs through another one to start Q3! (Q3 2:39)
So, that marks the start of junk time. (Q3 2:39)
Bruce catches Talia HTB deep in the pocket 20m out. He screws through a behind. (Q3 4:32)
Murphy makes a rare blemish from the kick out by failing to run around Hickey, who catches him HTB 15m out and goals. (Q3 4:59)
Armitage makes it two in a row for the Saints with a snap after a stoppage from 25m on the flank. (Q3 7:21)
Roberton fumbles the crumb from a high ball to the hotspot, it falls for Stringer but he misses. (Q3 10:00)
Sinclair marks in the pocket and misses. (Q3 10:54)
Goodes is caught in possession on the wing, the turnover leads to Steven finding Billings on the boundary 40m out. The kid threads the needle! (Q3 12:30)
Steven misses a running snap from 20m on the flank. (Q3 17:25)
Lonie gets a free in traffic on Johannisen for what looked a very soft hold off the ball. He goals from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:18)
On replay, there was high contact. (Q3 21:00)
Stevens marks 35m out wide on the flank, hobbles in and misses. (Q3 22:55)
Dunstan runs into the open goal nearing 3QT to make it interesting. (Q3 25:01)
Armitage kicks hopefully to the top of the square, big pack flies, somehow Sinclair is all on his own behind where the ball falls, Saints are back in touch with that goal! (Q3 27:16)
Sinclair marks on the HFF, dodges clear and passes to the lead of Bruce at 25m on the flank. This to bring it back to two kicks… just inside the near goalpost! (Q3 29:15)
Honeychurch is first to a ball to the top of the square that flips over the back to volley it home from the line. Dogs kick back out again! (Q4 3:43)
Cordy roosted a long kick for the first goal of Q4 before that. (Q4 5:01)
Newnes passes to Hickey on the lead at 40m on the flank, who misses. (Q4 5:53)
Billings snaps truly from 35m on a slight angle after roving a Bruce contest, with his man Webb sucked in to the fall. (Q4 7:19)
Billings misses a pressured snap from near the goalsquare after roving a big pack. (Q4 11:19)
Billings gets another chance with a snap from 50m on the flank after a feed from Webster, and sails through another one! (Q4 13:39)
Lonie passes to Billings on the lead on the boundary 35m out. Billings sits it up to the square, big pack flies… Sinclair roves and goals! (Q4 17:42)
Bontempelli was the guilty party there, going to the contest rather than minding a man. (Q4 17:42)
Hickey marks at the hotspot and goes back for a kick to give the Saints the lead… it’s good! Dogs have stopped to a walk, but can the young Saints close it out this time? (Q4 22:49)
Fast break from a stoppage on the HBF, Billings gets a lucky bounce on the HFF to release him to 35m for a snap on the run… over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! 3:01 to go! (Q4 25:34)
Bontempelli gets a free on Armitage at a stoppage 55m out in front, tries a torpedo but it drops in the square for a rushed behind. A goal in it, 2:14. (Q4 27:17)
The Saints play some tempo on the wing as the clock ticks under 1:10. (Q4 28:15)
Under a minute, Johannisen roves but kicks OOTF on the wing. 44 seconds left now. (Q4 28:25)
Longer takes the mark on the wing, that will just about do it… (Q4 29:31)
Hickey roves a Roughead drop on the HFF and passes to Bruce, who wastes time until the siren sounds! Bruce shoots from 25m on the flank for a point. (Q4 29:31)

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