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Blog log from R6 of 2015: Collingwood vs Geelong

Blog log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R6 of 2015

Hawkins gets a free on the HFF and passes to Gregson in front of Adams at 35m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q1 1:31)
Hawkins stands up in a tackle at the hotspot, Goldsack is sucked into the contest to allow Lang to accept a Joe the Goose special. Cats have the jump! (Q1 4:16)
Clark taps a ground ball to Motlop who snaps off the left from 25m on a slight angle… another one to Geelong! (Q1 5:12)
Hawkins, who has started like a house on fire despite pre-match injury whispers, passes to Johnson at the hotspot who plays on and boots another goal! (Q1 8:08)
Gregson receives from Kersten and wows the crowd with a snap from the HFF, fully 55m out. The Cats are on FIYAH! (Q1 10:47)
Witts clears from the next centre bounce to Elliot near CHF, but his set shot misses. (Q1 11:40)
Caddy smothers Langdon on the HFF, gathers and shoots immediately from 45m… it drifts wide. (Q1 16:35)
Cloke gives to Oxley barging up the ground to CHF, but his shot on the lope drops in the square for Taylor to mark easily in relief over White. (Q1 18:18)
Hawkins outmarks Frost on the HFF and passes to the corridor where Stanley marks 40m out. He goals. Geelong is playing like the days of old! (Q1 19:42)
Witts drops a high ball at defensive goalsquare under no pressure, Clark roves and gives to Hawkins for another Geelong goal! (Q1 23:48)
Swan roves a loose ball after a stoppage at 40m on the flank, has a moment to measure a snap… it starts right but wobbles left and over the line! (Q1 26:17)
Cloke snaps from 55m on the flank after a quick centre clearance by the Pies, but it falls on the line for Lonergan to rush. (Q1 27:25)
Swan plays on to advantage from a free on the wing in a pack, he finds White on the lead at 40m on the flank. He misses. (Q1 28:33)
Duncan gathers a loose handball by Johnson on the HFF and gives forward of traffic to Gregson, who hits the post from near the hotspot. (Q2 2:48)
Enright catches Blair high at 40m near the boundary as they fight for a ground ball. Blair goes to the top of the square, Cats spoil and clear. (Q2 5:34)
Cockatoo wins a ground battle on the wing to release Gregson, who runs to the HFF and kicks just before Frost claims him… Motlop is on his own to mark and goal 25m out! (Q2 7:19)
Cloke marks at 35m on the flank and shanks it way OOTF. Pies have looked like anything but a 4-1 team tonight, indicating the quality of the opposition. (Q2 11:37)
Perhaps predicatbly, the Cats go coast to coast from that kickin as Duncan passes to Murdoch at 40m on the flank. Murdoch misses. (Q2 12:10)
Lang wins a free on the flank 30m out as Frost tackles him without the ball at a stoppage. He passes to Selwood only a few meters away from the mark. Jelwood goals. (Q2 15:42)
Caddy clears blind from a stoppage on the HFF, it drops near the behind post where Clark marks in front of Goldsack. Clark tries a set shot banana, and it comes off! (Q2 17:10)
Lang roves a Selwood centre clearance to Hawkins and kicks to the pocket where Gregson marks behind Armstrong and misses. (Q2 18:50)
White marks an Oxley ball on the lead in front of Rivers at 35m on a slight angle. He misses. (Q2 19:50)
From the kick in, the Cats go coast to coast again with high possession up the guts like the glory days of old, ending with Gregson giving to Clark for a snap goal from 35m! (Q2 21:20)
That was way too easy. Collingwood are being exposed as something less than a top eight team. (Q2 22:08)
Pendlebury marks an Elliott ball at 40m on the flank on a fast break after passing it to him, he runs on and goals like the captain he is. (Q2 23:12)
Pendlebury marks a Crisp ball in front of Guthrie at 45m on a slight angle after Crisp caught Blicavs HTB at the centre bounce. He misses. (Q2 24:36)
Armstrong gets a free on the HFF for a late push, then centres short to Elliott at 35m on the flank. Elliott misses as well. (Q2 26:07)
Cloke marks on the wing, Taylor catches him late with a Lewis-style coathanger to give away 50. Cloke goals from 40m on a slight angle to begin Q3. (Q3 1:14)
Murdoch barnstorms his way through a stoppage at 45m on a slight angle and boots an impressive goal on the spin! (Q3 3:22)
Oxley bounces a handball on the HFF past traffic to Crisp who sprints clear and goals from 35m. (Q3 8:15)
Swan and Elliott can raffle a long Williams ball to the top of the square, Swan pulls out the winning ticket and the goal. (Q3 11:55)
Clark gratefully accepts a trademark long diagonal Johnson ball from the HFF over the hotspot to 25m on a slight angle. He hits the post. (Q3 14:05)
The Pies take their turn to go coast to coast from the kick in, Oxley passes to White at 40m in the corridor. White shaves the inside of the right post. (Q3 14:50)
Grundy wins a HTB free for a tackle on Duncan at 20m deep in the pocket. He misses. (Q3 16:45)
Blicavs marks a Murdoch pass on the lead in front of Pendlebury at 35m on the flank. He misses. (Q3 17:55)
Pendlebury runs hard to the HFF to receive from Oxley, baulks Blicavs and passes to White 20m out in front. White goals, finally. (Q3 20:11)
Hawkins marks a Lang kick over Brown at 25m on the flank. He misses. (Q3 22:14)
Cloke marks a short Oxley ball at 55m on a slight angle, wheels around and bombs to the square… White provides the shepherd on the line and it’s through! (Q4 0:34)
Correction, it was Witts on the line with the shepherd. (Q4 1:02)
Cloke marks a quick, low Langdon ball to the hotspot half a step in front of Lonergan. But he sprays it! Oh dear. (Q4 5:48)
White marks an Adams ball at 45m on a slight angle, he clears the pack on the line for a goal… or does he? Video review… ruled a goal. (Q4 13:50)
Two kick clangers by Swan in a minute result in Stanley passing to Clark at 25m on the flank. But Clark shanks it OOTF. (Q4 17:04)
Frost drops a mark at defensive hotspot, Brown roves but fumbles, Cockatoo mops up and wobbles through the sealing goal! (Q4 18:10)
Long centre clearance by Stanley via Selwood, it bounces straight off Hawkins’ head to Motlop who puts the result beyond doubt with another one from the hotspot. (Q4 19:34)
Selwood runs to the HFF chasing the next centre clearance, gathers and gives to Gregson who piles on with another one from 45 on the flank! (Q4 20:03)
Motlop juggles a mark in front of Toovey at 45m on a slight angle, but his set shot falls on the line and is rushed. (Q4 21:34)
Langdon marks at 50m on a slight angle and misses, the crowd is silent. (Q4 23:46)

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