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Blog log from R5 of 2015: Richmond vs Geelong

Blog log for Richmond vs Geelong, R5 of 2015

Hawkins marks a high centring ball by Johnson to the top of the square over the mismatched McIntosh. He boots the first goal. (Q1 5:27)
Hawkins beats Astbury in a wrestle to mark at 30m on a slight angle. He squeezes it home. (Q1 7:33)
The Tigers play on to advantage from a free on the HFF but it’s a bit pressured, Miles snaps from 35m into the post. (Q1 8:42)
Varcoe passes to Kersten who marks in front of Astbury at 50m on the flank. He misses. (Q1 11:25)
Houli crumbs a Vickery contest 15m out in heavy traffic, and gives to Newman who kicks very high, it falls on the line but is off hands for a behind. (Q1 14:04)
Riewoldt marks a long Martin ball on the lead on the HFF, turns and finds Morris down the line at 40m. Morris hits the post. (Q1 15:43)
After some aggro and scragging on members wing, Motlop finds Hawkins on the lead at 40m on a slight angle. The Tomahawk pushes it wide right. (Q1 23:59)
Martin gets a holding free on Guthrie and pokes a centring ball to Corey Ellis in front of Caddy at 45m on the flank. The kid misses. (Q1 24:59)
Vickery marks an intelligent long ball to 20m on a slight angle for the first Tiger goal. (Q2 2:50)
Maric gallops away from the next centre bounce and finds Vickery again, this time at 45m in the corridor. He misses. (Q2 2:58)
Rance passes to Newman at 50m wide on the flank. Newman looks for an option but can’t find one, then kicks across the face for a behind. (Q2 6:36)
Hawkins bumps Batchelor off a ground ball in the pocket to allow Kersten to rove and centre to Walker 20m out in front. Walker goals. (Q2 7:46)
Newman gives Edwards a feed for a goal in the square after a turnover by foot in the BP by Lonergan. (Q2 15:07)
Johnson draws a contact free on Batchelor at 45m on a slight angle by running into him, and misses to the delight of the Tiger fans. (Q2 15:36)
Kelly gives to Duncan on the HFF, he runs around a man and lets fly from 50m… quality goal! (Q2 18:33)
Kersten marks at 50m on a slight angle and delivers another quality finish to give the Cats somewhat of an undeserved lead, given how the Tigers have evened it up in midfield. (Q2 21:02)
Blicavs passes to the lead of Walker in front of Astbury on the boundary 35m out. Hawkins contests on the behind line and hte crumb falls forward for Lang to gather and goal, easy! (Q2 22:51)
Hawkins, who has set up two goals with one percenters already this quarter, finally gets on the end of one after a long centre clearance by Lang to the square flips over the back. (Q2 24:03)
Johnson kicks to Walker at the top of the square, Taylor is somehow there for the crumb and snap around the body, but the goal umpire calls touched… video review confirms. (Q2 27:03)
Cotchin pokes a pass over heavy traffic from CHF to Houli at 25m on the flank. Houli steers through the first goal of Q3. (Q3 2:28)
Vickery marks and misses a very gettable set shot from the corridor, disappointingly. (Q3 4:32)
Blicavs is able to volley home a rather easy goal from the square after another one percenter effort by Hawkins to bring the ball to ground from a contest. (Q3 6:23)
Riewoldt is caught high by Rivers fighting for a ground ball at 20m on the flank. He goals for the first time this afternoon. (Q3 8:29)
The game is still fairly even in general play, but that blast of five goals in quick succession late in Q2 looks to be the decider in this one, unless the Tigers storm home. (Q3 9:29)
Riewoldt marks an long diagonal Astbury centre clearance kick over the hotspot to 30m on the flank. He carefully scores his second goal in a minute. (Q3 9:44)
Walker marks in the pocket 25m out in front of Batchelor and goals to steady the Cat ship. (Q3 12:54)
Motlop releases Duncan to run down the wing and go long to Hawkins who draws a free on Rance for contact, even though the replay shows it was soft. Hawkins misses from 20m. (Q3 15:09)
Kersten marks a long Lang ball on his own in the pocket 20m out, could have played on into an open goal but decides to go back for the set shot. He misses. (Q3 19:25)
Cotchin roves a tap from Riewoldt and runs into an open goal to keep the Tigers in touch. (Q3 21:20)
Walker is paid a mark in front of Chaplin at 30m on the flank, but has to go off for blood and Motlop has to take the kick. Motlop misses. (Q3 25:10)
Cotchin gets a free in and under at 25m on a slight angle but sprays the set shot, the Richmond fans purse their lips in frustration. (Q3 28:49)
After Selwood pumps the ball out from the centre bounce, Motlop taps down to Hawkins to kick the first goal of Q4 from 20m. (Q4 0:21)
Caddy turns the ball over at CHB, Houli has Morris over the back but doesn’t hit him, Morris eventually butters up in the pocket and goes to Grigg at 25m on the flank for the goal. (Q4 3:06)
After the next centre bounce, Selwood gives to Duncan who scoots to CHF after running his full measure and lets fly off the right boot… fine goal! (Q4 4:20)
Selwood to Duncan again after the next centre bounce, this time it’s a high ball to the hotspot where Johnson marks in between half a dozen blokes. Stevie J goals. (Q4 5:06)
Riewoldt draws an obvious holding free on Johnson at 45m on the flank. The set shot falls in the square, neither Cotchin or Lloyd can get a snap away from the crumb, rushed behind. (Q4 13:31)
Corey Ellis marks unopposed at 40m in the corridor and just squeezes his first senior goal inside the left goalpost. (Q4 15:11)
Selwood catches Miles high at a stoppage at 25m on a slight angle. Big kick with 7:30 left… he sneaks it home. (Q4 18:21)
Batchelor passes from the centre very wide to Riewoldt at 35m near the boundary. The clock ticks towards 4:00 as Li’l Rooey lines up… the goal umpire does not move! (Q4 22:36)
Edwards wins the next centre clearance but Geelong rebounds through Blicavs down the outer wing, eventually Motlop passes to Walker at 35m on a slight angle. Walker misses, 2:48. (Q4 24:21)
Rushed behind by Batchelor after Gregson forces a turnover on Hunt at CHF, 2:08 left. (Q4 25:22)
Caddy kick to the square is rushed again, 1:45. (Q4 25:31)
The Tigers rebound coast to coast from the kick in ending with Edwards giving a Joe the Goose special to Astbury. 1:12 to go and two goals behind, very hard from here. (Q4 27:07)
Vickery had a chance in the pocket but Murdoch taps his handball away from Riewoldt, stoppage at the top of the Tiger goalsquare. (Q4 27:54)
Secondary stoppage, 32 seconds left. (Q4 28:26)
Cotchin volleys a behind from the pocket 20m out, 22 seconds left. (Q4 28:46)

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