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Blog log from R4 of 2015: Richmond vs Melbourne

Blog log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R4 of 2015

McIntosh receives from Edwards outside a stoppage on the HFF and passes down the line to Gordon to mark with ease in front of Jetta 25m out. Gordon goals. (Q1 0:43)
Edwards roves a stoppage at 55m on a slight angle and lets fly with a left foot wobbler that goes wide. (Q1 4:49)
Hogan outmarks Rance from a quick Garland ball to 60m in the corridor, Dawes turns and sprints back ahead of Astbury to a vacant square, Hogan feeds him for the goal from 15m. (Q1 6:12)
Houli passes from the centre very wide to the lead of Riewoldt at 40m near the boundary. His set shot falls in the square, Dunn rushes it. (Q1 10:28)
Riewoldt marks 55m out on a slight angle, goes back for the set shot but fools the Dee defence by picking out Griffiths at 20m on a slight angle. But Griffiths misses. (Q1 12:18)
Garlett hits Kennedy-Harris on a fast break with a long, quick ball to 25m on a slight angle. JKH hits the post. (Q1 15:41)
Dawes roves the spillage from a tackle on Miles and then gets legged for his trouble. He lines up from 25m on a slight angle and boots his second goal. (Q1 16:13)
Jones roves a loose ball at CHF, dodges a man and pokes a short pass to Hogan at 30m on a slight angle. Hogan shanks it slightly but it’s good enough. (Q1 17:58)
Tyson gives to Cross after a stoppage, Cross tries a snap across the body from the hotspot… screws too much, into the post. (Q1 20:16)
Arnot has a phonebox to work in on the boundary 35m out, has half a second to measure a snap in what looks like an off-balance position… but splits the middle! (Q1 22:29)
Kennedy-Harris marks on his chest in the square behind Drummond from a long centre clearance kick by Tyson. He goals. (Q1 23:44)
Howe is pinged for a hold on Griffiths as they sit under a long ball to 25m on a slight angle. Griffiths goals. (Q1 25:44)
Gordon marks a centring ball from the pocket by Lloyd to the flank 35m out. He hits the post. (Q1 28:44)
Griffiths has the sit and takes a screamer on the left shoulder of McDonald 25m out on the flank. But he misses again. (Q1 29:30)
Garland is pinged for HTB under an Edwards tackle next to the goalsquare, rather unluckily, though Newton probably should have been pinged seconds earlier. Edwards goals. (Q2 1:37)
Ellis kicks long over an out-of-position McDonald to Riewoldt at 20m on the flank. Li’l Rooey plays on and screws the ball into the near goalpost. (Q2 11:54)
Garlett roves an errant Morris handball 20m out in the pocket but slams his snap into the near goalpost. (Q2 14:37)
Garlett has two on one sitting under a long ball to the top of the square but Rance drops it, Jeffie forces the turnover to Watts who gives to Vandenberg for a banana goal. (Q2 15:54)
Edwards picks up a loose ball on the boundary and blind turns out of trouble with skill, gives to Riewoldt who has Hunt in the square for a Joe the Goose special for the goal. (Q2 18:44)
Riewoldt mops up his own contest at the hotspot and gives to the onrushing Miles, whose running snap dribbles wide. (Q2 19:43)
Martin is pinged for a 50m penalty for a late challenge after a mark on Watts on the HFF boundary. Watts kicks the charity goal. (Q2 20:49)
A lull as Drummond in stretchered off. (Q2 24:45)
Grigg gives to McIntosh who is pressured on the snap off a step from 30m on the flank and misses. (Q2 28:51)
Hogan marks over Rance from a long Vince ball to the flank 40m out. The HT siren sounds, he walks in… the set shot hits the far goalpost. (Q2 31:35)
Rain now falling heavily at the G. (Q3 0:36)
Vandenberg receives outside a pack at 35m on a slight angle and misses a gettable snap. (Q3 0:36)
The Tigers go coast to coast but Riewoldt misses from the hotspot after gathering a ground ball and baulking clear. (Q3 0:24)
Garlett gathers a bouncing Hogan ball near CHF and runs ahead of Morris into an open goal after Morris had lost his feet in the slippery conditions. (Q3 3:19)
Garlett gets another chance after a feed from Hogan with a long range snap but hits the post. (Q3 3:19)
Rance goes too hard at Cross bending for a ground ball at 40m on the flank. Cross gives to Watts who hits the behind post, OOTF. (Q3 3:19)
Cotchin gets a free for some slight high contact by Watts in some messy play at 35m in the corridor. He made the most of it. Cotchin misses, fittingly. (Q3 3:19)
Dunn escorts a Miles snap from 15m on the flank through for a behind. (Q3 3:19)
Riewoldt gets a free on Lumumba for a slightly high bump slightly off the ball at 35m on the boundary. It was there, even though the crowd boos. He misses. (Q3 3:19)
Crab-like broken play, Newton breaks clear of a big pack at 25m on the flank and gives in rather ugly style to Jones who wobbles through a big goal! (Q3 3:19)
Brayshaw marks on the wing, McIntosh is pinged for a very tiggy-touchwood encroachment to put him 35m out on a slight angle. He goals! (Q3 3:19)
Garlett snaps a mid-range goal from nothing to further cement the Dee lead! (Q3 26:51)
The goal came after a stoppage at the hotspot, a smothered ball that Garlett gathered and snapped instinctively. (Q3 27:56)
Edwards runs from the next centre bounce and skids through a goal from outside CHF with a big kick over the pack! (Q3 28:15)
Rain has dropped off to a drizzle, but the conditions are still greasy. (Q4 0:26)
Riewoldt roves a Lumumba fumble in traffic at 30m on a slight angle but misses, his fourth behind of the evening. (Q4 3:57)
Vince gets a free in a pack at 40m on the flank and sends the Dee supporters into raptures with a very important long goal. (Q4 9:06)
Hogan leaps over traffic and clunks a big grab on the lead near the boundary 30m out from a Michie pass. He slots the goal! (Q4 12:46)
Houli gives away an obvious free on Tyson 35m out on a slight angle running back with the flight with his eyes on the man not the ball. Tyson misses. (Q4 15:24)
Tyson gets a free at the top of the square but it’s reversed as Vandenberg is pinged for an off the ball incident on Rance. Hmm. (Q4 19:23)
Newton plays on to advantage but gets in trouble 20m out on a slight angle and fluffs what might have been an easy goal. (Q4 26:11)

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